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  • dev8me Dec 7, 2012

    double long yawnnnnnn.........

  • hardsckull22 Dec 6, 2012

    its all about who you know and i agree with ncguy.

  • ncguy Dec 6, 2012

    Insurance fraud anyone?

  • bubbba Dec 5, 2012


  • Rebelyell55 Dec 5, 2012

    Wonder why? lol

  • batcave Dec 5, 2012

    She is definitely a case.

  • workinghuman33 Dec 5, 2012

    This Cary resident filed a false report and will not be charged but she should be. She wasted taxpayer dollars and you Cary citizens should want your money back!-Its the who what"

    "Police investigators' notes indicated that there were no signs of forced entry, the house was not ransacked, and other valuables were not taken."WRAL

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. Why hasn't she been arrested and charged with filing a false police report....I'm thinking my behind would sure be in jail if I had done the same. Equal justice for all....unless of course you know someone in power or you are in some sort of public office. She's on the school board...truly fine example for Ms. Goldman to set for our school children.....NOT!

  • 426X3 Dec 5, 2012

    And this surprises anyone?

  • Its the who what Dec 5, 2012

    Wow, another criminal incident in Cary!! Sounds like another distinguished citizen of Cary was victim to a crime? I don't think so. This Cary resident filed a false report and will not be charged but she should be. She wasted taxpayer dollars and you Cary citizens should want your money back!! Maybe she can pay you out of the money she got from her insurance company when she filed a false claim there too. The facts are clear. She is a criminal and a fraud who lives in Cary who gets to walk among the few honest residents in that town without consequence. She need a little jail time so she can learn how to not be a common street criminal. I am sure that Cary has not met their allotment for jail space in 2012!! At least give her a speeding or parking ticket!! Cary PD excels in that area!

  • superman Dec 5, 2012

    The cash, coins and jewerly were all hidden in 3 different locations in the house. Wonder how many people would have known without searching the house where they were hidden. She said her house key was stolen from her pocketbook at a board meeting. If I had that many valuables I would have had the locks changed. I dont think they filed an insurance claim another weak point in her story. Bottom line here is I think she made up the story about the robbery so she wouldnt have to give her husband his half. Or maybe she wanted attention and people to feel sorry for her. Either way she has some issues.

  • cocker_mom Dec 5, 2012

    My only sarcastic thought after reading the headline was "no way!"

    I thought for SURE they would find that burglar.

  • Bartmeister Dec 5, 2012

    Just reading the related articles on this story. Goldman has some serious issues.

  • twatkinsntp Dec 5, 2012

    No one will get charged with a crime here yet. But guessing that there may be some charges steming from the insurance co.....say insurance fraud.....and filling a false police report. Just another crooked politican.

  • Bill of Rights Dec 5, 2012

    HotTimes: $10,000 in coins could have been six one ounce gold bullion coins. Selling those on the open market would hardly be a blip on the radar.

    Anyone keeping these sorts of valuables in their house needs a high quality safe - and I'm not talking about the Sentry nonsense one buys at WalMart or OfficeMax. I'm talking a 2000 pound American made gun safe that is bolted into concrete.

  • Bartmeister Dec 5, 2012

    Interesting news. Malone, whom she denies having an affair with, may be a target. This may have been some sort of ruse to strike back at Malone for admitting the affair. Who knows.

  • Scubagirl Dec 5, 2012

    she still needs to just go away, and if her ex is dubious about the validity of her claim AND based on things listed in HotTimes post I also think something is off her

  • westernwake1 Dec 5, 2012

    I am surprised that nobody was arrested for filing a false police report.

  • EaglePride1989 Dec 5, 2012

    $10,000 in coins? That would either represent a lot of cash coins or else several significant rare coins. That kind of rare coin is not sold without getting attention from collectors. If it was cash, even if it was all quarters, that means at least 1000 rolls at 0.5 lbs each, or 500 lbs. If not quarters, it would mean lots more to make $10,000. Thieves must have brought a skid loader.

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