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  • GC Dec 3, 2012

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    Yes but why does that have to make sense when coming from a UNC fan?

  • GC Dec 3, 2012

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    Ditto,,,and how in touch can douggie be? We all know that "arrove" is a verbatim quote from a paper written by a UNC football player describing his arrival at Chapel Hill in yet another classic example of the academic incompetence of many UNC athletes.
    (Yes UNCers, the above is what is indentified as a PARAGRAPH).

  • GC Dec 3, 2012

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    There weren't any fans really suggesting that Saban would come to State.
    Most were rival fans trolling as State fans and a few were tongue in cheek.

    Silly to assume any comments of that sort were serious

  • StunGunn Dec 2, 2012

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    I don't know; I think Yow is all about excellence, and when she doesn't see a coach achieving what they should, she fires them and hires someone who can do the job.

  • StunGunn Dec 2, 2012

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    As usual, you take the high road, korn:) Well said.

  • StunGunn Dec 2, 2012

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    Wow - very impressive accolades. Good for Yow, and good for State.

  • Deacons Dec 2, 2012

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    I think they made a good choice, I was ridiculed for 2 or 3 years here for saying O'Brien needed to go. He was a bad recruiter, a bad in game coach and had a losing ACC record in a very weak conference. As for the insanity you refer to that is present in these forums, I was just calling out those that say such ridiculous things as everyone else on here calls out those with stupid comments.

  • TVs_Deceit Dec 2, 2012

    Some awesomely positive comments in this article from people who know him:
    [Click the article link for the full comments/credits]

    What they are saying about Dave Doeren:

    "What Dave has done here in two seasons has been unprecedented,"

    "Coach Doeren is a complete players coach, he earns respect the second he walks in the door.
    He is an extremely motivated and exciting person to be around."

    "Dave Doeren is one of the rising stars in college football. He cares deeply for his players and fans. The Pack will be in for exciting times."

    "Coach Doeren is the most intelligent and loyal coach a player could ask for. His guys always take the field knowing exactly what to do, and play their guts out for him. He gets the best out of his players and he is a winner."

    "He's a real gem - a young guy, very enthusiastic. He's a great, great hire. "

    "He's a very good recruiter. He's bright, energetic and a tireless worker. I really think everyone in Raleigh is going to like Dave.

    "Some guys have 'it' and Dave does. He's a relentless competitor."

  • Big Mike Dec 2, 2012

    It wouldn't matter if Debbie hired Moses..hard to find a coach who can lead his team to the Promiseland of NCAA football overnight... no matter what the price..wishing Doeren the best..see you all back in 5 years for the next hiring of "Pack Coach"....the saga of W.Raleigh..

  • georgecostanza Dec 2, 2012

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    Sorry little fella, I didn't have time to read 17 pages of comments to realize this point had already been made. Sorry if it upsets you towel boy.

  • TVs_Deceit Dec 2, 2012

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    Really? Can you not even come up with an original hater theme of your own that hasn't already been covered multiple times in this thread?

    Here's a clue, that's not how the end-of-season hire coaching scheme works, ever.

    And here's another,
    no one cares about whether haters like you respect them or not.

  • georgecostanza Dec 2, 2012

    Just can't respect someone who abandons his team before a bowl game for money, how's that for loyalty?

  • conrad27713 Dec 2, 2012

    For 3 millon per yr, i just felt like we could get our monies worth in coaches like Chris Petersen or Charlie Strong or TCU coach or these hot shot DCs or OC's in my opinion.

  • jandscroom Dec 2, 2012

    Go State! Great choice!! If you don't have anything good to say...then keep it to yourself!! Of course, it doesn't matter to some. They'd say something negative if State hired a coach that had a 220-0 record and 18 National Championships!

  • rsmith6120 Dec 2, 2012

    Good move in the right direction.. This is a new time in college sports and Yow is aggressive on that fact. Doeren is young, energetic, and knows what it takes in a to 25 ranked team with a solid winning record. Plenty of room for growth which is what Yow is after. Now he needs to get out there, establish control, set expectations and recruit like nobody's business. I do hope Yow will give him the opening he needs to go out and do that. If not, we will be no better off than what we let go. This guy has energy on the sideline that TOB didn't. That will definitely be a different motivator for the team.

    TOB gave NC State something they lost over the years and that was discipline and I commend him for that. Doeren will utilize that upfront and continue on those expectations. Both Fowler and Chuckie sure let that fall to the wayside.

  • TsKaMF Dec 2, 2012

    Urban Myer ,Brian Kelly....???

    I'd take that chance over a c-USA coach.

  • TsKaMF Dec 2, 2012

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    I never heard Saban's name mentioned. Coaches don't coach bowls when they know they are gone/ leaving. ie. NIU,FSU,NCSU & there are(or will be) more.

  • NCSU72 Dec 2, 2012

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    Come on, Deacons, when was there not insanity in these forums?
    TOB is receiving the bonus for getting State to a bowl game, but Doeren is already hired and out recruiting for the Pack -- best case scenario.

    Yow did the right thing. It's a new time in college sports -- and O'Brien was past that time. Yow made a great hire. Enough said.

  • rduguyhere Dec 2, 2012

    Wow, talk about aiming high! lol

  • TVs_Deceit Dec 2, 2012

    This is the vid to watch in order to get an understanding of
    his coaching style and philosophy, recruiting focus, academic focus.. ect.

    It's an interesting Q&A that's about 16 minutes long and
    slightly reminiscent of how an interview with Dr Deb might have sounded.

    Q & A with head football coach Dave Doeren

    Per previous comments, I watched it last night, and I believe
    he specifically mentioned recruiting contacts in Florida.

    Look at this list of schools:

    "He was.. at Northern Illinois University, University of Wisconsin, University of Kansas, University of Montana,
    and University of Southern California."

    Add Florida in there, and I would venture that he nearly has the entire country covered in terms of recruiting contacts.

    Nice pick-up Dr Deb. Quite nice. Seems like a fine young man and a top shelf HC. -

  • lilloan Dec 2, 2012

    What happened to the big money marquee name to headline the program? This guy took over a stud of a program with recent 10 win seasons. For those who think this guys teams are so solid, they lost to 4-8 Iowa, pulled out a 1 point victory over ARMY, and had to come from behind in the 4th to beat a 1-11 Kansas team this year. Does he really sound like he's the warranted upgrade that will propel NCState to the next level?

  • jmsite01 Dec 2, 2012

    I will take 100 TOB over what happened in CH.

  • TsKaMF Dec 2, 2012

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    Nobody wanted SuunyD. That was a smoke screen.

    23-4, 17-1 in Conf., 2 Conf. Champs, Won Bowl.

  • fireman1234 Dec 2, 2012

    State and UNC both have energetic good coaches. Should be a good rivalry. Doeren, start counting down the days till the Holes come to Raleigh. GO WOLFPACK!!

  • bichonman Dec 2, 2012

    Belk Bowl this year-pray for it in the coming years. Sorry Yow did not get her Dykes. She is exactly where she belongs.

  • Banned by Sissies Dec 2, 2012

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  • .531percent Dec 2, 2012

    This is who NC State got!!!!

  • mrwufabc Dec 2, 2012

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    you are brain dead

  • Deacons Dec 2, 2012

    What happened to the fans here that were saying State had a chance to land Nick Saban from Alabama? Ridiculous. I hope this hire is a good one. I do think Yow should have allowed O'Brien to coach the team in the bowl game. I have always been critical of O'Brien as a coach but he ran a clean program and should have been allowed to coach them in their last game.

  • Tortue Dec 2, 2012

    I hope this works out to be a good hire but I am skeptical. Being able to win in the MAC does not equate to winning in the ACC. The guy is a good coach and was able to acheive a top 25 ranking yes, but if his team had been playing in the ACC, just from what little I saw them play they would have been mediocre at best. Being a good coach in one conference doesn't equal success in another. I think Yow is looking for a "type" of coach to suit her liking and O'Brian wasn't the guy now matter how successful he would have been. She is definitaly all about control.

  • Aint ur day Dec 2, 2012

    State did the right thing, find the guy you want and get his feet wet now. He has 9 months to evaluate and recruit to start his own legacy. He has a honeymoon for a couple of years, then the pressure will be on, in 3-4 years we will know how well he is doing, until then its all talk and speculation.

    Although not a state fan, I personally thought TOB was a good coach, his staff was also accountable for the failures and also needed some changes. He like any other coach obviously takes the fall for it.

  • Massdaddy Dec 2, 2012

    First, I am a Tarheel fan. I believe Fedora was a good hire and I believe Doeren is a good hire for NCSU. The Heels had a pretty good season and I feel like NCSU will have some good seasons ahead. NC State fans have to understand that no coach, like Saban or Chip Kelley, is going to leave a football powerhouse to take a step backwards and coach at a NC school. It just isn't going to happen. However, over time, with the right coaches in place, the schools here can progressively improve. With that being said, I don't see a national championship at State for many years to come, so everyone needs to calm down, take it one day at a time, and let Yow make the decisions.

  • grayboomerang Dec 2, 2012

    Keep it up naysayers.....She did a fabulous job with a basketball coach (and I remember people whining about that pick as well) and I have a good feeling about this new football coach. GO PACK!!!

  • Riddickfield Dec 2, 2012

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    Wow douggie went all in, hook line and sinker. LOL! Room temperature IQ kind of stuff there.

  • kornfan2448 Dec 2, 2012

    I didn't read over the 14 pages of comments as I can pretty much guess what has been said. Personally, I don't know much about the guy. To get a team like NI to a top 25 finish and a respectable bowl game, he must have something. To compete with Mich., Wisc., OSU and others for recruits is certainly in his favor and will play to his favor. Although, I can't imagine it take much to be a better recruiter than O'Brien who seemed to have the personality of bed linens. I do recall a number of fans poking fun at Carolina hiring a not too well known, but energetic guy named Fedora and that worked out well for us. I won't poke fun at a guy I know little about, but instead wish him and the wolfies good luck.

    GO HEELS!!

  • mxteam44 Dec 2, 2012

    Wow! That was quick! Don't know much about the guy, but I'm sure State fans are glad the search is over and the foundation for a new program is starting to take shape.

  • FAN72 Dec 2, 2012

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    Can the same be said for UNC?

  • FAN72 Dec 2, 2012

    Wow! The haters are out in force.

    Once coaches announce they are moving to a new position, the current school releases them from any further coaching activity. It is not that they are abandoning the school, it is just the opposite.

  • lec02572 Dec 2, 2012

    If State wants to recruit in the State of NC better,it better join the SEC. SEC can pick NC clean of the top recruits. Pack search team, keep your notes on hiring as you will need them again in 4 or 5 years tops.

  • NCSUclassof90 Dec 2, 2012

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    LOL douggie64 is such a typical, clueless tarhole. The "arrove" was on purpose!
    Dam, you are stupid.

  • Dr. Feelgood Dec 2, 2012

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    Well, considering the talent you see at some other programs, NCSU should be pulling a better class of athlete. It takes time but it can happen. NCSU does not have what UNC has, just like UNC does not have what FSU has right now. But given time, 2-3 years, can UNC catch FSU? Yes. Can NCSU be at UNC present level recruiting? Yes, and higher. But it will take a few more years due to the hole they are in now. Not going to get fixed overnight. Also, the star ratings on these players is a bit suspect at times, with many 3 star recruits ending up as 4-5 star players, and many 4-5 star ending up a bust. Example: TJ Logan a 3 star going to UNC just set a HS record of 510 yards. He's a bit light, but a year of weights and 10K cals a day and 20 more pounds of muscle and you have a hyper fast bowling ball. I do think it's all in the guy looking at the athlete and their POTENTIAL, and as Logan said, the MOST valuable member of your development team is strength and conditioning coach. This is an area many Pack fans have felt the need for improvement.

  • Hammerhead Dec 2, 2012

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    Florida, Texas and Ohio, three states that WI has recruited well from.

  • GK N.Ral Dec 2, 2012

    Let Yow coach the football team. That is the only way she will get what she wants, then she will be fired after 2 or 3 years and then continued mediocrity.

  • jrt0856 Dec 2, 2012

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    I bet u wouldnt have said 3 months ago.

  • WildRedWolf Dec 2, 2012

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    Doeren actually has recruited heavily in Florida. He was responsible for recruiting Florida while he was an assistant coach at Wisconsin. Does that mean he's going to pull a bunch of 4 stars out of the Sunshine State? I doubt it. But, he'll get his share of quality players. It's amazing how people post opinions as if they were facts without having done any basic reading or research on the topic at hand. Just read a few articles about the guy and you'll be able to make intelligent and fact-based posts.

  • Hammerhead Dec 2, 2012

    I thought arrove was pretty funny myself, especially as a manipulation of the rules of American English.

  • corey3rd Dec 2, 2012

    Why are college football coaches disloyal to their programs that they won't stick around for the Bowl games? They scream at the players about finishing the game and they skip off before the bowl when a suitor lures them away. If a player told a coach he was skipping the Rose Bowl to sign an NFL contract, the NCAA would nuts. But this is allowed and promoted. Abandon your players before the end, weak sister.

  • WildRedWolf Dec 2, 2012

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    Um, douggie64, the use of "arrove" was an intentional misspelling and a deliberate mocking of a certain UNC "student" athlete who first used "arrove." Now, it's time for me to ROFLMAO. Get out from under that rock bro. ;)

  • solarcableguy Dec 2, 2012

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    I completely agree! What pull will Doerk have for recruiting in the south in places like Florida? I suspect not too much!

  • uBnice Dec 2, 2012

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    I understand your point. But why would 4-star recruits want to go to NCSU for football? You really have to understand the mind of an 18 year old to answer that question (and I am not 18!). But if I were 18 and an elite football player, why would I want to go to NCSU? Of course, I could hazard a guess. :-)

    Someone needs to interview some of the elite NC high school players and ask them why they choose to go out of state to play football.

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