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  • ashleymorris Dec 5, 2012

    Amen!! I'm sure one of the relatives that aren't getting any inheritance took this story to WRAL. They should have been there to take care of her.

  • carakeet Dec 5, 2012

    You don't know what you don't know so please let the innocent be innocent UNLESS proven guilty which will not be the case here. The only thing Mrs. Weatherspoon did was follow this elderly woman's instructions. The woman had no children and her family never/rarely visited her and she hired Cindy to help look after her instead of hiring a full time live-in nurse which would have wiped her out financially. Cindy did not ask for much in the way of compensation for all that she did for the woman and it's thoughtful that the woman paid her in the way that she did. It's my understanding that the relatives are angry because they aren't going to get an inheritance that they expected. (Why they feel entitled to one is beyond me.) This woman was lucky to have a kind, selfless, caring person like Cindy in her life especially since none of her family would take the time to take over her care. There are always two sides to a story my friends.

  • ashleymorris Dec 5, 2012

    Where was the woman's family? Why weren't they taking care of her and looking after her finances?

  • ashleymorris Dec 5, 2012

    My question is did the women this happen to have family, and if so, where the hell was the family. Because it's obvious they weren't around to look after her.

  • pedsRN Nov 30, 2012

    Preying on the elderly. What low life!! I've seen worse. A son who stole & forged his 80 year old mother's checks while she was in the hospital. He stole over $4400. However, the bank was able to get it back by putting a hold on his bank account & they got his tax refund check.

  • puzzled Nov 30, 2012

    If this had been my mom I would be the one arrested for attempted murder of the culprit. I am an easy going peacful person, but this is one sure fire attack that would make me lose my TEMPER! I just cannot tolerate someone who takes advantage of someone who cannot defend themselves, usually children who cannot tell on you and older people. Give her the gas chamber will be okay with me.

  • Scubagirl Nov 30, 2012

    what Eightball said!

  • jackiebroughton Nov 30, 2012

    She did more than just the identity theft....hopefully all will come to light soon and justice will be served!

  • Eightball Nov 30, 2012

    Short of pedophilia, this type of crime is the 'lowest of the low'.

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