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  • Rebelyell55 Nov 30, 2012

    That asset is in FL and not in NC or SC. Rates in the Carolinas will not be impacted by what happens in FL.

    November 30, 2012 6:52 p.m......Wishful thinking there. It's a company thing, and they'll use it for rate increase in NC.

  • Luv2Camp Nov 30, 2012

    Retroconsultant - you are incorrect in that Progress customers in the Carolinas would pay for the Crytal River plant in FL. That asset is in FL and not in NC or SC. Rates in the Carolinas will not be impacted by what happens in FL.

  • Good Bye WRAL Nov 30, 2012

    I'd like to see the total golden parachute payments to these execs. Perhaps the $25M and the $5M bumped up in the 'charity' commitments reflect the cost of 'firing' these two CEO's?

    This business IS a monopoly and rates will continue to rise (beyond needed infrastructure improvements), so hold on tight to your wallets.

  • Karmageddon Nov 30, 2012

    PLEASE!!!!!! Can ANYone say MONOPOLY????? NC_Beach_n_Mtn_guy


  • Karmageddon Nov 30, 2012

    First it was out with the old CEO (Jim) and in with the new CEO (Bill)
    Then it was out with the new CEO (Bill) and in with the old CEO (Jim)
    Now it's out with the old-old CEO (Jim) and in with a new-new CEO (?)
    Soon they'll get rid of the new-new CEO (?) and
    Bring back the first new CEO (Bill) and they'll have a new-old CEO (Bill)

  • mhsmith Nov 30, 2012

    The utilities and the media created the usual smokescreen by conflating this merger with the drama of the personalities (firing of executive), whereas it should have been about the cost to consumers and the viability and cost effectiveness of current nuclear facilites and particularly the safety of current wet pool storage at Harris. Of course, the merger was a done deal, as we knew from the beginning. Media only provides infotainment here.

  • NC_Beach_n_Mtn_guy Nov 30, 2012

    PLEASE!!!!!! Can ANYone say MONOPOLY?????

  • pappybigtuna1 Nov 30, 2012

    remember when Duke energy said "nothing will change" BUNCH OF LIARS, THE CHANGE WAS A HIKE IN OUR ENERGY BILLS

    Hope they all are forced to sit on a live wire

    The nuke plant in FL was not a disaster, it just never came on line, that was Turkey Point, maybe the name fit

    Let's make people scared, gimme a break!

  • 5Rs Nov 30, 2012

    Not one word about the job that Progress did on Duke getting them to absorb the disastrous nuclear plant in Florida. That $2.5B would have been totally paid for by Progress customers without the Duke takeover. Say "thank you, Duke" if you are a Progress customer.

  • Rebelyell55 Nov 30, 2012

    Know why they didn't desovle the merger, Money and more Money. Besides it would of been the right thing to do. But they ain't going to lose all that money the state stands to make off of this at the expense of the tax payers.

  • macy Nov 30, 2012

    What goes around comes around!

  • 5Rs Nov 30, 2012

    "Your plan makes us all die. Simple as that. We need to spur innovation in energy efficiency or we all die." - godnessgracious2

    That is scary. And you condemn Reps for the sky is falling logic. What are you talking about?

  • sinenomine Nov 30, 2012

    It's not as though this change is going to settle anything; it's mere window dressing. The fact is, as I see it, that Duke proved beyond all doubt that it is a dishonest company. The fact that the company foisted a deceit on the public in order to bring about the merger will not be changed by this sleight of hand.

  • miseem Nov 30, 2012

    So the same Board that was the main problem in the first place will still be there, Rogers will get a multi million dollar buy out, rates will rise. Everyone will be happy. Except for the public.

  • Wake1 Nov 30, 2012

    Would love to see what he gets for "retiring"!! Just one more example of the folks at the top getting richer & really for what?? Someone making less than half of what these "execs" get, could have managed this process much better! This smacks of Corporate greed & the consumers end up getting screwed!!

  • Road-wearier Nov 30, 2012

    Make the CEO stay until he'd planned to retire anyway. Yeah, THAT will show them! Way to put your foot down, NCUC...put the fear into those scofflaws.

  • SmokeWagon Nov 30, 2012

    ..."Capitalism? really? No it's a government enforced monopoly. Just like healthcare. aspenstreet1717..."

    Absolutely correct...and voters are soooooooo ignorant they just bought their children and grandchildrens health care that will cost them $BILLIONS$ and $BILLIONS$ more than it should, for the rest of their lives....!!!!

  • cdancyii Nov 30, 2012

    I guess thank you is the order of the day for Rocky Mount and New Bern because they not only filed a one lawsuit against the merger but 3.

  • SmokeWagon Nov 30, 2012

    LOL....Yep, cash $MONEY$ STILL talks....politicians, cash money and monopoly utility companie and their fat high dollar execs....does ANYONE NOT SEE a problem here...?????? Even 1st graders recognize this as the fox guarding the hen house....!!!!!

  • Bartmeister Nov 30, 2012

    Would love to see the buy out amount on this.

  • trogers386 Nov 30, 2012

    Anyone here surprised! Just lay low for a while and it will all go away!!! A slap on the wrist and a "You are a bad boy!" Just another license to steal!

  • Codepwned Nov 30, 2012

    As long as he isn't CEO and isn't on the board I don't care. It was time for him to leave. The employees hated him, investers hated him... good riddance.

  • Sherlock Nov 30, 2012

    Wow, did that investigationget bought out. What is this going to cost the taxpayers???

  • aspenstreet1717 Nov 30, 2012

    Capitalism? really? No it's a government enforced monopoly. Just like healthcare.

  • gopowell Nov 30, 2012

    2 words......Crystal River

  • hollylama Nov 30, 2012

    How much will this one walk away with?

  • computer trainer Nov 29, 2012

    And let's see who from the Utilities Commission winds up on the board. I hear that one of the Big Dogs is "retiring" from the state, JUST in time to take that one position! Let's bet he gets it. Along with what other $$ they slid him UNDER the table!

  • computer trainer Nov 29, 2012

    Yeah, this is still going to cost the people. Robert's ill probably get a nice settlement!!! What a mess.

  • Banned4Life Nov 29, 2012

    This is simply capitalism. Oh, and we need to do away with any of those pesky regulations which are preventing Duke from hiring 50 billion new workers. Oh wat, they are saving money by combining and FIRING workers. My bad. Capitalism, I forgot.

  • jgilchr Nov 29, 2012

    They should still rescind the merger.

  • affirmativediversity Nov 29, 2012

    "Remember Obama promised that Utility Rates would Skyrocket in his first campaign? His EPA is shutting down Coal Fired Power plants that do not pass the "clean Coal" test. Rolling blackouts in the future."

    where do you get this nonsense? per Grand Union


    From his taped interview with 60 minutes...when asked about his "Green Energy" agenda he clearly stated "Under my plan electricity rates would NECESSARILY skyrocket"...

    and although this clip has been used hundreds of times Obama has NEVER rebuked it in anyway.

  • Rebelyell55 Nov 29, 2012

    Well ya know that with the increase in rates, they'll get an increase in sale tax, so the state gets more money without having to raise taxes, and help out their Corp. Masters at the same time. I'm hoping that our state AG is going to be able to stop the rate increase that they lied about.

  • godnessgracious2 Nov 29, 2012

    My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

    Your plan makes us all die. Simple as that. We need to spur innovation in energy efficiency or we all die.

  • TITAN4X4 Nov 29, 2012

    In His own words:
    Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket - YouTube
    ► 1:04► 1:04

    Mar 18, 2009 - Uploaded by BattleBornPAC
    Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket ...

  • godnessgracious2 Nov 29, 2012

    Ooh Ooh, me, me, me, Pick me!

  • newtoncus Nov 29, 2012

    North Carolina as always get's the shaft and we have the Utilities Commission to thank for this.

  • TiminNCisBack Nov 29, 2012

    Smoke Screen and the Commission is all behind it!

  • affirmativediversity Nov 29, 2012

    I hope that Roy Cooper will continue to pursue these bandits.
    per gnewsome1


    Roy Cooper is probably knee deep in Duke Energy stock!

  • gnewsome1 Nov 29, 2012

    After all of this mess, Duke is finally beginning to do the right thing. They also need to get rid of some of the Duke, not Progress, Energy board members. I am guessing that Rogers, while no prince in this mess, was the sacrificial lamb to avoid any further mess. I hope that Roy Cooper will continue to pursue these bandits.

  • Scubagirl Nov 29, 2012

    And what happens if Duke says thanks but no thanks????? Then what will the UC do?

  • Scubagirl Nov 29, 2012

    For me to 'see' savings, I would have to see my power bill go in the OTHER direction from the one it is presently heading!

  • seenbetterdaze Nov 29, 2012

    Remember Obama promised that Utility Rates would Skyrocket in his first campaign? His EPA is shutting down Coal Fired Power plants that do not pass the "clean Coal" test. Rolling blackouts in the future.

  • They call me CATMAN Nov 29, 2012

    The big loser in all this is the NC customer for Duke and Progress energy. Getting rid of Jim Rogers is a good first step.

  • storchheim Nov 29, 2012

    One good thing is the jobs in Raleigh were saved for now. Hope this allows some anxious people to exhale and spread a little holiday cheer...and money...

  • rushbot Nov 29, 2012

    Ain't a gonna be no investigation that amounts to boo with the repubs in power...

  • westernwake1 Nov 29, 2012

    "The conditions include Rogers retiring as chief executive by the end of next year"

    They should require that Rogers retire as CEO by the end of 2012. Appoint an interim CEO and start a search for a new CEO.

    Rogers and the board members from Duke have no integrity. It is time for all of them to go. The North Carolina Utilities Commission should have demanded the resignation of the Duke board members also.

    How about bringing back a CEO with integrity, former Progress Chief Executive Bill Johnson - except that you will have to convince him to leave the TVA.

    The North Carolina Utilities Commission should have also demanded that Duke not pursue any rate increases for a minimum of three years.

  • storchheim Nov 29, 2012

    Rogers will float to the ground under quite a golden parachute around this time next year. I'll give him this, he's smart.

  • superman Nov 29, 2012

    What savings? I thought they were asking for a rate increase? Our state utilities commission has turned out to be a joke. Guess the consumers were stupid to think the UC would do anything with this merger other than rubber stamp it. Has everyone moved from Mississippi and Michigan to NC?

  • TITAN4X4 Nov 29, 2012

    Now the North Carolina Utilities Commission needs to investigate Duke Energys request for a rate increase, that the customers were promised, wasn't going to happen, despite Dukes accusation that Progress Energy's infrastructure was in worse condidion than initially expected. This rodeo should have been canceled before it started.

  • affirmativediversity Nov 29, 2012

    Now there is a giant get-over, if ever I saw one.

    Last time I checked there was a whole lot more than just the CEO participating in that so called "merger" that was allowed because it was suppose to be "such a benefit to consumers"...

    Looks like the people of North Carolina are being bamboozled again...

    Hey, isn't Duke Energy a big supporter of the Democratic Party in general and President Obama in's that for "looking out for the middle class"

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