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  • tgentry1005 Nov 30, 2012

    lasm, some of us in Durham have sense enough not to vote for stupid taxes but as you can see in 68_dodge_polara comment tooooo many Durham residents never met a tax they didn't like. Not only is Durham liberal it is ultra liberal!!!! Too many in Durham think light rail will allow them to go out their front door and catch a train to anywhere they want to go in the RTP area.. They don't seem to be able to grasp the realization that we do not have the building and population density to support the extremely expensive system and will not for many, many, many years... It will take generations of zoning and building changes to support rail systems in this area.. Dreamers just want to take our money to waste it!!!!!

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Nov 29, 2012

    "It was going to take 2.5 hours and 2 bus changes"

    I have the same problem with the Durham buses. I live 4 miles from where I work and it would take 2 hours to get there by bus, after walking 1 mile on a road with no sidewalk and no shoulder to the bus stop. I could literally walk to work faster than taking the bus.

  • 68_dodge_polara Nov 29, 2012

    Durham residents never met a new tax they didn't like, but it never stops us from complaining about the taxes we already half to pay. After all Durham is very liberal.

  • hp277 Nov 28, 2012

    "Obviously, there were more votes to add the 1/2 cent sales tax than not to add it. Is it possible a lot of people voted for the tax w/o understanding what they were doing? 1/2 cent is a lot for just ONE area of taxation." lasm

    Um, no. The referendum passed 60%-40% - a clear mandate. Hard for Durham officials to be 'bad guys' when 60% of the voters approved it.

    As for 1/2 a cent being a lot, how about Wake County's 1 cent tax on restaurant meals to pay for State's usually empty basketball arena and the for-profit Hurricanes hockey arena? Now that's a crock.

  • lasm Nov 28, 2012

    The article states that "Voters approved the tax, to be used for public transit projects, last year."
    If you are a voter living in Durham, then that was the time to voice your negative opinion of this tax. I, for one, do not live in Durham (although I have just begun to work in Durham); however, I would never have voted for this tax. Obviously, there were more votes to add the 1/2 cent sales tax than not to add it. Is it possible a lot of people voted for the tax w/o understanding what they were doing? 1/2 cent is a lot for just ONE area of taxation. Also, a lot of you are correct about the size of some of the buses-it would have seemed best to buy some smaller buses for areas with less riders. And what do you think about the Durham "officials" waiting for other counties to "up" their rate? They didn't want to be the only bad guys. What a crock all our government entities are!

  • Nunya123 Nov 28, 2012

    Everyone complaining yet the increases passed in both of the counties it was on the ballot in and will most likely pass Wake. Guess this is the only place the minority can come and whine.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Nov 28, 2012

    @whatelseisnew said, "Time for the HANDOUTS to end on EVERYTHING."

    Really? LOL

    So, are you in favor of removing these "HANDOUTS": tax breaks of any kind (including the home mortgage deduction), all Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid, $8 billion per year for oil & gas companies, agricultural subsidies, ...

    I mean, you do understand that a tax break of any sort *is* a handout, right?

  • Weetie Nov 28, 2012

    Might as well add another tax...People cannot afford to even pay what TAXES the have now and NC is always adding more!

  • 68_dodge_polara Nov 28, 2012

    If the cost were to raise for the bus users maybe the Durham gang members wouldn't use the buses as a hang out during the winter so often.

  • aspenstreet1717 Nov 28, 2012

    Sales tax increase is very regressive. Terrible idea.

  • wayneboyd Nov 28, 2012

    Is there ANYTHING the government can run for a profit? Oh, yes I forgot, the lottery!

  • ladyblue Nov 28, 2012

    yep so sick of someone wanting something and no problem let's raise taxes.. No problem, if 1000 departments want something lets raise taxes 1000 times. ridiculous.why not lets try to get more spend thrifty for a change.

  • dryjr Nov 28, 2012

    I Think the tax should be added to the fair for buses etc,they are the ones using it .

  • hp277 Nov 28, 2012

    Wake County charges a 1% meals tax to pay for 'tourist development', such as the RBC Center and the convention center. Whether you use them or not, if you eat out in Wake County, you are helping to pay for them.

    The transit tax in Durham and Orange counties will drive economic development and jobs, just as it has done in Mecklenberg County.

  • 68_dodge_polara Nov 28, 2012

    At a dollar a day or 50 cents a day, when a monthly pass is purchased, the bus passenger clearly isn't paying their far share. So long as I have job I won't be riding the bus as I don't what to be yet another deadbeat relying on the other tax payers to support my life style.

  • mxteam44 Nov 28, 2012

    Most of the busses I see when driving thru Durham, are almost empty. Losing proposition if you ask me.

  • BernsteinIII Nov 28, 2012

    Don't do business in Durham.

  • 2beornot2be Nov 28, 2012

    More ways for the counties to support unprofitable uses. The tax should only be applied to those who will benefit from its use. Since I don't live in Durham county, can't benefit from the transit use tax, perhaps I should spend my money in another county! In the future when I leave home to eat at a restaurant I will seek counties that dont' charge me for services that I can't benefit from. More socialism at its best.

  • fedora Nov 27, 2012

    the tax will pay for other short-falls in durham,,not just public transit

  • turtledove Nov 27, 2012

    AMEN on the handout. The good people of Chapel Hill ride their buses for free while living in half million dollar homes!

  • tgentry1005 Nov 27, 2012

    Durham purchased huge buses which ride around most of the time mostly empty. Smaller buses would cost less, be less costly to operate and be less disruptive in traffic around the city. Just an example of bad use of our tax money and why we have to pay additional taxes to fix city streets.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 27, 2012

    they should have put the tax on the transit users, not everyone else.

    "the rich pay taxes?
    swedishchef2" Yes they pay an unfair share of the taxes, and just as almost all taxes bite the wrong wallets, so does this so-called transit tax. So, I will no longer be purchasing ANYTHING in Orange County. They should RAISE the cost of the bus riders and rail users so that these things operate at a profit and start paying back those of us that paid for this stuff. Time for the HANDOUTS to end on EVERYTHING.

  • iron fist Nov 27, 2012

    I didn't vote to approve a tax hike? More waste!!

  • 3779LRRP Nov 27, 2012

    At least everyone who spends money in Durham with have to pay the extra tax. Not just the rich.

  • gingerlynn Nov 27, 2012

    My car was in the shop a while ago. I looked at taking transit from Durham to very close to the airport. It was going to take 2.5 hours and 2 bus changes (DATA-> TTA-> RTP Connector) and I would be an hour late and have to leave an hour early to use it. But I see plenty of empty busses and FREE Bull City Connector busses riding around. They are throwing good money after bad.

  • tgentry1005 Nov 27, 2012

    What for??? So more big ole empty buses can block traffic??

    It's hard to believe some of the people who make decisions about our Government could hold a real job!!!

  • mattcli Nov 27, 2012

    Let the bus and rail services support themselves. If they can't then I strongly question how necessary they were in the first place.

  • maeveduir Nov 27, 2012

    For those that complain of the empty buses, I ask you- do you even ride them? I live in Durham and ride transit because I have epilepsy and do not drive as a precaution. I've yet to ride an empty one and have had plenty of occasions when they were SRO. Do not judge unless you participate.

  • pmck Nov 27, 2012

    Tax us to fund private corporations. Amazing but for some reason, We the People keep allowing this nonsense.

  • heelrox Nov 27, 2012

    Wow letting the TTA use the money, bahaaaa. no more shopping in derm for me.

  • hott4rotts Nov 27, 2012

    Over time people will forget...just like they do everything else. Remember when the lottery was going to save the schools? The buses in Durham (I work in town) run empty all day, everyday. Durham should sell those big buses and get some like they use at the airport....but they would still be half full.

  • lawha63 Nov 27, 2012

    Somebody has to help pay for the empty buses that ride all over Durham...

  • LuvLivingInCary Nov 27, 2012

    i guess when i have a choice between southpoint mall and crabtree i know where I'll be shopping.

  • carthoughts Nov 27, 2012

    I don't understand, will sales tax be higher in Durham than compared to neighboring counties? It seems like this would hurt the businesses more than anything, especially those near county lines.

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