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  • Cary Progressive Nov 27, 2012

    The best of the conservative comments is the one about the republican's previous school board having gotten some stuff done. If they gotten their way, schools would be resegregated by income. I like where things are heading, with bringing base schools back but keeping choice. That us the best we can hope for with conservatives trying to choke off government programs like education, Medicare, and social security to pay for tax cuts for the uber wealthy.

  • LuvLivingInCary Nov 27, 2012

    we have a movement going to pull all the cary schools out of the county system and run them under our own board. they want to bus kids in from raleigh to cary schools and then newcoming kids into existing cary neighboorhoods get bused across town. what nonsense is that. liberalism..

    we'll take the best and leave the rest.

  • Screw WrAl Nov 26, 2012

    Don't be fooled parents, less than 1500 next year, 10 times that very possibly the year after. The new arrivals will certainly be shocked when they show up for the following year.

    Another bait and switch from the most absurd school system in the country. They get no more of my money no matter how much they cry and complain.

  • westernwake1 Nov 26, 2012

    I just waiting for their announcement of a new Superintendent. At this point I expect the individual to be selected based on their loyalty to the Democratic party rather than any type of education system operational excellence or forward looking vision.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 26, 2012

    "Hey Wake County!!! You guy's proud yet?"

    Well, the voters put back into control the lefties that continually stirred the pot of reassigning. They wanted to have the correct allocation of skin colors. The reps had the board briefly and despite unending terrorism by the lefties tried to make some improvements. They did make some progress, and unfortunately the voters foolishly put the lefties back in control. So the children of the lefties are getting what they deserve. Unfortunately, others are punished that do not deserve the punishment.

  • paultaylorsr100 Nov 26, 2012

    Hey Wake County!!! You guy's proud yet?

  • paultaylorsr100 Nov 26, 2012

    "It will only be used until . . . . "

    More hollow promises??

  • Dynol Yn Cael Ei Nov 26, 2012

    I get so sick of hearing this repeatedly.

    I don't know how the parents who have to deal with it over and over again do so without losing their cool.

    I also don't understand why they just don't move to a nearby county to avoid all the hassles at WCPSS.

    It's an embarrassment to the state.

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