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  • whatelseisnew Nov 23, 2012

    So why were the police not picking these people up for indecent exposure? Not so long ago a Judge at a party was caught going in the bushes and he paid the price for it. So I wonder how much per hour they gained to wait all this time to save a few dollars. Waiting from Tuesday afternoon till late Thursday night to save 150 dollars, plus they probably spent money at some of the close by fast food joints.

  • markjb33 Nov 23, 2012

    I would find it so refreshingly comical, if before the store were to open, the manager called police and asked his storefront to cleared.

  • storchheim Nov 23, 2012

    What a remarkably stu ped kid. OMG, let's save $150 on something we don't need, loitering on the streets like bums! And this is the generation that's going to pay the natl debt? After reading this, that's fine with me. They deserve to.

  • bluecharger Nov 23, 2012

    i almost threw up when i first saw this story, and i wonder why this isn't higher on the tote board....Roberto ain't kiddin' when he says they use the bushes while waiting....Brier Creek will never see my face or wallet again!

  • tom73b Nov 23, 2012

    This is the me, me, me , generation. They could care less about something as insignificant as an election. Up Until the lights go out. Then they cry and moan about how ineffective our elected politicians are.....what a shame

  • whatelseisnew Nov 23, 2012

    And yet waiting a couple of hours in line to vote is deemed a problem. Maybe next election they should offer cheap electronics as a voting incentive.

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