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  • Jackiemoon Nov 23, 2012

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    Awwww...Hims sad and frustrated because Duke beat Hims team and Hims team cheats and got caught...I dont see your team going to any bowl so yes, we will take the joke city bowl in which we will be LAUGHING at you and your team sitting at home...dweeb...

  • DurhamDevil Nov 23, 2012

    Keep denying all the problems over there if it makes you feel better.

    Forget being a Duke fan - I do have family connections to UNC and I don't like seeing the widespread corruption over there.

  • Aint ur day Nov 22, 2012

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    If thats what you think, then you are the dumbest Duke fan ever.

  • DurhamDevil Nov 22, 2012

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    What you don't understand is this...Duke Football is back. UNC's problems are still mounting. Now you have former football players stealing from the University and you think that's OK?

    I am SO glad I am a Duke Fan.

  • kkevin7048 Nov 22, 2012

    That's 6 more years of beating Carolina football.

  • Aint ur day Nov 21, 2012

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    I was gonna say something nice about Cut, and I will...he is doing a good job.
    He deserves what he got for all the hard work he has done. Congrats Cut!!!

    Did you just find out about UNC's quality program? Guess what??
    "Your material is old and boring." lol

    Fans didn't cause the mess, so grow up and quit blaming them!!!!

  • Dudeanonymous Nov 21, 2012

    Coach Cut has had to break through the concrete of the basement cellar to get the Duke football program where it is now. It's going to take more time to get it to the level where Harbaugh took Stanford (Duke of the West). I honestly believe that Coach Cut can get the program close to that same level of play.

  • DurhamDevil Nov 21, 2012

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    Time to boot down your Fisher-Price computer and go to bed...

    Your material is old and boring. Let's talk about YOUR team's "quality" program.

  • cmmsbft Nov 21, 2012

    35 more wins (5 per season x 7 seasons)

  • jskinner23 Nov 21, 2012

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    Duke hadn't beaten UNC in years...and years...and years - which means doing so is worth mentioning. You don't think anyone will not mention Fedora ending the losing streak to State in his first year as coach?

  • Boogalooboy Nov 21, 2012

    hey in your face,

    we didn't expect any better

  • 1969inyourface Nov 21, 2012

    Speaks volumes as to how bad the jersey squad is when you offer an extension to a coach that has a losing record. And is on a losing streak. Guess pulling out a win against Carolina for the first time in forever was as good as it's gonna get.

  • McLovin Nov 21, 2012

    good for the Duke - a struggling football program needs a coach like Cutcliffe to provide a face for the future - also sets the bar for college coaches everywhere in that he has run a clean program since he started there and the blue devils have gotten better each year under his tenure

  • Dreamchaser Nov 21, 2012

    This is great for Duke and Coach Cutcliffe. I'm impressed that Duke has given him the time to build the team and program instead of threatening to fire him because they weren't winning enough games after a couple of games. He has done a great job and will continue to do so.

  • VT1994Hokie Nov 21, 2012

    Great fit for Duke and vs versa. Happy for one of the best in the game.

  • Das Thorpedo Nov 21, 2012

    That's a long contract extension. It'll be expensive if they decide to buy him out.

  • OGE Nov 21, 2012

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  • west1117722 Nov 21, 2012

    Duke has beaten 1 team with a winning record this year, and that is Carolina, and they could lose Sat and go to a Bowl what a JOKe!! with a 6-6 record JOKE CITY BOWL

  • rushbot Nov 21, 2012

    Outstanding news!

  • lawha63 Nov 21, 2012

    Congrat's to Coach and Duke Football. Let's celebrate on Saturday by putting a tail whoopin on Miami!

    Go Blue Devils!

  • lawha63 Nov 21, 2012

    Congrat's to Coach and Duke Football. Let's celebrate on Saturday with a whoopin of Miami!

    Go Blue Devils!

  • duane11 Nov 21, 2012

    good for Coach Cut, and i can see him being considered for coach of the year, but he really needs to win saturday to go 7-5 to get it, imo...duke is on a 3 game-blowout losing do you give a guy coach of the year when his team loses 4 straight to close the regular season, and goes from 6-2 to .500?..on a side note, i saw where duke is finally scheduled to play NCSU in '13 and '14...does anyone know if this dang expansion is going to scrap that?

  • lanecc Nov 21, 2012

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    That was so carowhinerish. Haven't seen anything this (contract extension) refreshing out of CH in a long time.

  • dave437 Nov 21, 2012

    Beamered 'em....

  • FE Nov 21, 2012

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    Grow up, dude! Your ignorance is showing.

    (Isn't recess just about over now??)

  • tayled Nov 21, 2012

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    I could not agree more. Would that we had more like him. He should be Coach of the Year this year, but it will probably go to FSU or Clemson. Coach Cutcliffe did the most with the least and that should be rewarded.

  • monkeyboy Nov 21, 2012

    "...and earned a 33-30 victory over North Carolina."

    that line has no place in this article - obviously, the writer is either fanatically pro-carolina and believed that duke would NEVER beat them, or fanatically anti-carolina and would put this line into any article about duke or any other team. sad, really.

  • justabumer Nov 21, 2012

    As a Carolina fan I am programmed to hate Duke and that's easy, except in football where I pull for the dookies in every game but one.

  • StunGunn Nov 21, 2012

    A win-win situation for both Duke and Cut. It looks like Cut will retire at Duke. Coach Cut is an example of what a coach should be: a role model and a man who lives what he preaches - loyalty and hard work. Good for Coach Cut and good for Duke.

  • dmccall Nov 21, 2012

    Yeah! I don't like Duke, but love the example Cutcliffe sets for everyone. This is how a true man behaves.

  • MarvinsWife12 Nov 21, 2012

    Woo hoo!!! Coach Cut makes me want to strap on pads and hit the field.

  • randdjacobs Nov 21, 2012


  • CAROLINA43 Nov 21, 2012

    Was this 'K' approved? Must have slipped this one past 'K' while he was at his hair appointment.

  • carrboroyouth Nov 21, 2012

    I can't stand Duke, however I find Coach Cutcliffe to be a very likable guy. He kept it classy even after beating Carolina in football this past year. Glad that he is staying with Duke.
    (Go heels!)

  • mike honcho Nov 21, 2012

    Coach Cut is an outstanding role model for young men, showing the importance of commitment, loyalty, and hard work. No, Duke will never threaten Alabama or LSU, but we have a coach for the future, thank you coach!


  • lanecc Nov 21, 2012

    Class act in every respect. While winning is of great importance to Coach Cut, he has proven that it is of equal value to honor commitments, instill character in his players and daily exhibit the essence of a roll model. Sainthood, no. But pretty close in today's college sports scene.

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