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  • pm2 Nov 29, 2012

    Pawn shops are just a front mostly for stolen items like leaf blowers....everyone including the police know.

  • tootiefrootie Nov 23, 2012

    Iphones are being stolen left and right at high schools. There are groups who prey upon unsuspecting students, if they see you with an Iphone/Droid you are on the list. My daughter was targeted, she had hers hidden at lunch, she turned her head for 20 seconds and it was gone. It was on Craigslist the next morning, exact serial #, the seller claimed it was sold before I could arrange meeting. I gave all the info the appropriate authorities, a theft ring at school is going down and soon.

  • superman Nov 21, 2012

    whatelseisnew--If you ever bought anything at a yard or garage sale you might just have purchased something that was stolen. As a precaution I always lock my house, car and anything else just in case other people arent honest. It might be a shame to have to lock up your property but a good safeguard just in case.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 21, 2012

    should be arresting the store owner for receiving stolen goods.

    " However in the future she shouldnt leave tools or equipment unless it is secured and locked. It is far too easy when you leave a leaf blower in the back of a truck for someone to just walk by and pick it up."

    true, but it is a shame that you have to lock up stuff. As a penalty for the thief, I would give him five years of doing nothing but picking up leaves one at a time on his hands and knees.

  • superman Nov 21, 2012

    She was extremely lucky. However in the future she shouldnt leave tools or equipment unless it is secured and locked. It is far too easy when you leave a leaf blower in the back of a truck for someone to just walk by and pick it up.

  • Titus Pullo Nov 21, 2012

    Know what you are posting about:

    From their web sight:
    "Don’t pawn it, sell it, we pay more. Triangle Buy Sell Trade in Durham is not a pawn shop, it is a new way to shop or sell. We purchase almost anything of value and have a courteous and professional staff to assist you."

    The company is not regulated in the same fashion as are pawn shops. There is virtually no regulation of this type of business.

  • 11of10 Nov 20, 2012

    Glad for the happy ending. Many do not end that way.

  • Glass Half Full Nov 20, 2012

    Sad that 5 On Your Side had to get involved when the rightful owner had done what she was supposed to do. Sad that the police dropped the ball. Good that 5 On Your Side was there to make the right thing happen for the owner. Thanks, Monica, for all you do for folks!

  • superman Nov 20, 2012

    Bet the police department could get a dependable volunteer to check pawn tickets against the stolen reports. The only thing is that it wouldnt work in Durham. The honest dependable people moved out years ago.

  • Scubagirl Nov 20, 2012

    pity it takes 5 ON your side getting involved for folks to do the right thing!

  • jmanarc Nov 20, 2012

    One more reason not to like pawn shops. Pawn brokers don't care about the victims of theft crimes, all they care about is a dollar. They don't care if the merchandise is stolen, all they want to do is get it, so they can resell it at a huge profit(sometimes a 500% markup). Pawn brokers are nothing but legalized scam artists. As for the Zebulon police department, they dropped the ball here in the fact that they did not do their job and correctly report the stolen merchandise. If they had done so, and if the pawn shop does their job correctly, the owner would have been able to get her property back sooner, and the thief would be jailed sooner. Of course that is also counting on the fact that Durham Police would have done their job correctly and actually checked the Pawn shops records and matched it to a stolen report. I know of a police dept. that only checks about 10% of pawn tickets that come in because they say that they don't have the manpower to check them all against reports

  • umpcop Nov 20, 2012

    Well sure looks like to me the Police dropped the ball on this one. And the pawn shop owner, well why do pawn shops have a bad reputation, because of crooks like him. He knew or had reson to know that the blower was stolen property, so by him selling it I would think he is guilty of selling stolen property.

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Nov 20, 2012

    We don't like crooks !

  • danderson221 Nov 19, 2012

    This store did not do their job right. Cudos to the Zebulon P.D. and Durham P.D. I'm glad she got her property back.

  • common tater Nov 19, 2012

    YES! Chaulk one up for the good guys.

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