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  • rcrdngcountry Nov 19, 2012

    i feel we should be happy at any good news. i feel some people
    want things to be bad, just because the president got back in.

  • storchheim Nov 16, 2012

    busyb97 gets it.

  • busyb97 Nov 16, 2012

    lets hope that any "fiscal cliff" fall outs, do not impact this.... but if things happen in the economy without any change of the current course, I bet these numbers slow. Those homes may get built, but will they get PURCHASED! I want to see the home sales numbers, not just the building of homes.

  • nerdlywehunt Nov 16, 2012

    Permits is no indication of completed construction............more BS

  • djofraleigh Nov 16, 2012

    900 more homes in 10 months is a good trend. With Wake supposedly going to have the huge increase in population (as being shown by school populations) then there are going to ahve to be more homes built.

    The El Boomers, the Echo Boomers (Y-generation, and the baby boomers are going to want to live on smaller lots, closer to urban centers (see downtown push of government money) and if nothing draws the retirees out of city limits, then building in this area is bound to increase at better than this 900 increase. This is still slow growth and will take time to get back to what it was six years ago.

    One thing they can do is tax property by number of adults in the household using utilites. Get those 20s out of mom and dad's house and out into the market.

    Of course, JOBS need to increase.

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