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  • Bartmeister Nov 16, 2012

    Knowing this bunch, they'll hire and fire 3 people before the end of the year.

  • notkidding Nov 16, 2012

    Hey, let's hire "Dr." Barber and complete the destruction of the WCPSS.

  • snossg1 Nov 16, 2012

    End of 2012 or end of school year?

  • injameswetrust2003 Nov 16, 2012

    Watch out Dr. Gainey, if Kevin Hill gives you an A- because you konw your days are numbered.

  • injameswetrust2003 Nov 16, 2012

    I disagree with Superman- I don't want a Supt. from within WCPSS - but, I think that's what the board majority had in mind when they came to power.

  • rednek Nov 16, 2012

    If he is good enough to be acting supt. WHY not make it PERMENANT! Evidently by extending his contract, he is doing a good job.

  • Screw WrAl Nov 16, 2012

    What a shock that is. Liberals supporting their liberal buddy.

    This board is as bad as has ever served and apparently parents are okay with that. Another shocker.

  • superman Nov 16, 2012

    Would like to see him as the next Supt. Give him a 4 year contract.

  • westernwake1 Nov 16, 2012

    This contract extension was expected in view that the rumor on the street is that Wake County is not having any success whatsoever in their search for a new superintendent. Not a single first tier (or even second tier) reputable national candidate has any interest in the position. One even stated that "Wake County is possibly the worse governed school system in the U.S."

    Let me say that this is a good move by the board that gives them more time in their search. To be fair, Dr. Gainey appears to be doing a good job in keeping the Wake County School System stable in the interim.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 16, 2012

    Yep thanks to the lefties on the board we were ripped off for 250K and counting.

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