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  • Banned4Life Nov 15, 2012

    Stop repairing the roads and wasting money on these socialistic items! Privatize all roads and let corporations handle it. They can do it far cheaper, better than any government ever could, and save the taxpayers huge money. That way, you only pay if you use the roads. I'm tired of paying for other people to go out and drive all over our roads. Do we really NEED all of them anyway? With 10 different ways to go from point A to point B, do we really need an 11th? Why WIDEN roads. Cut them all back to 2 lanes. That way, folks would really WANT to drive on them when they went out. Less maintenance, better utilization. Too much government regulation too. Speed limits. Rules. Laws. Get rid of them all and we can do away with the Highway Patrol, DMV, DOT and the rest of those wasteful agencies. Just bigger government getting in the way of our right to drive any way we please. As long as I'm not hurting anyone, I should be able to go as fast as I want, any way I want.

  • kmanc4s Nov 15, 2012

    Once upon a time, we used to be the good roads state...

  • piene2 Nov 15, 2012

    As long as our paved cow paths are being repaired and upgraded I do not care which entity is paying.

  • 68_dodge_polara Nov 15, 2012

    Stop robbing the highway trust fund every year! Gas taxes should be used for guess what? THE ROADS!!!

  • whatelseisnew Nov 15, 2012

    take back all the money that was stolen from the highway trust fund from the future budgets of those parts of the Government that received that stolen money. Stop diverting money into mass transit. Raise the fares on those entities so that they not only pay their own way, but they provide funds for expansion.

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