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  • caniac315 Nov 15, 2012

    Yes David, indeed they do travel the world. I love we have this bookstore in Raleigh, and I hope the new owners will concentrate more on paying their associates a living wage instead of keeping the runways hot at RDU.

  • Pepe Silvia Nov 15, 2012

    "Obama's economy claims one more." Womble_Fred

    She is RETIRING and wants to sell the store to someone with the same vision, not shutting down the store because it isn't doing well. Don't blame this on Obama.

    I hope the new ownership continues to keep Quail Ridge as it is, its a great little bookshop!

  • Scubagirl Nov 15, 2012

    Why would anyone doubt the truthfulness of the owner?

    that's NOT what folks are doubting.....

  • sixstringn Nov 15, 2012

    Questioning the stated QRB annual sales figure is puzzling to me. Why would anyone doubt the truthfulness of the owner?

  • Scubagirl Nov 15, 2012

    hahahaha WRAL just NOT going to let my post pass blaming their lack of editing on the 3 million vs 300K.......Truth Hurts?!?!?!

  • kirkadamgallery Nov 15, 2012

    The video states 3 million in sales overall.....text say 3 million in sales last year.

  • ccsmith1902 Nov 14, 2012

    womble_fred: You should call Mrs. Olsen and ask her why she is retiring, instead of your extreme long shot, and I mean extreme, of trying to blame a retirement on Obama? Man, this is off the charts, folks.

  • Scubagirl Nov 14, 2012

    "Obama's economy claims one more.Womble_Fred"

    get over yourself!!! this has not got the first thing to do with Obama but that's OK, your poutyness is showing.

  • Scubagirl Nov 14, 2012

    Congrats to her on her pending retirement. Hopefully the buyer will keep it as it is-big loss to the neighborhood. :(

  • chrisnrali Nov 14, 2012

    they need to try their math again, her claim of 3 million a year in sales last year is just a little unbelievable for a local bookstore unless there is allot of online sales. That's around 9600k in sales each day of the year not counting sundays to get anywhere near 3 million in sales. let's be a little realistic. I think she's been reading too many of her own books and has lost touch with reality or likes to boast lies on her way out. 300k would've been more believable.

  • heremeaj Nov 14, 2012

    Nancy has done an amazing job with that store. In a time when bookstores were failing left and right she was the under dog who thrived. I have been to many readings and events there over the years and QR gift cards are always a coveted holiday item at our house. One thing I really respect about Nancy is that she has had people who were from every political party and every walk of life speaking in the store. She has not limited the speakers to only the ones that share her viewpoints. I wish her lots of wonderful time to read and hope we have a new owner that cares as much about books.

  • Cleanup on Aisle Cool Nov 14, 2012

    Much respect to Quail Ridge - a very cool place to read and ponder life's details through the world of printed media. Kudos for outlasting Borders Books. Though I read 3/4 of my books on my Kindle now, there is a time and a place for printed books, though it is no doubt not like it was in 1984. But what is?

  • SMAPAEA Nov 14, 2012

    I'm glad she survived the Big Bookstore booms in the late 90's. She did better than most of them. I worked for the Intimate Bookshop and remember referring people to her shop when we didn't have something. Hope it finds a great new owner!

  • Hans Nov 14, 2012

    "This is what I like about Raleigh ... a bookstore is well known. I sure hope someone takes it over and keeps it the same." - bombayrunner

    Hope so. Love a good independent bookstore. We already lost Manteo Booksellers over in Manteo, and that was a good one, too.

  • i4musicalarts Nov 14, 2012

    Quail Ridge is a treasure! I hope the new owners can keep up the long-standing tradition of customer service, top talent, and overall excellence. This is one more customer who wishes Ms. Olson the very best for her retirement.

  • baldchip Nov 14, 2012

    Best wishes in retierment. Hope a book enthusiast can ge found to buy the store!

  • bombayrunner Nov 14, 2012

    This is what I like about Raleigh ... a bookstore is well known. I sure hope someone takes it over and keeps it the same.

  • anneonymousone Nov 14, 2012

    Happy Retirement, Ms. Olson! Now you may read anything and everything you want!

    It is my hope that someone else with as much respect for the written word, music, the community, and the bookstore staff buys Quail Ridge. It's a remarkable resource.

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