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  • They call me CATMAN Nov 15, 2012

    My Brother works at a Meat Processing in Il. He said that over 80% of the people who work there are undocumented (ILLEGAL) works the people who run the plant look the other way knowing that these workers won't complain. This is what would have happened at the SF plant.

  • iamcurious Nov 14, 2012

    Folks living within a quarter mile of the proposed plant stood to lose almost the entire value of their homes. Within 1-2 miles, 25% or more. It was almost certain that the wells in the area would dry up. Being located 3/4 mile from the Tar River, it was also a good bet that polution would end up there. When all factors were weighed together, the jobs weren't as attractive as they seem when nothing but jobs was considered. This wasn't a case of an open and shut single issue. Now it's time to torpedo the political aspirations of Robbie Davis and other pro chicken plant commissioners.

  • btneast Nov 14, 2012

    were selling out our precious water supply for 1,100 low-paying jobs -

    Unfortunately, low paying manufacturing jobs are about all the labor pool for that area can satisfy. The workforce, on average, isn't skilled enough to attract the higher paying , more technical jobs. This particular deal may have been flawed, but food processors locate in areas like this for a reason.

  • Silver bullet1 Nov 14, 2012

    1100 potential jobs for the area lost. Thank you Wilson. As for the environment, it would not pollute the water table no more than septic tanks do in the area. Wilson's Drinking water supply partly comes from a swamp in the Bailey-Middlesex (Nash County)area anyhow.

  • gnewsome1 Nov 14, 2012

    Good point Superman and others. Wonder how many hypocrits on here eat chicken? Better put, who on here does not eat chicken? Maybe 1-2 treehuggers. NIMBY.

  • Joe Friday Nov 14, 2012

    Maybe now Nash County should take the City of Wilson up on past offers to work together to bring desirable, decent-paying industries into this area. I would not blame Wilson if they told Nash County to “take a hike.” I would bet, however, that Wilson would be willing to work together so that the two-county area would prosper.

  • Joe Friday Nov 14, 2012

    This is truly a victory for Nash County (and surrounding area) citizens and the health and welfare for their children’s future. The proponents for SF are made up of two factions, those few who would profit financially and those many who are naive in thinking that SF would provide jobs for Nash County’s (the local) unemployed. Hopefully, our environment and way of life now are not threatened by SF, a company known for water polluting (#1 in Texas) and providing low-paying jobs that eventually would be filled by non-local workers.

    Finally, a few determined citizens that could see SF for what it is, with its carpet-bagging promises and snake oil goods. These citizens stood fast, hollered loudly and were heard. Not heard by their leaders, but by SF, realizing it needed to peddle its goods somewhere else. Five of the seven Nash County Commissioners were easy pickings, but thankfully, not all the county’s citizens.

  • grantrmt Nov 14, 2012

    This area is hurting. Many in the area saw this as an opportunity to help those in need. Those without jobs certainly saw this as an opportunity. I guarantee you there were not jobless people sueing to keep this from coming. We had several wealthy individuals fighting this for political or personal gain. One of the newly elected board members is related to the area's biggest farmers. Therefore, she is directly related to poluting the same drinking water she claims to protect at a higher rate than Sanderson ever would have. Of course, she is out to protect us from others when we need protection from her. How about many of you who voted for Ms. Barnes start asking her to stop the polution going on right now. Then ask if she will allow the area to grow and prosper with her. Many of the others that faught Sanderson had the same intersest and they could careless about your water! My phylosophy is to open doors to better opportunities instead of shutting a door on anyone!

  • ykm Nov 14, 2012

    QB525 might be folks living in rural areas are sick and tired of seeing their environment compromised so folks in the cities can eat. Cities have chased a lot of dirty industry and business into rural areas. Can't say I blame em. Government is not interested in allowing these industries to advance and clean up their operations. It's less expensive at the moment to send dirty industry over seas. Doesn't solve anything but it does buy votes.

  • deepriver Nov 14, 2012

    Now that Townsends (Omtron) owned by the Ukranian has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy as of Nov. 9th, hopefully the courts will force the sale of the company. This man, Oleg Bakhmatyuk, has had numerous offers from several companies to buy the Townsends (Omtron) and he has refused to sell. How can a company file for chapter 11 when its not even in operation? It has been closed for almost 14 months. There are a lot of farmers and former employees, including the Town of Siler City who would love to see Sanderson or some other poultry integrator reopen this company.

  • nashville Nov 14, 2012

    Point taken.

  • weasel2 Nov 14, 2012

    Great decision for the environment and the water supply (the new gold).

  • See Chart Nov 14, 2012

    We have a modern word for protests by neighbors & businesses who
    do not wish unwanted development in their community it is called
    "NIMBY" .
    Many businesses hire specialists to investigate their new
    location plans to make sure "Not In My Back Yard" happens.
    Sanderson failed to do this advance unbiased research and the results are that they are leaving as a dog that did wrong.

    The detrimental aspects on the possible impact on the water
    supply of several counties has been fully explored in local media such as The Wilson Daily Times.

    To "Ripetomato's" I eat a little fish & lots of Vegetables, not chicken. When you read what most factory farmed chickens eat or are sprayed with you may wish to raise a few of your own birds in the backyard ,the byproducts of chicken processing are not just from the bird itself being slaughtered that can enter the ecosystem.

  • qb523 Nov 14, 2012

    Well, I suppose we should "get back to the land" and do our own slaughtering and cleaning ourselves, is that what I'm hearing? You realize the hamburger/steak/BBQ comes from dead animal flesh, right? I doesn't grow in freezers! Get real.

  • If the shoe fits.... Nov 14, 2012

    That chicken plant would have been postured at the head of the Rocky Mount Reservoir. It was to consume 1.2-1.5 million gallons of water DAILY - plus the city agreed to sell the plant an additional 3 million gallons a month. Well, the City of Rocky Mt. each summer is under water conservation or restrictions and the Tar River dried to a mere trickle.

    Our leaders lost their vision (and common sense) and were selling out our precious water supply for 1,100 low-paying jobs - jobs that eventually would be held by an immigrant workforce. Sanderson's policy is not to rehire a worker if you once leave their employment. In three years they would deplete the number of local people willing to work in the plant's working conditions. Sanderson would be forced to bring in immigrant labor rather than close down the plant.

    I am so proud that the citizens of Nash fought Goliath and won. Sanderson overestimated the naivete and desperation of this county. Nash County now has for sale a prime l

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Nov 14, 2012

    Nash county neighbors should be thankful they won't have to breathe that rendering stench.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Nov 14, 2012

    Sanderson Farms should go back to Mississippi where they bled contract farmers dry.

    If the average person knew how contract poultry farmers were treated by poultry integrators, they would boycott chicken. Imagine having to mortage your home and land to build a $1,000,000 poultry facility, (four houses) to earn $40,000/year if that. That includes being tied down 7 days a week, picking up dead chickens or paying someone to pick up dead chickens, having to breathe dusty shavings and poultry dander your whole life, and when you jjjjjuuuussstt about pay that 15 year million dollar mortage off, the intetrator tells you that you'll spend $250,000 to upgrade your facility or they'll not give you another contract. That is how it happens folks. Farmers never get out of debt and integrators just drop the contract and convince some other farmer to invest another million for "new houses".

    A moratorium should be placed on poultry houses just like hog houses to protect the farmer.

  • piene2 Nov 14, 2012

    "Nash county sure needed those jobs.Some people think only of themselves.What happened to the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few.

    Well considering that everyone needs clean drinking water I would say the needs of the many have been well met.

  • Rebelyell55 Nov 14, 2012

    What happened to the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few.

    November 14, 2012 8:21 a.m.....This is a tough one, since the need for clean drinking water by many, does out weight the few who profit.

  • benhansen74 Nov 14, 2012

    To Nashville below - the needs of the tens of thousands who have a protected water supply certainly outweigh the few hundreds who would have gotten jobs at the plant.

  • tuckerbrian54 Nov 14, 2012

    An area of NC that has High Unemployment you'd think would welcome this opportunity with open arms, but NO, they so afraid of contaminating the water supply, and with all the Fereral laws governing waste measures, it would be more than safe to have Sanderson Farms as your neighbor. Just goes to show how much Nash/Wilson governments/towns people work for the people. Keep your high unemployment, but don't continue to expect NC to keep paying you, cause you had your chance at changing that. What a bunch of nerds, in this day of new opportunities/work ! Bring your new plant to Wake County, I'm sure we can make it work for you, Sanderson Farms.

  • benhansen74 Nov 14, 2012

    Congratulations to the people of Nash County! Now how long will it take Robby Davis to realize his constituents are not the fools he takes them for? How long will it take Nash County residents to realize his back door policies and attempts to thwart the county's own guidelines landed him in this mess anyway? And what about the county planning director who told the commissioners what they wanted to hear rather than do her job? Sure the plant will go somewhere else but the same people who are now lamenting the lost jobs would have been the same people whining about the smell, the environmental damage, the polluted water supply, etc. if the plant had been built here.

  • nashville Nov 14, 2012

    Nash county sure needed those jobs.Some people think only of themselves.What happened to the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few.

  • miseem Nov 14, 2012

    I wonder if all of these people claiming that Nash County passed up a golden opportunity have actually worked in a chicken processing plant before. Thousands of birds are processed hourly in cold, damp work areas. You deal with blood, guts, feathers constantly. While not often deadly, pushing for production quotas results in repetitive motion injuries. Then of course, you have the excellent pay and benefit packages. No wonder most of the workers are migrants, legal or illegal. But that brings us around to another gripe from those pushing for the plant. Too many immigrant workers in the area, using our schools, hospitals and not paying taxes. Just can't please some people.

  • superman Nov 13, 2012

    The people there are very smart. It is much easier to be on welfare than it is to work. I am sure Sanderson Farms will have no problem finding land in a place where the people will welcome a job--no matter what it is.

  • gnewsome1 Nov 13, 2012

    And the plant will be constructed and the new jobs created. It just won't happen in Nash or Wilson County. The company will locate its new plant elsewhere and in a community wherein they are welcome. Some communities actually try to help unemployed people find jobs.

  • gnewsome1 Nov 13, 2012

    I don't blame Sanderson Farms or any other company for not locating in that area. For all of you know it alls who have whined about the company's effluent discharge, federal and state laws MANDATE that this type of waste be pre-treated before it is discharged. That's the law, not an option. State and local governments cannot nor do they have the authority to waive this MANDATE. It is superceded by Federal law. You tree huggers just cost the two counties 1,000 direct jobs and several thousand indirect/support jobs, not to mention the millions of new capital that would have been invested. Shame on you.

  • anonemoose Nov 13, 2012


  • ripetomatoes Nov 13, 2012

    Having an interest in Wilson county but not living there this certainly is good news as without proper supervision of the waste matter from millions of chickens being slaughtered threatening Wilson's water supply. Sanderson made a mistake just thinking they could come in to the populated Rocky MT,Wilson area and just do as they wish. See Chart

    Please enlighten me with proof of intended negligence of "waste matter" at this site. I work in the food processing industry. All by-products at any food processing plant are collected, held and sold to the highest bidder. Nothing is wasted. The by-products are transported on the main highways that most everyone in this state are using every day. The smell and traffic would have caused the neighboring properties to lower in value. That's what killed this project. Some people were going to make all the money and some people were going to make none. Was this your "interest"? Chicken tastes good when grilled properly, though. Don't you agree?

  • ladyblue Nov 13, 2012

    Well i guess they figured the government will continue to take care of them when they dont' have jobs..hope this wasn't a missed opportunity for those that do wish to work...seems to me some plans could be included in contract to keep their water clean from this plant.

  • emaleth Nov 13, 2012


  • wayneboyd Nov 13, 2012

    Write no more unemployment checks in that county. When they get hungry enough they'll beg for someone to open a sewer plant there.

  • LuvLivingInCary Nov 13, 2012

    this could have done if the right people put their heads together. sad day for the blue collor worker.

  • See Chart Nov 13, 2012

    Having an interest in Wilson county but not living there this
    certainly is good news as without proper supervision of the waste
    matter from millions of chickens being slaughtered threatening
    Wilson's water supply.
    Sanderson made a mistake just thinking they could come in to
    the populated Rocky MT,Wilson area and just do as they wish.

  • LovemyPirates Nov 13, 2012

    It isn't the people of Rocky Mount who were so against this plant, it was the people of Nash & Wilson Cos.

  • Hip-Shot Nov 13, 2012

    I guess Nash County would rather suffer from high unemployment. If you look at the Rocky Mount area you see nothing new moving in industrially to supply jobs... yet they continue to build new roads and widen others in this scenario. Go figure.

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