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  • westernwake1 Nov 15, 2012

    I have several family members who are Moose members. I have been to this Raleigh lodge for the turkey shoot in the early 90s. This turkey shoot has been going on for long before the neighborhood was built. I should also mention that the turkey shoot raises money for a really good cause, the Mooseheart community and school for children.

  • Lightfoot3 Nov 14, 2012

    Doesn't matter who was there first. What matters is the law. The lodge seems to be within its legal rights to have a turkey shoot. In fact, turkey shoots are listed by name when it comes to ordiances regarding shooting distances from dwellings.

    BB guns? Bows? Really? Turkey shoots are basically games of chance, not skill. You point your barrel at the target and hope one of your pellets is closer to the bullseye than the next guy. Of course I've seen guys show up with goose guns to better the odds a bit. If you changed turkey shoots to games of skill, the winnings would be dominated by the sharp shooters and not much fun for others, nor as profitable for the people running it.

  • klink Nov 14, 2012

    We live near this area (not in HC) but close by and I can't imagine the noise is that bad. I hear an occasional shot but so what; I hear an occasional dog bark too. Quit whining!! Especially if this is only for a couple of weeks out of the year. geez

  • tharward Nov 14, 2012

    i want to thank everyone for the support shown to the raleigh moose lodge. dont forget to come to open house on nov.17th 2 til 5 and bring the kids.learn what moose is all about. and turkey shoot friday and sat. night 7 til 10 hope to see u there

  • CharmedLife Nov 14, 2012

    Mr. Raleighguyid, not everyone is capable of using a bow. And why should WE change the way it's been done for YEARS?!! If you don't like it, then don't participate but quit whining. Besides all these years the lodge has done this turkey shoot, all the proceeds go to a much worthy cause. Why don't you give it a try before you sit there and knock it?

  • Nov 14, 2012

    @raleighguyjd It easy to say live with it, because I do live in that neighborhood and I do as well as several hundred other families. If this story was reported properly, then you would know that some details were left out. Quick internet search will show, this person purchased their home while the turkey shoots were going on (research the area you're moving to), still moved in. Their property is 177 yards away and is nowhere in the line of fire (far from it). There are other houses closer, and they aren't complaining. Now people do assume this guy is a "Yankee" but if I didn't pick up on a northern accent, I heard a little southern in there. BB / Pellet guns and Bows are not part of the Turkey Shoot tradition, shotguns are. And yes, they have to Live with It, because the lodge is completely within their rights. They are in the county and not the city. Just a few years ago, that neighborhood was in the county.

  • raleighguyjd Nov 13, 2012

    The ignorance on this comment board is overwhelming. "Who was there first?" You sound like a bunch of second grade children. Not to mention everyone is making assumptions this guy is a "Yankee" when there's no indication of that--not that it would make any difference since there are TONS of hunters living north of the Mason Dixon line. "Pellets would never reach the target?" How far away are the targets? A shotgun is hardly a long-range weapon, and a good pellet rifle is easily capable of shots over 50 yards. As an alternative, why not show some consideration and use bows? It's easy for all the internet tough guys on here to say "live with it" when they don't have to . . .

  • geek Nov 13, 2012

    The Moose Lodge does great things for our community and charities, please stop by this Saturday, November 17 at our open house from 2 to 5. This is a free event and later that night we will have "The Whiskey River Band" performing. So stop by and find out a little more about The Raleigh Moose Lodge.

  • 426X3 Nov 13, 2012

    Pretty soon all the whiners will get thier way. Leave the Mooses alone.

  • capitalland Nov 13, 2012

    Coming soon....Susan G. Komen TURKEY SHOOT FOR THE CURE. Sounds just as ridiculous as the Moose lodge turkey shoot doesn't it?

  • Paul M Nov 13, 2012

    I do turkey shoots and they can be loud.If the lodge was there first then the home owners need to just deal. NOW, if the lodge will be cool about it then they could just start earlier and end by 10:30. If i'm not mistakin thats the time for the noise ordenance anyways. Just sayin

  • changedmyname Nov 13, 2012

    Why don't they try to compromise, do it the old fashion way. Bow and arrows. Bet their profit margin will rise. It takes skill to really hit your mark. Plus it also strengthens the arms.

    JR Turkey shoot, use bb gun rifles.

  • tayled Nov 13, 2012

    If homeowners bought the houses knowing that the Moose Lodge was there, knowing that they held the Turkey Shoots, it's called "coming to the nuisance" and they have no leg to stand upon. Sort of like buying a house in the flight path of an airport, knowing that planes frequent the area, and then complaining about the noise from the airplanes later.

  • markjb33 Nov 13, 2012

    I do believe the Moose Lodge was there before Highland Creek, just sayin

  • RudeDawg Nov 13, 2012

    The Lodge was there first, this has been going on for years. the subdivision pops up naw it wants the lodge to quit having turkey shoots. I have driven by this lodge with my father on the way to go deer hunting in Warren County and this lodge has been there as long as I can remember. they have been having turkey shoots as long as I can remember too! this is almost as stupid as buying a house in the RDU flight path and then complaining about the airplanes...

  • dirkdiggler Nov 13, 2012

    yankee this, city folk that. you all sound ridiculous.

  • jellibean Nov 13, 2012

    Um excuse me! I live very close to some train tracks, that I know have been there for at least 35 years. I bought my house pretty much right next to them a year and half ago. Could you please move them? The noise is unbearable around 7:45am and 5-6pm, it disturbs my children and cat.

    Does that sound ridiculous??? Yeah I figured! So does moving into a neighborhood NEXT to an existing Moose Lodge that holds a turkey shoot and expecting them to stop or move some place else to please you!

  • ThomasL Nov 13, 2012

    Again another attempt to stop lawful shooting of firearms by these pop up every week subdivisions in areas that were farm land open land and it will get worse as more people flock here for whatever godly reason... If you move here and don't like it move back where you came from.

  • RUSTYROVER Nov 13, 2012

    Who was there first the lodge or the subdivision ?

  • Bill of Rights Nov 13, 2012

    I wonder how the sound of gunfire affects crime in this neighborhood. I'm willing to bet there aren't many criminals running around there, knowing that there are lawfully armed citizens within earshot. I live within earshot of a few farms and I regularly hear lawful gunfire ... doesn't bother me in the least.

  • astrog222 Nov 13, 2012

    I was interested in this neighborhood, but when I did my homework and found out about the Turkey Shoot and the noise, I decided to look elsewhere. Perhaps if these complaining homeowners had been as diligent, they wouldn't have moved into the neighborhood in the first place. Do your homework people!!

  • BernsteinIII Nov 13, 2012

    Exactly,who was their first?

    People amaze me. Put on some earplugs and quit whining.

  • CharmedLife Nov 13, 2012

    You wanna know noise??!! I live just a few hundred feet from an air force base and they do make ALOT of noise! BUT that's also the sound of freedom!! I've learned to live and deal. I don't mind it at all. Sure wouldn't want this dude in my neighborhood!! Wonder who he would go running and crying to with that one?!! LOL

  • Pack Girl Nov 13, 2012

    Who was there first? Just sayin'!

  • bluegrass Nov 13, 2012

    Sorta like moving near the airport and complaining about the jet noise.

  • daydreamnn Nov 13, 2012

    Really....I'm a native myself and the lodge has been doing this for years, even before this guy decided to move here from yankeeville. It's the sounds of the season. I'm sure if you stop by and pay your little fee they'd let you take place in the fun too....Get a grip people. Living in the south = hunting, turkey shoots and even sweet tea. Why dont you go complain about the people who are really doing the shootings ie gangs etc and stop wast'n our police/courts time.

  • fishboy1039 Nov 13, 2012

    put on headphones

  • Trekker Nov 13, 2012

    “Complaints like this aren't surprising since we've been invaded by a bunch of citified Yankees!” kmanc4s

    That must be the southern hospitality I’ve heard so much about. I’m sure ya’ll have no problem with those “citified” dollars they bring with them. I come from the north and I lived an hour from a city. I hunt, fish, and camp along with lots of other outdoor activities. Look at a map and maybe you’ll realize how much of the north is “citified” and how much isn’t.

  • sept1397 Nov 13, 2012

    I have lived in this neighborhood for 5 years...not only is it bearly noticeable....they were there first. Respect for your neighbors is also respecting who came first. It is for a good cause and even if it wasn't it is people getting together and having a good time. Get over yourself and move if you don't like it...but don't make my neighborhood the bad guy!! You are on your own on this one! Just FYI I also have a young child and problems at my house!

  • palmisanoandrew Nov 13, 2012

    This has nothing to do with being a Yankee we are use to gun shots. It has to do with old people. They complain about everything in our neighborhood. I am not surprised by this.

  • lucygreybone Nov 13, 2012

    People moving here because they want to live in the "south". What they really want is to move here and make the the rules of how they think the "south" should be.

  • pinball wizard Nov 13, 2012

    As said earlier, sounds like the people that live out by the airport complaining about jet noise

    To seriously suggest a bb gun for a turkey shoot is strange. I would not trust this person with any gun.

  • CharmedLife Nov 13, 2012

    Dude doesn't seem to realize that the lodge has been doing this for many a year AND it's for a wonderful charity!! Guess he just doesn't care about that. He just wants what he wants when he wants it. Get over yourself!!!

  • Marty King Nov 13, 2012

    That Yankee needs to stop whining, this has been going on long before he moved in and will be around long after.

  • crypt5302 Nov 13, 2012

    Well Move.. You are in the South, Turkey shoots are common.

  • davisgw Nov 13, 2012

    The turkey shoot has been going on for many years but these jhnny come late typed think everyone should knuckle under to them. He should have done his homewoek before moving in. What would he do if he luved nesr Fort Bragg where the canon fire is a million times louder and the concussion shakes your house until two in the morning? Just a spoiled crybaby.

  • piknowles4 Nov 13, 2012

    Must be the new guy in the neighborhood.

  • Nov 13, 2012

    I live in this neighborhood and this is an exaggeration. There aren’t that many shots and you can’t hear much of anything inside the houses. Bottom line is, they were there first, you moved there, deal with it. When that lodge was built, there was nothing around for miles. As for safety, the lodge takes every precaution to ensure there are no accidents. Also these are competitions, so I highly doubt there will be anyone missing the targets. Respecting your neighbors is a 2-way street; you need to respect their rights to traditions that pre-date your existence. Pellet/B.B. guns, give me a break! This event only lasts a month and a half (10/26 – 12/15), get over yourself. And the closest house on your road is 177yards from where they shoot and the closest house is almost 100 yards.

  • Glock Ranger Nov 13, 2012

    Mr. McConkey is a perfect example of what "gun control" is really all about.

    He said: "I'm a gun owner, myself, and (my opposition) has nothing to do with gun and gun control. It's just a matter of safety and a matter of common decency and respect for your neighbors."

    So, it's a matter of CONTROL. It's OK for them to shoot their guns, but not in "my" backyard. Just like all of those folks who moved to Raleigh/Durham wanting to be close to work, and the airport, then complained about the airplane noise!

    That's what they make ear plugs for.

  • joeBob Nov 13, 2012

    Well it can't be a "Raleigh community", i.e. in the city limits of Raleigh or the police would shut the turkey shoot down. Now seeing that it is most likely in the county, there are still ordinances and laws concerning the discharge of a firearm, X number of feet or yards from a dwelling. I wouldn't like it either and the homeowners need to lawyer up. I belong to a shooting club in an adjacent county and there is no shooting allowed before 8am and no shooting allowed after sundown and the neighbors still hate us but we were there first.

  • cuffusion Nov 13, 2012

    The question is this.. who was there first?? if the Lodge was there and holding this event for years before the houses were built then they really have no basis for complaint.. no different than moving near the airport and complaining about the plane noise..

    They are keeping with the parameters of the existing noise ordinance.. which is reasonable..

  • busyb97 Nov 13, 2012

    If folks were concerned about safety, then why did they move in there? The lodge has never hidden their firing range dirt mound. It is there for all to see!

    No if those city folks want to pay the Lodge some money to buy new land and buy them out, I am sure they would oblige. ;-). But they would rather be bullies under the guise of safety and decency.

    And yes, I live in an area where we here the local PD doing their practice shooting....the whole town can hear it. You dont tell them to go away exactly. (for the record, I hate typing on ipads....too many typos! Haha)

  • Rebelyell55 Nov 13, 2012

    Now, they could do it with BB guns, but it'll have to be done differently. I've been to many where BB guns were used. But I agree with many on here, that they have the right to hold their Turkey shoot how they want to. They would most likely loss business if they changed the way they have it. Wonder when after three years that this guy started complaining? Just this year?

  • busyb97 Nov 13, 2012

    The city folk need to stop moving INTO the country area and expecting those of us who were already here to change OUR ways. You want the country life, you take all that comes with it. highland creek has not been there ten years. iI have been in Rolesville for 5 and HC was being built. I knew one day they would moan about the Moose Lodge and their occasional Turkey Shoot. And they havent done the shoots in a LONG time. They used to do them alot, but they cut back over the last few years.

  • Wake1 Nov 13, 2012

    The Moose Lodge has been doing this years before these subdivisions were built & should be able to continue to hold them as long as they want - they have rights too!

  • Sherlock Nov 13, 2012

    So sell your house and move, they have as much right to do this as you do to live there. Your right is no higher then theirs.

  • kmanc4s Nov 13, 2012

    Complaints like this aren't surprising since we've been invaded by a bunch of citified Yankees!

  • Scubagirl Nov 13, 2012

    and wasn't the lodge and it's turkey shoot there BEFORE these folks moved in to the neighborhood? This is like moving near an airport and complaining about the planes.

  • anonemoose Nov 13, 2012



  • capitalland Nov 12, 2012

    So, as long as its for charity, anything goes. The Moose Lodge is just one of many. We get to hear the turkey shoot near us (Wake Crossroads)from mid November until after Christmas. Its every Saturday night from dark until 11:00. Apparantly the store owners right to make noise trumps my right to quiet.

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