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  • dontstopnow Nov 12, 2012

    And they sure as heck should not be allowed to adopt children. This is outrageous. Someone should lock her up in a closet and not feed her for a while and see if she likes it.

  • 426X3 Nov 12, 2012

    No excuse for this behavior. Some people should not be allowed to have children.

  • morebadnews Nov 12, 2012

    Ol Forrester.....Mr. Till is out on bail

  • storchheim Nov 12, 2012

    comp trainer, a previous story said he came home more than once, and (obviously) saw and spoke with them and did nothing.

  • workinghuman33 Nov 12, 2012

    I am disgusted to hear how badly these children were abused. Why on earth would they adopt 4 more children? I don't think they're accused of abusing their biological why did they adopt the children? just for her to abuse? (rhetorical question). My point is surely the woman knew what her emotional control limitations were to some extent so why not just say to her husband "I just can't handle that many children". I hope that woman gets the maximum on each and every count to be served consecutively and not concurrently. She deserves to never see the light of day again for the torture and abuse she put those poor children through.

  • computer trainer Nov 12, 2012

    From how this reads, it appears that he was not even there when the abuse was taking place. There must be more to this story!

  • Ol Forrester Nov 12, 2012

    Please tell me neither of them are out on bail.

  • DivaD Nov 12, 2012

    That is so could someone do such a thing.

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