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  • shortcake53 Nov 9, 2012

    The bridge over the Neuse River on 64 scares the life outta me. That thing has been around since God was a baby.

  • Lone Voice in the Wilderness Nov 8, 2012

    Wow. I am just impressed by how efficiently all these North Carolinians are at designing roads & bridges.

    Traffic engineering geniuses. Just imagine how efficient I could be by telling you how to do *your* job.

    NOTE: I am not a state employee or even a contractor with any company. I have nothing to do with the DOT. I just amazed by the sheer audacity of people who think they can be efficiency experts.

  • chivegas Nov 8, 2012

    Great, tearing down a flyover to add a traffic light. I'm sure that will really "help" with congestion...

  • Dafuq Nov 8, 2012

    "Here is proof, tearing down a bridge designed to make traffic flow more smoothly in favor of yet another traffic light"

    Did you even bother to read the article? This bridge is 70 years old, not built in the 80's as you are implying.

  • cushioncritter Nov 8, 2012

    When leaders at the city and state level were pitching the virtues of "growth" in the 1980's (i.e., money for themselves and their developer friends), I knew this growth would not pay for itself. Here is proof, tearing down a bridge designed to make traffic flow more smoothly in favor of yet another traffic light. Perhaps they can also install a red light camera at the newly created "intersection" to offset the cost.

    More bridges they could tear down: Capital Blvd and Old Wake Forest, Capital Blvd and Fairview Rd., etc. These are antiquated remnants of the prosperous pre-growth Raleigh that is now just a faded memory.

  • same ole story Nov 8, 2012

    Another of the Freddy Smith good 'ole boy network contracts being handed to him. Just like in Johnston County that he "seems to be" the only one to get gov't contracts......

  • Frank Downtown Nov 7, 2012

    The need to extend Edward Mill Road South the intersect Chapel Hill Road and that would alleviate alot of back ups.

  • monkeyboy Nov 7, 2012

    "pork pork pork. but yet he have toll roads."

    he sho nuff do...

  • dmccall Nov 7, 2012

    I am really sick of Raleigh's attack on freely flowing arteries. These right angle intersections aren't any safer for pedestrians, and they create MORE hazardous, inconvenient, gas-guzzling driving.

    Changes at Western Blvd (west)/440 onramp, Six Forks/Anderson, and now this are making Raleigh a more difficult, more inconvenient place to live. Plans are to remove the ramp off of Glenwood Ave (West) onto 440E and make it another irritating, right-angle intersection for no good reason.

  • LuvLivingInCary Nov 7, 2012

    pork pork pork. but yet he have toll roads.

  • rosemarymcdonald23 Nov 7, 2012

    Great, instead of doing the construction in the summer when it is daylight during rush hour, they are doing it in the winter when it is dark. It is the way I take home from work when it is dark because I don't drive as well at night and I try to stay off the major highways. Thank you very much DOT!

  • Riddickfield Nov 7, 2012

    So how are they going to handle traffic while the bridge is being demolished?

  • UpChuck Nov 7, 2012

    I would think being structurally deficient with the volume of traffic that passes on it daily would be enough reason to have it replaced.

  • Buddy1 Nov 7, 2012

    I blame Obama.

  • djofraleigh Nov 7, 2012

    I see this as wasted money at this time. I suppose all bridges of that era are now "functionally obsolete and structurally deficient" because there is no pull over room, concrete pitted, too much traffic, etc. Is this bridge really more important than other projects that could be done? I'm asking is it time, or why now?

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