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  • writetanisha Nov 12, 2012

    They were rude all the time...always lookin like you were bothering them smh

  • aetius476 Nov 12, 2012

    Caprina Kirkpatrick was 30 YO when they gave her the contract. No experience or qualifications except she was female and black.

    Her gender and race have no bearing on her ability to run the business, but the pandering to PC, and poor due diligence by the State leads to this type of fraud.

    Just because you fit in a protected/favored class does not mean you should not be qualified and checked out.

  • NCKen Nov 8, 2012

    This office is contracted by the state to Caprina Kirkpatrick of High Point, NC. According to state voting records, she is registered as a democrat..Go figure.

  • iwall2 Nov 8, 2012

    They were a miserable bunch and were never friendly to anyone during my visits over the years.The thief or thieves in that office will soon meet a equally miserable bunch in jail,what goes around comes around.

  • dick4sanchez Nov 8, 2012

    I also had multiple bad experiences with the staff who were rude, intentionally slow working and ignored customers until they dealt with what were clearly personal calls.

  • Smokin Nov 8, 2012

    I hated to go in the place. Rude, sullen, SLOW people behind the counter. Almost like it was bothering them to wait on you. I do all my tag renewals online but hopefully they'll straighten this out for those who need a face-to-face transaction. That particular office has been troubled in the past and even closed for a while several years ago.

  • smurfslady Nov 7, 2012

    Not all License Plate agencies are bad. They are operated by Private contractors and not State employees, which is a cost savings to the State. These agencies are monitored closely and if they mess up then they are closed.

  • dmarion2 Nov 7, 2012

    There is no "W. Estes Drive" in Chapel Hill.

    The DMV office in Chapel Hill was located inside University Mall which is located at 201 S. Estes Drive.

  • jandrew28 Nov 7, 2012

    When will North Carolina get the hint? Most states issue license plates at their respective DMV offices, same place you go to get your driver’s license, customers get one stop shopping. I have never understood how privatizing the tag office has saved the state money.

  • aetius476 Nov 7, 2012

    No surprise. This office in University Mall is staffed by the most rude, sullen people you will ever meet. Horrible customer service, slow, and nasty.

    I always thought these people were state employees. Glad they were not, it would give state workers a bad rap...

  • heelsgirl05 Nov 7, 2012

    yeah those people aren't exactly nice down there.

  • Relic Nov 7, 2012

    So much for the advantages of privatization of governmental services.

  • st5937 Nov 7, 2012

    i am a state inspector for automobiles and
    i have numerous customers that frequent chapel hill
    and say that that agency is very rude to people and will not renew
    any of there regestrations and h=give alot of excuses

  • gingerlynn Nov 7, 2012

    Let me guess, selling plates to people with NO LICENSE and NO INSURANCE. Throw the book at them so we can get these people off the road!

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