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  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Nov 14, 2012

    That's how I want my Tax dollars spent !

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Nov 14, 2012

    Get them OFF our roads !!

  • Supie Nov 8, 2012


  • Hip-Shot Nov 7, 2012

    As annoying as they are nighttime checkpoints/license checks are just as legal as daytime checks. To me though it just smells like entrapment when they set one up just down the road from a club or bar. I haven't had anything to drink in over 15 years so it doesn't bother me to pass through them... nothing to hide... just saying.

  • BoyInBlue Nov 7, 2012

    So to All of you that say that a checkpoint is an infringment of your rights, I would like you to return back to when you first got your license and that little tiny handbook you were given. Then When you signed that piece of paper right before you got your picture taken, you agreed to comply with the the laws of the state. If you go back through that handbook, IT READS clearly that the state will allow Law Enforcement Agencies to set up road blocks and check points. There for all of you that state the checkpoints are against your rights.....well you signed "your rights" away on that one. Plus Case Law allows checkpoints: State v. Veazey,  N.C. App.  , 689 S.E.2d 530, 533–34 (2009) (Veazey II)

  • CAVELADY2 Nov 7, 2012

    Talking about rights???? How about having the right to drive safely and not having to worry if the person around you is drunk or ????? If you don't have anything to hide then why do you care if they stop you?

  • sammyg Nov 7, 2012

    641 fugitives were also arrested in the campaign, and 44 stolen vehicles were recovered.

    Good grief! Sounds like they need to do this more often!

  • feddeman Nov 7, 2012

    Kudos to the cops! You say "unconstitutional"; infringing on your rights? i think not. I've seen a dead child on a highway
    amidst empty beer cans and liquor bottles in the middle of a night. Have you? What about that child's rights?. law enforcement is an evil necessity and a driver's license is a PRIVILEDGE, not a right. No, i did not cause the crash mentioned. That person died too.

  • Southern Girl Nov 7, 2012

    Names....maybe if names were included, it would have an impact.

  • working for deadbeats Nov 7, 2012

    Who knows how many lives may have been saved as a result. Checking stations are 100% illegal...regardless of what your opinion is of them.

  • Runt over again Nov 7, 2012

    I wonder exactly how many dozens and dozens of donuts were consumed during this massive unnecessary undertaking that is blatantly harassing anyone that goes through one of those so called checkpoints.

  • Pac-Man Nov 7, 2012


    The Supreme Court has unheld check points time after time. Obviously you didn't learn about the 4th amendment in Florida. Just saying.

    Besides, the stats are not from check points. Maybe 1-3% are, but that's it. They just collect data from every law enforcement agency in the state for a few days. Get it?

  • JDAmbrosio Nov 7, 2012

    Great to get the drunks off the road. And the added bonuses:

    A total of 641 fugitives were also arrested in the campaign, and 44 stolen vehicles were recovered. That's wonderful! They should have more checkpoints more of the time. (no clue how much that would cost, though)

  • mvenable Nov 7, 2012

    I agree with umpcop 100%. This is clearly unconstitutional. Regardless of results, this should not be allowed.

  • nonPC Nov 7, 2012

    umpcop...Exactly! It is such a dilema bc they can get some net gains...but it really is, in my opinion, infringing on my rights

  • not Nov 7, 2012

    No riddle about it, our rights are being diminished.

  • jlcoopson Nov 7, 2012

    Im 28 and have never driven drunk. My limit is 2 drinks(I dont drink liquor so beer or wine drinks) and after that i either have a DD or call someone to get me. I've also never had a speeding ticket or other traffic violation.

    A few years ago I was stopped at a checkpoint in Holly Springs and received a citation...for expired plates. It was on a Saturday night, well technically sunday as after midnight, and i'll never forget the date because it was November 1st (technically the 2nd). My plates had expired in October. I sat there for 20 minutes, completely clueless to why I was sitting there (the other officers would not tell me why I was getting a ticket) waiting for them to issue the citation, watching cars making u-turns to avoid the check point.

    I think these checkpoints are great...if focused on drunk drivers, fugitives, speeders, etc - not a 2 day expired registration. I can see if there were other violations, or if it had been expired 2 months or 2 years.

  • streetglide Nov 7, 2012

    the olny people that dis agree with this tactics are those they are looking for. Loose one family member to a person like this,, and maybe,, it wil all make since. I do not exactly agree with it myself,, but like others say,, 49 stolen cars, drug arrest, etc.. how can anyone disagree with the outcome!

  • map1agmachining Nov 7, 2012

    A total of 641 fugitives were also arrested in the campaign, and 44 stolen vehicles were recovered.

    Good job well done.

  • umpcop Nov 7, 2012

    Riddle me this Batman... if one police officer can't stand on a street and stop every car traveling down that street without "reasonable suspicion," how is it Constitutional for 12 or 15 police officers to stop every car traveling down a street without reasonable suspicion? I really feel that these types of checkpoints are a violation of rights. I understand the reason why they do it; I was a police officer in Florida for 10 year. To make a traffic stop on a vehicle, a police officer must have reasonable suspicion that a crime or violation is being committed; at that point, the officer can stop the vehicle. A police officer just driving down the road cannot stop vehicles just to stop them, however, they put up a bunch of orange cones, park a few cars and support vehicles and stop everyone traveling down that road at that time. To me this is a clear violation of a person's civil rights.

  • baldchip Nov 7, 2012

    Outstanding-get these dangerous drivers off the road!!

  • J-Hol Nov 7, 2012

    I'm not sure I would want to live in a place where police checkpoints were a daily fact of life, but at the same time, it's hard to argue with results like that....

  • makeitright Nov 7, 2012

    Now with all the fines they should be able to do this 24X7...

  • kateyezkateyez Nov 7, 2012

    A total of 641 fugitives were also arrested in the campaign...

    Out of 729 arrest, that's pretty impressive. Keep up the good work!

  • bellis200709 Nov 7, 2012

    With all the fines and court costs we should do this once a week to help the state budget! (Great to get these drunks off the road, at least until they drive again.)

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