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  • mikenjennifer2410 Nov 1, 2012


  • 426X3 Nov 1, 2012

    Agreed "lost in tanslation". The trend will most definetly continue if Coleman gets the job.

  • lost in translation Nov 1, 2012 we couldn't tell from Bev and Walter?

  • Offshore Nov 1, 2012

    I've read the article and it still doesn't really show the Lt Gov as being a big roll to fill. Save the taxpayers money and get rid of the position.

  • wildpig777 Nov 1, 2012

    i dont think the state of NC has had a gov nor the last 12 yrs...............

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Nov 1, 2012

    The Lieutenant Governos's office doesn't sound like a good launching pad for future Governors. If the Lieutenant Governor really doesn't do that much work, that job only trains them to be a lazy Governor... ala Bev Perdue.

  • joeBob Nov 1, 2012

    Track down overdue library books?

  • westernwake1 Oct 31, 2012

    "What does the NC lieutenant governor actually do?"

    So the correct answer is 'Nothing.... except wait for the governor to drop dead'.

    What a waste of taxpayer money.

  • Vietnam Vet Oct 31, 2012

    What does any politician do????

  • driverkid3 Oct 31, 2012

    whatelseisnew, sounds like a good idea to me also. Eliminate that job and save the money. Heaven knows, there are other things in this state that the money could helo more than for any man or woman to do nithing!

  • whatelseisnew Oct 31, 2012

    "Although I'm speaking out as a simple minded citizen, but I do believe NC residents would still continue to sleep at night knowing that there isn't a backup Governor."

    We don't actually need a Governor, nor even a President. We also would do well to no longer have a Congress. We can pay off the debt by selling California to China. The people living there will not notice any difference. After that we return the islands that make up NYC to the descendants of the indigenous people that lived there before Europeans showed up. They might not want it back now, but we can still offer it to them.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 31, 2012

    Save the money eliminate the position. We need to have a ballot vote to eliminate this position. We can not afford to pay for this kind of garbage anymore.

  • rdc42179 Oct 31, 2012

    So when Bev did it under Easley it was a waste and nothing has changed. Another example of why government isn't financially sound. Sounds like a nice way to give one of your political buddies a job with benefits. Our democratic governors are always advocating for teachers. Could have got one with a PHD for 120k

  • Honesty first Oct 31, 2012

    Based on the accusations by McCrory, the Light Gov. actually is responsible for everything that happens in the state. Has old Pat got some grand play for Forrest Grump if they both win. Will Pat give control or responsibility to Danny Forrest for anything? I doubt it

  • govcheese Oct 31, 2012

    I know it's not much in terms of State Government waste, but 120+K a year salary seems a bit displaced for a position considered by some as "ornamental." Also, I suppose you can include whatever other expenses/budgets are glued to the title. We supposedly live in a time where there's not enough money to go around to serve the best interests of the public, so why are we putting up with obsolete relics of Government tradition? Although I'm speaking out as a simple minded citizen, but I do believe NC residents would still continue to sleep at night knowing that there isn't a backup Governor.

  • North Carolina Home Oct 31, 2012

    Bev Perdue cast the tie breaker vote on the North Carolina Lottery.

    The responsibility of the Lt. Gov. to preside over the Senate and appoint board members was nullified by the Democrat Legislature during the Martin administration when Jim Gardner was Lt. Gov.

  • josephlawrence43 Oct 31, 2012

    Lyndon Johnson was asked one time 'what's it like to be the Vice President"? His response: "it ain't worth a bucket of warm spit"> I imagine the office of Lt. Gov. is pretty much on the same excitement level.

  • wtrskitiger Oct 31, 2012

    So the Democrats start slipping in the polls and this story gets picked up. Nice work WRAL. You always seem to have great timing when it comes to a Liberal agenda.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Oct 31, 2012

    Ooooooooo! A heartbeat away from the Governorship! As enticing as that seems, all one has to do is imagine Linda Coleman in that position to understand why you have that uneasy feeling every time you think about having any chance at winning. But it has worked out for other big dummies in the past. Why not this one? With this last election, obviously you don't need to know how to do anything.

  • baldchip Oct 31, 2012

    Look pretty-break a time in the Senate. Take over if the Gov/ becomes disabled or worse case-passes away.

    Contrary to most-this is an important job. Linda Coleman scares me with her blind alligance to SEANC!!

    DAN FOREST -LT. Governor
    PAT for Governor
    Romney for President

  • Screw WrAl Oct 31, 2012

    They don't DO anything.

    In Dalton's case it won't matter if had done something, he won't be the next Governor. As much as it saddens the wral crew.

  • Screw WrAl Oct 31, 2012

    From the performance of Dalton, not a thing.

    Yet another reason why he will not be our next Governor.

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