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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Nov 6, 2012

    @MartyKing, I’ve driven over half a million miles in my lifetime and the only* time that I have seen trucks “blocking both lanes of traffic on the freeway” is to keep those dangerous (and rude) drivers from passing when the lane ends ahead and then cutting in front of trucks who leave a safe following distance. Are you one of *those* people?

    *Ok, I did witness trucks performing a rolling road block on Washington D.C.’s beltway in the early 1980’s. They were protesting the lowering of the speedlimit and they just drove the **speedlimit** for about 30 minutes. All the speeders were lined up behind them for miles...crying (to the police) that these trucks were keeping them from breaking the law. WAAAHHHH !

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Nov 6, 2012

    @dunn, would you drive a car where the tires have the steel belts showing through?

    We are responsible when we drive a take prudent measures to make sure the vehicle we drive is safe. Police can ticket you if your brake lights are out, your tires are unsafe, etc. *You* get the ticket, not the vehicle owner. Guess why.

    That said, if there is something unsafe that is not "reasonably knowable", like brakes that always fail after using them 15 times in 3 minutes...THEN the driver might have a case against the vehicle owners IF it can be proven that the owners even knew about the condition.

  • bullrod002 Nov 5, 2012

    dunnn, and a couple more of you don't have your facts straight. The truck in which Joe and Larry were killed in was owned by Advantage leasing and rented by Elite. Who knows what happen in Kentucky,......not Tennessee. The report says maybe tire failure and now they say there were skid marks, before there was none. I know 2 good men died and the people left behind have no one else to blame. The comment that says they were crooks 40 yrs. ago, know so much behind this computer,....have you ever not been payed for what you hauled if you hauled for them or maybe they would'nt load your wore out truck. People comment when they nothing of whats going on really. I've dealt with them for 40 years and never have worried about my pay from them when I did my job right. Happy trails to you all.

  • Marty King Oct 30, 2012

    Truckers are always causing problems on the roadways... anywhere from rude driving by blocking both lanes of traffic on the freeway to parking wherever they please on our streets.

    When they are too busy to be rude, they are causing accidents and hurting innocent motorists. We really need to step up enforcement of these disasters.

    One thing we need to do is hold them accountable for these retreads they are littering our highways with. These things cause damage to our cars and cause accidents because truckers are too lazy to pick them up. Why not ban retreads altogether?

  • cpdtg Oct 30, 2012

    Those people in Wake Forest at that address have been involved in shady deals for 40 years I have been atrucker since 1971 and they were crooks then

  • dunnn Oct 30, 2012

    What ignorant comments on this site. My friend just bured her husband of two years last week. He died from driving this trucking company faulty trucks. Two men died and this trucking company was able to change their names after failing regulation requiremnents and stay on the road bad trucks and all. It was clearly the truck company fault and not the driver. two men died becasue of bad tires both from knightdale accident happen in tennessee

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 30, 2012

    Conservatives are right. This is just more Big Government interference and regulation that reduce corporate profit!

    When will this insanity come to an end? When will business be allowed to self-regulate?

    /sarcasm off/

  • herinbonetwil Oct 30, 2012

    The article failed to mention that a lot of our Politicians,their families and friends are in the trucking business, hence lax laws.

  • Damien Thorne Oct 30, 2012

    "Despite what the trucking industry will tell you, from what I've seen a lot of truckers are dangerous/bad drivers, with tailgating and speeding. If it were up to me, there would be more restrictions on them in the passing lane, and they'd have a lower speed limit like there was back in the 70s during the gas crisis. If that means higher transportation costs passed on to consumers, so be it."-----mountain_luver

    How about use a little common sense, there are thousands of trucks on the road daily that are not dangerous or driving dangerous trucks. The small percentage that does should not reflect upon the industry as a whole. My company deals with 30 trucks a day from multiple companies. Most of them are responsible owners/operators.

    How much more are you willing to pay for your desire to regulate them even more, when this article exposed that the regulations are being ignored and not enforced as they should be? Why not make DMV and DOT enforce them instead?

  • mountain_luver Oct 30, 2012

    Despite what the trucking industry will tell you, from what I've seen a lot of truckers are dangerous/bad drivers, with tailgating and speeding. If it were up to me, there would be more restrictions on them in the passing lane, and they'd have a lower speed limit like there was back in the 70s during the gas crisis. If that means higher transportation costs passed on to consumers, so be it.

  • pocahontas2591 Oct 30, 2012

    Why are most so Ignorant. Most miss the whole point of this story its about the company and there improper handling. The trucks weren't passing inspection. My uncle passed because of this. I really appreciate them investigating this man because him and his partner died because of a TRUCK malfunction not because they weren't good drivers. These companies change there names and DOT numbers to continue there schemes. Not just them but clubs, stores and other companies once they get a bad wind or a suit against them. They do this for a new start. Basically they sent UNSAFE trucks on the road RISKING LIVES which has caused My family and I GREAT HEARTACHE! I truly appreciate WRAL for this interview and investigation. God Bless*

  • dontstopnow Oct 30, 2012

    Hummmm interesting article. Ironic the government can tell you how to raise your kids from what they eat to how you discipline them and put you in jail if you don't comply but cant seem to enforce the regulations on this industry. yep, interesting.

  • Scubagirl Oct 30, 2012

    "You failed to explain how bad company translates to bad driver. Driver is ultimately responsible for safety does the company create a tired driver or motivated to speed driver? LocalYokel"

    There are SOOO many ways a company can do both! Yes the driver is the ultimate responsibility but many companies routinely push their drivers, tell them to keep 2 log books (1 real, 1 for DOT-YES it DOES happen), threaten w/ job loss if load not delivered by a certain time and to heck w/ rules. So yes companies DO and CAN cause this.

  • r u crazy too Oct 30, 2012

    Seems to me that we already have laws that should apply, but what we lack is enforcement of those laws. Roadside inspections result in a failure rate over 20%. Sounds like that there are a lot of unsafe vehicles out there.

  • albegadeep Oct 30, 2012

    LocalYokel, the company can create a tired driver, or motivate them to speed, by paying them by the mile or trip. Speeding or driving longer than is safe (think 15 hours straight!) means more money. Paying by the hour doesn't encourage these behaviors.

    There's no reason for there to be multiple shipping companies based from the same address. Same family in different cities, sure, but same address?

  • Wake1 Oct 30, 2012

    Doesn't seem to me that with todays technology & a few smart people, that it would be all that difficult to spot these kind of companies.

  • tarheels5 Oct 30, 2012

    In ANY profession you have the bad and the good. What I don't understand is not one time do you read an article about how thankful you are for the truck drivers that work 24/7. Do you not realize that everything you have, from your house, your clothes , your food that a truck brought it to you. If every truck in America shut down just for a few days, there would be nothing in the stores. Again, I know there are some bad companys and drivers , but NOT everybody operates this way. So remember the good trucking companys ...cause without trucks AMERICA stops. GOD bless you all!

  • AtALost Oct 29, 2012

    Only 1 comment!! It's very scary. But most people don't care until it's their loved one that gets killed. But this isn't news. There's never enough resources, people always cut corners and take advantage of the system. A few may be punished once things are brought to light, but it's back to BAU once the heat dies down.

  • mikeyj Oct 29, 2012

    This is outright scary to think about; so I won't!

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