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  • wakethezombies Oct 9, 2012

    Why do meterologists and the media in general have to put value judgments on certain weather conditions? There are many of us who feel that cooler days like TODAY are what's "pretty nice" for October! Please just state what the weather forecast without telling us what's "nice" and what's a tumble into ugliness. lol

  • UpChuck Oct 9, 2012 know roller coaster weather doesn't cause colds, right?

  • Hammerhead Oct 9, 2012

    Jacket or no jacket, that's my roller coaster. Diggin' this weather.

  • london12 Oct 9, 2012

    I don't know if I can handle these drastic changes...roller-coasters always leave me sick on the stomach!!

  • dgcreech Oct 9, 2012

    Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy this cooler weather. The Air Conditioner doesn't have to run as much, and even with a small lightweight jacket or sweater.. you are a bit more comfortable. I tell ya what though, this "Roller Coaster" of temperatures is going to be flooding the doctor offices with people with sinus infections and colds!!

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