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  • Skywatch_NC Oct 8, 2012

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    Because like other college coaches ...Coach Williams is a public figure.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Oct 5, 2012

    Glad to hear that things are going well for Coach Williams. He is being blessed from the almighty.

  • Room 101 Oct 5, 2012

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    Very true! This is great news for all no matter who you pull for.

  • BernsteinIII Oct 5, 2012

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    I'm guessing you're the one that needs to know Roy's toilet times, as they are about as important has his biopsies. That's really personal info that people really don't need to know. But if it makes you happy to read about Roy's personal issues, then I guess the rest of us are supposed to give 2 s. Ummmm, not.

  • Tarheel born Oct 5, 2012

    And great comments from opposing fans. We are ALL the enemies of cancer.

    GO HEELS!!

  • Coach K is still GREAT Oct 5, 2012

    Haven't read the article yet, the healine says it all!!!
    I'm SO glad that everything went well coach!!!!!!!

  • LordHelpUsAll Oct 5, 2012

    Whew! Thank goodness! So glad you will be back in the saddle very soon... where you belong!

  • baldchip Oct 5, 2012

    OUTSTANDING-great news for all fans!!! God bless you coach!!

    GO PACK!!

  • lec02572 Oct 5, 2012

    So glad to hear the good news!!! Can't wait to see you during basketball season.

    Go Pack!

  • dsalter Oct 5, 2012

    That's great news! I wish him well.

  • Tarheel born Oct 5, 2012

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    There's a special place for people like you rookie. And why do YOU want to know when Coach Roy relieves himself AND takes a shower? What kind of feelings do you have?

    Normal people are happy for anyone who is told they are cancer free whether it be family or friend. So get a life.

    GO HEELS!!

  • Tarheel born Oct 5, 2012

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    I agree. Really a pathetic statement.

    GREAT news for Coach Roy, his family and his extended family!

    GO HEELS!!

  • heelsforever Oct 5, 2012

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    Really uncalled for. Save the smack for another story.

  • ttc248 Oct 5, 2012

    Awesome news! Thanks, WRAL, for sharing this bright spot.

  • Skywatch_NC Oct 5, 2012

    As for immaannoid, its nice to have some happy news :-) ...when so much news is negative!

  • Skywatch_NC Oct 5, 2012

    Fantastic news indeed for Coach Williams, his family, friends, and college basketball fans!! :D

  • BernsteinIII Oct 5, 2012

    Seriously??? This is news??? WRAL, you need a life.

    Hey, why don't you report to us when he goes pee? Takes a shower? .

  • shanemane1986 Oct 5, 2012

    I defintiely know how relieving that is to hear "You do not have cancer."

  • wyoming Oct 5, 2012

    Awesome news for the Coach and his family.

    Go Duke!

  • StunGunn Oct 5, 2012

    Great news! So happy for Roy, his family, and his basketball "family". Looking forward to basketball season.

  • Zaknow Oct 5, 2012

    Good luck to Roy! Health is so very important!

  • dawgwillhunt Oct 5, 2012

    Happy to hear

  • spectician Oct 5, 2012

    Glad for the update... best of wishes to Roy and his family. ( yes, I've been a Duke fan for 45 of my 52 years !)

  • slayerhil Oct 4, 2012

    Fantastic news!

  • PacknoPride Oct 4, 2012

    I guess thrul with Packnopride will be disappointed.

  • VT1994Hokie Oct 4, 2012

    As a VT grad and son a grad of UNC... it's great news for Roy. Life and health is what it is all about anyway. I still think about Dean Smith too.

  • rastubar Oct 4, 2012

    As a WolfPack fan: Glad to hear the good news for Roy. I hate Cancer. Tired of losing family to "C".

  • mxteam44 Oct 4, 2012

    Great news! Now rest and get ready for Late Night with Roy!!!!

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