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  • jblake1932 Oct 5, 2012

    Great to hear. Jeremiah is a great teacher. I listen to him on the radio all the time.

  • Whosays Oct 5, 2012

    This was free to whoever wanted to go - piene2
    , no one tried to shove you in there.

  • Whosays Oct 5, 2012

    Wonderful last night, I really enjoyed it. Just sorry someone had to be selfish and call out like they did during prayer, so rude, but you handled it beautifully Dr. Jeremiah!

  • Stormy13 Oct 5, 2012

    piene2: My prayers are with you and I sincerely pray that you feel "the need" and "find" your GOD. I have found mine and HE is truly awesome!

  • baldchip Oct 5, 2012

    Piene2-there is only 1 God!! He might be worth your checking him out!!

    David Jeremiah is a great preacher-and a good man. His book-"Exposing the 10 myths of Parenthood" is fantastic. My Sunday School Class spent over 6 months in that book. I'm a better parent for it.

    Wish I could have gone last night.

  • puzzled Oct 5, 2012

    piene - I wish you could have been there last night. What a great service. You could have even felt the Holy Spirit at work. You have to accept the gift before it can be yours. You are in my prayer today. God love YOU, He always, He always will. Praying for you!

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