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  • biglukeman Oct 5, 2012

    Where is the global warming now guys? Snow already in the mid-west man its so funny what people say! Wooh man am i loving this weather!

  • Stormy13 Oct 4, 2012

    Weather looking better and better for the NC State Fair to begin next Thursday afternoon!!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed it stays GREAT for the entire 10 days!

  • Crabbit Cratur Oct 3, 2012

    Hopefully it stays warm till about midnight Saturday....the Florida State Game will be over by then....though if the Wolfpack play like they did last week then it might be over by 9 :(

  • Obamacare has risen Oct 3, 2012

    Mon Account, you sure you didn't "wet" the tent?

  • Mon Account Oct 3, 2012

    I went camping in early September. "Gorgeous weekend" was a rain-soaked tent. Granted weather predicting is just predicting but ya gotta be at least as close as Miss Cleo!

  • hmmmmm Oct 3, 2012

    Go away already summer! Haven't you figured out yet that I don't like you?

  • jblake1932 Oct 3, 2012

    Gallbury: Exactly. One day the temps are forecast high, the other day forecast low. The Chief even said Mon. that one model was saying 88 and the other said 44, so he stated that he was going with 66 for the high. Geez!

  • gallbury Oct 3, 2012

    Everyday the Wral weather center continues to tack on "better forecast" days that, they say, are still coming. Maybe if "they" guess long enough it will eventually come true, but when and if it does, it certainly won't be through any applied meteorological knowledge of the present weather conditions.

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