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  • homefree Sep 20, 2012

    The stink from Chapel Hill is getting worse. Something is going on behind doors that only Thorp knows about and is sick of it. This guy is no cheater. Lets get on it some investigative reporting.

  • tgawronski Sep 20, 2012

    Let him go, already.

  • rroadrunner99 Sep 20, 2012

    Now I think Tom Ross should be next to resign. UNC need's to clean house of everyone involved in the mess that is STILL being uncovered.If it means BOT'S and BOG'S, then so be it.I think that all of the above should have been a lot more fourth coming when the investigation started!Since that didn't happen, now let the chip's fall where they may.

  • superman Sep 20, 2012

    If he stays he should make sure that all travel is approved. No one gets a blank signed check anymore. Having travel approved by someone is standard accounting practice. None of it would have happened had he checked the travel.

  • unc70 Sep 20, 2012

    Good summary, Jerry Salak. I agree with you.

  • Tarheel born Sep 20, 2012

    JERRYSALAK............well said and I agree. I would like to see him stay as well and finish the job of cleaning up the mess that was here long before he took over. Then his legacy will be etched in stone.
    UNC '75

  • Tarheel born Sep 20, 2012

    The BOG DIDN'T accept anything. Chancellor Thorpe submitted his resignation.

    Try reading the articles and actually comprehending them.

  • jerrysalak Sep 19, 2012

    Part 2. WUNC radio also had a good story by Dave DeWitt did an excellent story yesterday (Sept 18) which covered the facts well. If you review both of those, you'll understand better that Thorp uncovered problems and addressed them well. Not perfectly or with perfect timing - he admits hat - but well. Chancellor's don't control everything that happens at a University, but they can fix things when they go wrong - and that's what Chancellor Thorp is doing. And I hope he reconsiders and decides to stay and keep on doing just that.

  • jerrysalak Sep 19, 2012

    To jmwbrd - It's easy to confuse the boards. The Board of Governors of the state-wide University of North Carolina met last week and asked him over the weekend to stay. The Board of Trustees of UNC at Chapel Hill campus met today and asked him to stay. This was an emergency meeting. Their regular meeting is next week. The faculty met yesterday and asked him to stay. The staff and students are holding a rally of support outside his office on Friday. And emails from alumni and others have been pouring in all week asking Chancellor Thorp to stay. The majority of people want him to stay. I would wager that everyone who is informed on the issues wants him to stay. The only ones calling for his resignation are those who don't have a good understanding of the issues. And I think that's because most of the news coverage has focused too much on sensational aspects of the issues and too little on the plain facts. Two exceptions - yesterday's (Sept 18) N&O editorial covered the facts

  • storchheim Sep 19, 2012

    Is this some twisted joke?

  • FAN72 Sep 19, 2012

    I must admit that I am somewhat confused. Didn't his announcement come after the board met over the weekend to work out the details of his leaving the position? Was this all a charade in order to drum up an outpouring of support?

  • chouseworth Sep 19, 2012

    It's a mutual admiration society of incompetents. If he is talked into staying, UNC will see a very significant loss of support, including financial support, among a significant portion of the alumni base, me included.

  • dws Sep 19, 2012

    "It looks like we need to replace all board members. Thorpe actions, in-actions, and decision made it clear to those on the outside that the man wasn't qualified for the position of Chancellor."

    The REAL question is to what extent were Thorp's hands tied by the RAM's Club/BOG/BOT? THAT answer would be very revealing, IMO.

  • rayraynral Sep 19, 2012

    They accepted his resignation and now they want him to reconsider?!?! What a dysfunctional gang.

  • wilsurto Sep 19, 2012

    It looks like we need to replace all board members. Thorpe actions, in-actions, and decision made it clear to those on the outside that the man wasn't qualified for the position of Chancellor. Now it looks like we have an incompetent board of trustees. It's obvious they have been drinking the light blue kool aid and can see no wrong in their Chancellor. Can you imagine what would have happened if Bush 43 had kept Mike Brown on as Director of FEMA? Any Board Members who would give such a vote of confidence is obviously out of touch and is part of the problem with the University. Thorp and the BOT need to be replaced immediately, if not, I'm afraid we will see more embarrassment for the University down the road. The only way to have change is to make make.

  • Incognito Sep 19, 2012

    @superman... Holden was the Dean of Arts and Sciences which has how many departments that fall within it's purview? I don't know an exact number but it's fair to say "alot". The job of the Dean is not to run individual departments, oversee the specific curriculum for each class or note attendance for classes in each of these departments. If you thought that was part of the job, you are severely mis-informed. The fault for the classes debacle falls squarely on the department head and anyone in the department or advisors that knew of the problem and chose to remain silent. While the hire of Ms. Hansborough was not well advised, since she did not report to Kupec directly there was not a heck of alot he could do about that. No nepotism rules/laws were broken for the position she was hired for. Kupec and Hansbrough are the individuals responsible for the actions they took. Do you think it's the Chancellors job to review all the travel that takes place at the University? No, I thin

  • superman Sep 19, 2012

    Incognito Thorp was in charge of the program that allowed students to do those course that amounted to nothing. He hired them. He also approved Kupecs girlfriend for the job when he knew that they were in a relationship. He traveled with the two of them on several occasions and he knew what was going on. Finally he didnt review and approve Kupec's travel. Had he done so it would have been stopped immediately. No one should be able to submit travel without an approval from someone. North Carolina is sure enough beginning to look more and more like Mississippi.

  • carolinablueline Sep 19, 2012

    Why won't they allow him to keep some dignity on the way out? The guy might be a brilliant person and a great friend, but he's made some big mistakes and made the many scandals during his watch worse.

    Its clearly time for a change, for change's sake if nothing else. I wonder if some of these people have secret reasons for wanting to keep him around.

  • rmontgomery3 Sep 19, 2012

    If Chancellor Thorp is so undecided about his decision to leave he should call Bobby Cremins !! U seen Cremins ???????

  • thewayitis Sep 19, 2012


  • Boogalooboy Sep 19, 2012

    Yep, pretty embarassing

  • jrfergerson Sep 19, 2012

    Why - perhaps they still need someone to throw under the bus when push comes to shove on what other courruption has been going on there.

  • Incognito Sep 19, 2012

    @superman... How exactly did Thorp create the mess?

  • superman Sep 19, 2012

    Thorp needs to go. Can we also ask the Board of Governors to resign? Thorp created all the mess. I think the Board and the faculty should resign in mass.

  • westernwake1 Sep 19, 2012

    The circus continues...

  • bdaughtry2 Sep 19, 2012


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