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  • jdiffenderfer Aug 27, 2012

    I am proud to work for Carolina Seafood!

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 27, 2012

    I think the guy at least needs a pat on the back.

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 27, 2012

    Wait a minute. Something is wrong with this picture. There's a company potentially moving to Durham that will create "19" jobs to which the company wants "incentives" to relocate or build. This guy put's 50 people to work and received what in assistance? NOTHING!!

  • jdupree Aug 27, 2012

    The owner took no-zero government assistance. This is one of those folks who Obama said "You did not build that business". Obama is not good for America. He wants everyone to settle for the "new normal" rather than working for the American Dream.

  • superman Aug 27, 2012

    Why is it that people just naturally assume that the government should help them. It is his business and I just dont see my tax money going to rebuild it for him. By the way I have never had any help from the government. If you choose not to have insurance its your problem.

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 27, 2012

    @crash247 it is very unlikely he didn't carry insurance. If the property was still mortgaged he would be required to carry it. If it was paid off then he could afford to carry it. No smart business is not going to protect his investment.

    @boneymaroney I have no idea where Bush's stimulus package money went or Obama's. Good question

  • NCredulous Aug 27, 2012

    I have the great good fortune of having known Mr. Henries and his father Etless. They, and the hardy souls like them are a solid anchor on an ever shifting shore. They rebuilt their business because their DNA would not allow them to do anything differently. But remember, they didn't do that alone. Nosiree.

  • North Carolina Cutie Aug 27, 2012

    He never said he didn't use his insurance maybe he didn't need help from the government

  • Scare Crow Aug 27, 2012

    thanks to Ken Smith for this story. Need more like 'em.

  • alwaysconcernedmom Aug 27, 2012

    Kudos for him for rebuilding and providing jobs for his neighbors! Too bad the people that were in katrina can't learn a lesson from this man!

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 27, 2012

    "Ummm, I wouldn't think that government would be responsible to help in this situation. Unless it was infrastructure related." or green related, or union related, or NAE related?? Just where did all OUR stimulus money go?

  • aetius476 Aug 27, 2012

    Why wouldn't the "compassionate one" Obama bail this guy out, give him entitlement benefits, or a "stimulus" grant?

    Oh, that's right, this man is actually working for a living, and trying to do the right thing as a productive citizen.

    Never mind...

  • muggs Aug 27, 2012

    Just from the picture it is esay to see why Obama would not offer any help, but good for this man, he showed others what we are capable of, not taking handouts.

  • crash2478 Aug 27, 2012

    This man probably couldn't afford the cost of insurance. The taxes on coastal properties is enought to put anyone in the poor house and on top of that just regular insurance won't cover flood or storm surge dammage. That's another policy to pay for and it's cost is outrageous. I hope the GOP gets ahold of this story and shoves it up obamanations rear.

  • FlySwater Aug 27, 2012

    news report - "No government aid came to help repair and reopen the business. But that didn't stop the owner of the Beaufort County crab-processing company from picking up the pieces."

    So, you're saying he did build that?

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 27, 2012

    Oh and I hope his insurance wasn't held by AIG.

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 27, 2012

    Ummm, I wouldn't think that government would be responsible to help in this situation. Unless it was infrastructure related. Although, the article seems a little misleading, like the man lost a company and rebuilt it with no assistance. Which would be totally false, unless he is just not a wise business man. I would be sure he held insurance on the business/company.

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 27, 2012

    HEY!!!! AND PUT 50 PEOPLE BACK TO WORK! Nomination for Tar Heel of the year.

  • Obamacare returns yet again Aug 27, 2012

    Mmmm......give me a cold beer and some crab legs.....

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 27, 2012

    Now THIS is the type story that should be in the news. By the way, did you notice the quote, ". . . he's proud to have rebuilt his business without taking a single dime in government aid"? So, just who DID build this business?

  • cwood3 Aug 27, 2012

    This man gets my nomination for the "Tar Heel of the Year"!!
    Talk about having a responsibility to his employees and too the community. Wow!!

    And did not need 1 bit of government to rebuild. What a story!!
    See-it can be done without government!!

  • aetius476 Aug 27, 2012

    Its too bad Prez O'bama cannot understand what this true american is talking about.

    O'bama's disdain and dismissiveness of private enterprise and success is sickening. The only value he places on priveate enterprise is as a piggybank to fund his socialist welfare state giveaways.

    Don't tell this guy "You didn't build that!". In all fairness, I should not expect a community organizer, former ACORN attorney, and career party hack to have any clue about business.

  • andywaskey Aug 27, 2012

    This is the epitome of the American Dream and it's rebirth. This story made my week!!!

  • BigOski Aug 27, 2012

    Great story, especially the part about being proud not having to lien on Uncle Sam. This guy is a great example of what entrepeneurs do and worry about. Putting other's to work is part of their game plan.

  • andywaskey Aug 27, 2012

    great story, I guess YOU DID BUILD THIS!!!!

  • bilge53 Aug 27, 2012

    The government didn't build this business or rebuild it.

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