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  • etheridge2006 Jan 17, 2007

    To parents of teenagers - KNOW WHERE YOU KIDS ARE AT ALL TIMES AND KNOW WHO THEIR FRIENDS ARE. This is a tragic event indeed and my prayers are with the family who lost their son. But, its when parents don't pay attention to their children's lives and friends that unfortunate things happen. I'm not saying that these folks aren't good parents - I'm certainly not. But I do try to instruct my children of the importance of making good decisions. This young boy did not make a good decision when he got into a car with someone who had been drinking. Parents must be firm with their children and limit who their friends are, where they go, what they do, and what they wear. God has given us the responsibility for the safety and well-being of our children.

  • Wolfman456 Jan 16, 2007

    I am a student at Wakefield, a senior and I knew all three of the kids in that car. Personally, I have had enough. Six deaths is to many for a year.

    A lot of kids at Wakefield don't have curfews and their parents let them stay out all night. Personally, I never believed in curfews until today. The know curfew rule is the parents fault. I don't care if your eighteen because frankly we've shown that we aren't grown up yet. The way students get beer and liquor usually involves an older friend or an older sibling. The people buying the alcohol are over twenty one and they should know better.

    But, the biggest problem at Wakefield High is that even thou my classmates have heard about the accidents, they haven't learned. One definition of stupidy is the inability to learn from experiance. We've been hit by the third wreck and personally, I'm tired of the funerals. This crap needs to stop now now friends before someone else gets hurt.

  • chrisschriss25 Jan 16, 2007

    this is to all you adults who think you have teens figured out and teeznu1970 -at- hotmail -dot- com. for starters teeznu1970 sadiki wasnt the driver. he was one of those passengers you are so thankful wasnt hurt. next time read the article more carefully. and for you to say you feel no sympathy for his family makes you heartless. if you have ever lost a loved one in a tragedy you would have never even thought that. furthermore to all you adults asking where our parents are, kids arent the only ones who make mistakes, let me generalize adults and say you had a terrible upbringing in the 60's because there are grown men killing there four year olds. what you dont seem to understand is the majority of teen deaths you hear in the news are accidents while the adults are killing one another. dont judge us. adults not perfect either. --RIP sadiki i have always been on your side and i always will be

  • gigihan7 Jan 15, 2007

    I remember when I was a teen and driving. Common sense is overruled by the "it can't happen to me, I'm too young to die, I'm invincible, I can handle this" mentality. Maturity and hard reality of life will help, but sometimes isn't the whole answer to deter this behavior. I was hit by a car (as a pedestrian) when I was 15 and saved by the Grace of God. The driver was a 16 year old who just got a brand new car for his 16th birthday and came around a corner too fast. Reality hit hard for both of us that day, but not for those around us who knew of our accident. There continued to be bad accidents and deaths involving kids from both our high schools. Now, as a nurse, I see some pretty horrible stuff resulting from that very attitude and behavior described above. My kids aren't driving yet, and the only thing I know to do is make them aware that this attitude exists and of all my experiences, personal and professional, but then, what does Mom know?

  • They call me CATMAN Jan 15, 2007

    This is sad. The driving age is still to low in this state. But the message needs to get out about Drinking and Driving. This is a tragic event that need not happen. Life is too short and we need not to gamble with it.

  • TeeZnU Jan 15, 2007

    Theres no sympathy for the parents or family of that boy.With him being old enough to know better, it's just a good thing the passengers didn't pay the same price. It's a matter of time before someone like that takes a whole family. There needs to be more intervention by parents. I've sat back and watched report after report about how another group of teen(s) died in a car wreck, it's time for some changes, time for parents to take the keys, kids are not as innocent as they used to be.

  • rwhitebear Jan 15, 2007

    So many losses, but virtually no coverage of where the alcohol came from. Where where the parents? Someone provided the alcohol and the place for the party, so why no coverage from this viewpoint. I have raised 3 kids and I know within my own neighborhood people that close their eyes to these parties or believe if they let the kids party at their homes at least they know where they are. Time for parents to PARENT!!!

  • A_Patriot Jan 15, 2007

    It's sad what has happened to these and countless other kids (anyone remember the 540 accident a few years ago?) There are grief counselors, memorials on the side of the road, candlelight vigils, all the pomp and circumstance that goes with a sad, tragic situation. I pray for the safety and good common sense of my children, once they reach that age.

    That said, I can't avoid this question: WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!? WHERE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY?!? As bad as this situation is, choices were made and consequences were meted out accordingly.

  • bldegeorge Jan 15, 2007

    When will they learn. How many children have to die, how many families have to be torn apart before they learn. Are our children's attention spans so short that they have to keep killing each other with alchol beore it sinks in. Again my prayers go to the families students and ems that had to deal with this needless tragedy AGAIN. God Bless you all.

  • lorabora84 Jan 15, 2007

    I wish that one day, teenagers will learn to slow down! I went to Leesville High and one of my friends died in the 2001 accident on 540. It seems like every year it happens and it is so tragic. I drive through Wakefield frequently and never would have thought that would be a dangerous spot on the road. Everything is dangerous when inexperience, speed, and alcohol mix. All the families have my sympathies.

  • Top Dog Jan 15, 2007


  • citizen Jan 15, 2007

    Don't they teach drivers ed at wakefield hs?

  • brittneyandgregg Jan 15, 2007

    Omg, This has to be so hard for wakefield students, im a student at wake forest and of course the schools are known for hating each other but at times like these all we can do is show love for one another. Something like this is so tragic and even worst for the school and students. i really hope it wakes a lot of us teens up that death has no age and our life is so... precious. i pray for the school as well as the famlies.

  • bobbyj Jan 15, 2007

    so sad.

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