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  • Objective Scientist Jul 11, 2012

    "Naacp and the democommies have a hard time with losing--dont they???" - post by josephlawrence43
    July 10, 2012 12:31 p.m.

    This type of rhetoric is THE greatest problem we face today! GROW UP Mr. Lawrence! BTW - I'm neither a member of the NAACP nor am I a democommie. I am first and foremost an American! Politically I am a very INDEPENDENT Independent.

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 11, 2012

    They're not that crazy, they know they're going to make money off the tax payers and continue to do so for awhile now. Yet many average NC citizens complain about waste of tax dollars continue to support these parties. Wake up, they don't repersent your best interest. Register and vote as an independent and help take back our goverment.

  • Nothing New Jul 10, 2012

    When the GOP used taxpays funds to pay the attorneys they made all NC taxpayers the "CLIENT" in this Attorney/Client Privilege mess. No brainer, they use my money, I want to see everything, as I am a Client!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josephlawrence43 Jul 10, 2012

    naacp and the democommies have a hard time with losing--dont they???

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