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  • barbstillkickin May 9, 2012

    The whole culture of entitled public employment has to be changed. All you hear from them is "we have not had a raise in 3 years!", blah, blah.... aetius476 THAT WOULD BE 8 YEARS BLAH BLAH BLAH. SO BEFORE YOU WHINE GET YOUR FACTS. The small person who gets no money is not the one not doing their job BLAH BLAH. It is the upper so called people who have no clue as to what they are even suppose to do. I worked for DMV and I can assure you the lowest paid people knew three times as much as their bosses. All of State departments are in a mess. Husband works for state and he does more work by noon then his boss does all week and when ever there is a problem they all go to my husband for a answer including his boss who makes four times what he makes so BLAH BLAH BLAH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • barbstillkickin May 9, 2012

    Really some one is finally speaking about something that is old old old news. Our unemployment office is run by people who only care about how many of each race is working there. I am so tired of these government offices more concerned about how many whites and blacks they have employed and not look at the real picture. How many employees know what they are doing. I could not believe when I heard prisoners were still collecting unemployment. I guess I am use to the north who only hires people who are experienced not what race they are.

  • ycbsysmf May 9, 2012

    Don't blame the worker bees. That's like blaming a snake for being a snake. They didn't hire themselves. DES' problems start at the top. The heads of divisions and departments have for many years now have discouraged employee accountability, buried their heads in the sand when it comes to dealing with problems, and generally not been competent or decisive enough to make the decisions that need to be made. Here are some quotes from various DES managers I've heard about: "We are the EMPLOYMENT Security Commission. We are supposed to hire people, not fire them" - this was regarding disciplining an employee that would've been fired 10 times over in the private sector for what they were getting away with at DES. "I've learned that if you leave a problem alone, it usually solves itself" - this was regarding an issue that needed attention, but the manager was too lazy to deal with it. With comments like these from the people in charge, none of these reports should be suprising.

  • USN Vet May 8, 2012

    After reading many of these comments, I think I'm in "whine" country now.

  • boogerntcsmom May 8, 2012

    No surprise to me... My husband was unemployed for six months in 2011. He had been laid off from his job. After being told he was eligible for benefits not once did he ever receive them. It made it very difficult on us because I was on disability and had to pay $1000/month for medical insurance but only receieve $1300/month in disability benefits. Those that need it can't get it and those that aren't eligible continue to receive benefits... More of who you know politics/benefits...

  • almagayle50 May 8, 2012

    ncpilot2, I'm not sure the Department of Revenue operates all that well. I reported a medicaid provider agency that works all over the state for improperly not withholding taxes. They didn't really seem concerned.

  • robbij10 May 8, 2012

    I have a degree and 15+ years business experience...I've applied for 18...yes 18 jobs at ES and can not even get an interview.....So you tell me what the problem is!

  • michele21179 May 8, 2012

    typical State, County, City, Federal incompentence.

  • driverkid3 May 8, 2012

    What party has been in control for all these years and had a chance to change it? Why didn't they change it? They let it go on and on.

    Where shady money is involved, it seems like the dems are up to it to their elbows.

  • lunarmodule May 8, 2012

    gordonwjackson, I agree with you! I have owned a small business for almost 25 years, paying into the unemployment system, which I had no problem with. Only two claims over twenty five years! Last month, I received my new went from $500 per quarter to almost $3000. I was planning to hire another employee but now I really can't afford to. Something is not right with this program.

  • aetius476 May 8, 2012

    "If you want better oversight of something, you need to either have more or better people looking at it. Both cost money." - bill0

    That is just what we need Bill, more layers of bureaucracy. Watchers watching the watchers, more levels of management, more reviews, committees, etc.

    The whole culture of entitled public employment has to be changed. All you hear from them is "we have not had a raise in 3 years!", blah, blah....

    Better to fire the whole bunch and contract these functions out to the private sector at competetive bids.

    Supporting this bunch of incompetitn hangers on is a burden to the taxpayer.

  • ncpilot2 May 8, 2012

    It should be a concern to ALL N.C. citizens that the only state agencies that operate with any efficiency at all or the ones that serve the state itself, not it's citizens, i.e. the Dept. of Revenue. The ones that are supposed to serve citizens fail incredibly. And yet, many of you think the government is the answer to our problems. Incredible.

  • storchheim May 8, 2012

    Angelienna, you can report all you want to, but I doubt the ESC will pursue it. The State Revenue system should talk to ESC should talk to DSS should talk to DHHS, but that would require people to stay past 5, so it won't happen. Or if it does, it'll be done by cheap Indian programmers led by those who are just counting the days to retirement.

    If you mean someone's working for cash and saying they didn't work, IDK what you do about that. It won't show up on a 1040 either, so all I can think of is reporting the employer.

    You can lead that ESC mule to water, but it'll kick you in the skull - after its smoke break is over - if you try to get it to drink.

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    angelienna,So who would know more about the tax information,certainly not an individual but the departments mentioned,you are correct in your comment but that would be exposed not by a private citizan but the branches mentioned and should be pretty current as each year this information is made available by these same departments of the government,if that be the case why does it take so long for these people to be brought up on charges,my point being I guess is that no one should have to turn anyone in,the government has all this information at their fingertips,and this should be their job not some paid informant.

  • angelienna May 8, 2012

    not really defamation of character. If someone believes this has happened several things must occur. 1. They must have collected UE benefits. If so, look at tax returns. If money was 1099 for example or w-2 and UE benefits for majority of the year then something does not add up. Income must be deducted weekly from UE benefits. otherwise you are getting paid twice and that is fraud. that money could go to someone else who needs it.

  • sunshine1040 May 8, 2012

    What do you exect from an agency that has no leadership gets the lowest bidder to buy computers from and the program them not the most competent then hires friends and family to work . You get what you pay for in this case we paid for incompetent people and we do not have safegurd in place so we can fire them.

  • awomnsptofview May 8, 2012

    ESC and DSS are the worst 2 agencies in NC.. They answer to no one and are the poorest run.. I say privatize...

  • OneLove May 8, 2012

    intentionally or unintentionally" committed fraud. ---> UNintentional fraud would be accidently reporting the NET amount earned instead of GROSS. INtentional fraud is certifying, week after week, stating you have not worked and earned any money; therefore, getting a full check.

  • pm2 May 8, 2012

    The another mis runned governement agency accountable to NO ONE....

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    angelienna, If what you propose starts happening it will be interesting to see,you have one person accusing another anonymously,yet if that statement is found to be invalid can the accused sue the informant,who they have no idea who it is for defamation of charactor,you do bring up a good point and will interesting to see brother turn on brother,especially if rewards are at stake,this may just go way too far and get out of hand,causing more harm than good,but interesting it will be.

  • angelienna May 8, 2012

    So if you think you know someone who might have "intentionally or unintentionally" committed fraud. How do you report them anonymously of course?

  • OneLove May 8, 2012

    I do have to agree that it shouldn't take all those rounds of 'training'. No matter the difficulty, surely it is not rocket-science. If they can't do the job efficiently within 90 days, let them go and get someone who can.

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    storchheim,You do have a valid point,but in the line of work I was in which was the construction industry the job descriptions were pretty clear,and I did always give a week and sometimes longer for one to prove their worth,as you may be correct in your opinions some lines of work differ,I have also been on the receiving end of being promised scope of job and it turned out to be quite different,so there are certain circumstances that would make evaluations to be made abit different,but as I have stated the construction business like any other is an ever changing and requires those who want to excel to stay in tune with the industry,some employees just wanted to stagnate and not respond to change and or safety,and in this industry that is required and most who venture into to it know there is no real easy money so many do just try to exist,with us that was not long.

  • OneLove May 8, 2012

    lol @ "fire this dude, because he just come up with a solution monday...." RIGHT!!!

  • OneLove May 8, 2012

    Surely your average employee has ZERO control over the "system" itself. Unemployment doesn't work because claimants can collect for WAYYY longer than they should, but I wouldn't think its a staff issue. Sounds like a "we need to rewrite Unemployment Law" issue

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    Are they going to hire more to help the ones they have,and who will train them,the ones being replaced,sound like a circle that will never end,they also hire by quota not qualification,you know so many of those,so many of them,a few of these,on and on,a trial period should be installed,with no benefit package until a set time period is set in place,and 90 days does not cut it,5 years to be fully due benefits and only entitled to years of service after that,terms of employment are far to short to let them get benefits that are taxpayer backed,sorry but thats what comes with the job,take it or leave it,we the taxpayers are your employer not the lump at the cubicle in the back of the office space,we hold their time card also.

  • early exit Roy May 8, 2012

    It's the same old bull. Some of our appointed state employees and some that are hired due to reasons other than smarts are at it again. I think the last 15 years has been under democratic control, governors, house and senate. That is the same old stuff also. Somebody has to be held accountable. I think budgets for those agencies should be cut commensurate to the loss. We are the Louisana of the upper south.

  • storchheim May 8, 2012

    muggs, re your "non functioning emps" post, I could note that some employers lie as well, not so much about pay but about what's expected (interview for peon job, find out after being hired I'm expected to supervise others, lead projects, work weekends) and I'd bet it's getting worse in this "buyers" mkt.

    But the bigger point is, the more UE people, the more job security for ESC. And people do tend to look out for their own. Love to know whether any characteristics your nonfunctioners had, they may have had in common with the typical ESC staffer. Some people have their own agendas and getting reparations seems to be a popular one - and not just at ESC. Saw it all the time on MARTA in Atlanta too.

  • jmf1073 2.0 May 8, 2012

    lol at the half wits thinking Repuplicans are going to come in and clean up government waste and innefficiency.

  • too-obvious May 8, 2012

    fire this dude, because he just come up with a solution monday.... come on give me a break. should have found the problems on their own AND should have been working on it a long time ago. just sit and collect his check

  • gswalker51 May 8, 2012

    C'mon now...just because they can't pay those who deserve unemployment and overpaid those who didn't deserve is that considered "broken"? That's called business as usual by government standards. Ridiculous.

  • fatchanceson May 8, 2012

    Let's see... passed 2/120 quality checks over the last 15 years... and we're not just hearing about it!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    The government wants small businesses to hire,yet when they fire it is them that are held responsible,not the employee who was let go,I never owned my own business but was a superintendent for many years and let several non functioning I call them,employees go,always had to have conference calls or some red tape that the ones dismissed used to gain unemployment benefits,rarley,even though when hired knew what they were hired for and after showing inability to perform after a breakin period,I would let them go,would have never hired them had they not lied about their knowledge,this is where it is unfair for employers,they are stuck paying either way,and even though it was not my company I did feel a sense of responsibility to get them the best employees,just some did not work out so down the road I had to send them,right into the waiting arms of ESC.

  • bgcoving May 8, 2012

    Hopefully the GOP-controlled legislature will eliminate this useless bureau. After all, all those unemployed people just need to go out and get a job!And soon, with the Cardinal McCrory in the State House and the Prophet Mittens in the White House, those jobs will be falling from heaven like manna!

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy May 8, 2012's a government run agency that works on the same principals that all the rest of them do. People with no fear of losing thier job, come to work and go home, and really are never accountable for anything in between. This is brought to you by the same people that soon will be standing in the way of your health unless Obama is shown the door in November.

  • storchheim May 8, 2012

    "hope the now Republican controlled legislature, combined with Republicans winning the Gov's office this fall, finally gets this horrendous mess and waste of taxpayer's money cleaned up quickly."

    I think I have an inspiration for a new resume theme! "Hard-headed, had enough, knows what to do and can't wait to do it!" At this point I'd do it for free, as long as mgt was kept away from me and those who chose not to cooperate were fired without benefits.

    Which makes me think...for me the problem was not the salary, benes or outdated, drafty, shabby building. It was the cruelty, laziness, waste, dishonesty and incompetence - both at mgt's level and below (fully recognized and rewarded by mgt) that took the years off my life.

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    gordonwjackson,Pretty simple solution,have had that same experience years ago,I could not agree with you more.

  • WooHoo2You May 8, 2012

    The NC Employment Agency is a classic example of type of government you get after many years of Democrats in Power. I hope the now Republican controlled legislature, combined with Republicans winning the Gov's office this fall, finally gets this horrendous mess and waste of taxpayer's money cleaned up quickly. WGCFV

    Yeah, let’s see this turnaround after the 'slash and burn' tactics of the GOP…

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    Silence is the word of the day for many of these state and federal agencies,a self protective layer of unspoken rules that are enforced by fellow employees,it's gone on for years in almost any taxpayer funded job,if it does not impact them they feel no need to rock the boat,I,m quite sure we have many energetic,highly motivated employees in these branches,problem is they are swimming with sharks who would care not to disturb the waters in which they swim,they are the only employed people who are not responsible to those that pay their salaries,it's not as if you can just stop doing business with them if they fail to satisfy or give you poor service,not really sure of when this feeling of we do as we please came about,but many of those that are handing out unemployment benefits should really be on the short term receiving end,I would hope to see some of these cases of fraud exposed and who allowed it,the woman that got 30k may have done wrong but who allowed it,seems as if she and the E

  • Action37 May 8, 2012

    As an employer I have seen first hand some of the incompetence, fraud and abuse in this agency. An entry level employee quits as a no-call, no-show. They file for unemployment benefits. The company disputes the claim on the basis that work was available and the employee simply quit. The company's initial appeal is denied and have to re-appeal, have hearings, etc. Long process and often they eventually award in favor of the former employee. This is a total abuse of the system. It also also a burden that small businesses in NC should not have to deal with. The NC system places no burden on the claimants whatsoever, so they all try to game the system. If an employer proves they were a no-call no-show or walked off the job, it should be "end of story" ...not the start of a lengthy appeals process as the claimant works every angle they can.

  • zonk May 8, 2012

    This is quite typical for a governmental agency. I know people who work for State government as many of you do. Sit down with them sometime and let them tell you how things are done. If you run a small business as myself it will disgust you. The sad thing about it is it goes on and on year after year and no one every puts a stop to it.

  • Naysayer May 8, 2012

    The NC Employment Agency is a classic example of type of government you get after many years of Democrats in Power. I hope the now Republican controlled legislature, combined with Republicans winning the Gov's office this fall, finally gets this horrendous mess and waste of taxpayer's money cleaned up quickly. They should start by firing everyone in charge, and clearing out 90 percent of the "worker bees".

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    Just using the DMV for an example as one had commented on it,when I went last time to renew my license I really could not see the signs in the eye exam,really none of them,but they went ahead and gave me my new license since I had not had a driving violation in 20 years,now mind you I was appriciative of that but for some reason thought how lax they were in doing that,I since have gone and got glasses but still wonder how many of myself have passed through there daily paid the money and drove off,small thing but an example of incompetence on their job performance,and yes they do get well paid,so that cannot be the excuse.

  • Paul M May 8, 2012

    What in our gov. system isnt broke ?

  • bill0 May 8, 2012

    Pointing out inefficiency is easy. Fixing it is hard. It's fine to say that democrats messed this up, but what can we do about it? If you want better oversight of something, you need to either have more or better people looking at it. Both cost money. Are the republicans in the legislature going to approve that right now? I just don't see that happening.

  • Crayzee1 May 8, 2012

    Anyone, AND I mean anyone who sticks up for, or claims state/government employees work hard and are underpaid is 1. a state employee 2. horrible at their job.

    It's a joke. government employees are a joke. you could take and fire every single state employee in NC, fill their jobs with a 1/4 of staff, all from private business and get twice as much done for half the cost. AND EVERYONE KNOWS THIS BUT STATE EMPLOYEES.

  • storchheim May 8, 2012

    Capt Mercury, a couple of comments: salaries may be low, though from what I saw, they were still too high for the work being (not) done. Don't forget those people are out the door like a shot at 5 pm. Let me clarify that salaried State emps do NOT get overtime pay. Their mindset is not one that recognizes the duty of every conscientious employee to work until the job is done, even if it means unpaid efforts.

    Second, I think the salaries are low because mgt does not want competent, enthusiastic employees. They do not want a good work environment, no matter what they say. They want chaos, unhappiness, discrimination and destruction - kind of like 0bama wanting to keep us at each other's throats instead of seeing that freight train roaring down on us while we fight over Zimmerman and gay marriage.

  • muggs May 8, 2012

    Some keep bringing up low salary as a source of the problem,I disagree,some of our most successful businesses in this country employ some of the lowest paid workers,management is the source of this problem,too many managers,too many areas to lay blame,they need several hard core,no nonsense department heads,who can fire at will,that are they themselves evaluated quarterly and are paid on performance and accountability,just like out in the private sector,as far as degrees,many of the more talented managers who came up through the ranks years ago had no degree,what they had was knowledge from working in several positions and were promoted on those evaluations,education only gets one so far,at some point intelligents takes over and that alumni is just a ticket that helped one reach their destination.

  • storchheim May 8, 2012

    "If ya really want to address this and other problems in agencies, ya should be looking at the state personnel agency. " Rebelyell55

    Hah! I speak from experience when I say that if you bring a complaint or a discrepancy in procedures to HR, the response is hostile scowling, muttered remarks to discourage you, and immediate collaboration with mgt to pressure YOU into leaving so HR can continue to sit on its broad beam and mgt can relax back into looking out for themselves as individuals. Status quo. Complain or blow the whistle and YOU'RE the target.

  • Crayzee1 May 8, 2012

    gosh, I know the answer to this. Tax the rich, increase the pay of all government workers, more regulation and laws on private businesses, increase how long someone should stay on unemployment, finally, find something that you should pay for, and make it free for some irrational reason. Whew. there.

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