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  • pwalker47 Feb 16, 2012

    The Honey Bee is a part of Wildlife,a part of nature that is everywhere,free to go and come or stay and leave.They are not caged,fenced in or contained in any way.Honey Bees travel 2 miles and more from their hives gathering pollen and nector,this makes it inpossible to own them.The size yard you have matters not to the Honey Bee for its 2 mile or better range is the size of it's yard.-----Thank You All--The Bee Lady

  • quaten Feb 15, 2012

    >>Just a note: the entire width of her property is only 75 ft, so the hive is at most about 35 ft from her neighbor ....

    She could simply elevate the hive about 48 feet. That would put the hives about 75 feet away, assuming the post was in the center of the yard.

  • JohnnyMcRonny Feb 15, 2012

    This lady should be praised, not punished.

    The people who complained should be punished for their rank stupidity and selfishness.

  • Sherlock Feb 15, 2012

    Bees have rights too.

  • mustangyts Feb 15, 2012

    Bees in highly populated areas are not a good idea. There are many people within our population that are allergic to bee stings. One sting can kill allergic people. During certain phases of the bees cycle, they can become very defensive and will swarm. In an urban setting its more likely to have encounters with humans during this cycle. Think of a curious small child, or curious pets. I don't live in Louisburg, but the ordinance seems to be only asking for a 75ft buffer from the property lines. I thinks its a common sense issue and a well written ordinance. Is this not the same lady that had like 50 chickens on her lot, and had issues with that also??

  • dldobbins Feb 15, 2012

    The neighbors benefit from her honey bees being there. Let her keep her bees. She isn't hurting anything. If anything, she is helping the community thrive. Not only are her honey bees pollinating her garden, they are pollinating the neighbors at no extra charge and she is contributing to the economy by selling the honey. It's a dumb ordinance. Change it, ignore it but let the bees stay.

  • Hammerhead Feb 15, 2012

    I'd gladly take the hives off her hands to add to my collection.

  • cherokee43v6 Feb 15, 2012

    The American Honey Bee is dying off at an extinction level rate and these /politicians/ are NOT helping.

    No Honey Bees... No food for humans. Period.

  • bill0 Feb 15, 2012

    "which was there first?? that's all i gotta say"

    Then you do understand how laws work. If the city changes a speed limit on a road, do you have to follow the new speed limit or do you get to drive as fast as you want because you started using that road years ago?

    When a new law goes on the books, you have to start following it going forward. The police can't go back and arrest you for "speeding" 2 years ago, but they sure can pull you over for speeding today.

  • smegma Feb 15, 2012

    which was there first?? that's all i gotta say

  • Hammerhead Feb 15, 2012

    Neighbors have spats all the time..barking dogs, junk vehicles, unsightly yards, etc. Glad I don't have to deal with any of that nonesense, though I always think of my neighbors before doing anything.

  • Scubagirl Feb 15, 2012

    apparently she made the wrong people mad and they enacted a NEW RULE just for her. She had the bees FIRST!!! I simply do not understand-but that seems to be happening more and more lately.
    Why can't people live and let live instead of jumping on some perceived, possible, future injury or hurt feelings?

  • nashville Feb 15, 2012

    If I thought my dogs would'nt destoy the hives I'd let her put them in my yard.Love me some fresh honey.

  • bill0 Feb 15, 2012

    Just a note: the entire width of her property is only 75 ft, so the hive is at most about 35 ft from her neighbor (picture 10 yards on a football field). I've know people who raised bees and they sure didn't put the hive within 35 ft of their own homes. They all had their hives out back with plenty of open space so the bees would leave people and animals alone and people and animals would leave the bees alone.

    Bees are very important - to agriculture. If she was keeping bees on a farm, nobody would mind. You don't need a bee hive in the middle of a city though. Likewise, cows are very important to the US economy and food supply, but you can't raise a herd of cattle outside your neighbors window and not expect some complaints.

  • wattsun Feb 15, 2012

    Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave.

  • PhotoJ Feb 15, 2012

    What is the problem with her just moving the hives 75 feet from the property line? They are not telling her to remove the bees, just MOVE the bees. If she cannot find a place 75 feet from the line, I am sure there are some bee keepers who would love to manager he hives in a more bee-friendly location. C'mon people work ona solution and quit throwing stones at the problem makers - right or wrong it is just couter productive.

  • Hammerhead Feb 15, 2012

    robincasino, I think you're a little off base with your comments. Those "same people"? Not sure what that's supposed to mean. The point of going green is personal, so it IS in my yard/neighborhood.

  • Lightfoot3 Feb 15, 2012

    Rules are rules. But I would like to know where the 75 feet comes from. And perhaps the ordinances should have a clause where you could get written permission for the hive from the adjacent property owner if it's less than 75 feet. Another poster in the previous story mentioned his neighbor's bees coming to his pool for water, which is causing a problem. That's a valid concern which the bee keeper should fix by providing a closer water source for the bees.

  • fireman1234 Feb 15, 2012

    Check and see if the former Town Manager still has his beehive in his front yard. So much corruption in Louisburg that it would make your head spin. Youngsville's problem with their former town manager and utilities director has nothing on Louisburg's problems. Corruption at it's best.

  • piene2 Feb 15, 2012

    There is no reason why the woman should not be allowed to keep a few bees. domestic bees are totally non aggressive and one must work hard at getting one to sting.

  • unittyfarm Feb 15, 2012
    Show your support.

  • alshomes Feb 14, 2012

    Pat Walker get a life and follow the rules. Want more bees than the ordinance allows then buy out in the country.

  • Glock Ranger Feb 14, 2012

    Can't we all just get along? I guess we are all just so put upon by each other that we are on each other's last nerve. I mean, even people who just want to be left alone and move to the middle of Montana, can't be left alone. Someone has to pass an ordinance, or a regulation, or a law and MAKE them criminals. It's getting so you can't do anything on your own property, especially if it makes a little money, without somebody getting jealous and wanting to stop you. They will make it their life's work to rob you of a sense of accomplishment and joy.

  • bowslinger70 Feb 14, 2012

    More in your FACE government---telling us how THEY want us to live. Vote them all out 2012 !!

  • dontstopnow Feb 14, 2012

    "Would hoisting the hives 75 feet in the air make everyone happy? I always wondered how high my property rights extended.

    Now that is the funniest thing I have read all day. Thanks TooMuchGovt! And that is a good question on the height.:)

  • Tortue Feb 14, 2012

    Most people, including those passing these laws, don't understand that honeybees are the single most important animal in the world. Anyone who keeps bees is doing us all a service. Take away the honeybee and all laws become pointless because there would be no more people to pass or break them.

  • sky pilot Feb 14, 2012


  • Transcoder Feb 14, 2012

    "another dictator HOA" -- No, this is a town council. Democracy at work, but a HOA is different.

  • Screw WrAl Feb 14, 2012

    She can't give them up, she's going to need every last one of them this spring and summer when the bugs, they told us not to worry about, eat us alive!

  • sunshine1040 Feb 14, 2012

    What is wrong with bees in your yard the gov even has some maybe she should call michelle and get her involed in natural food

  • robjustrob Feb 14, 2012

    Hey, if they went out of the way to accomodate all those people they discovered were keeping bees, then how about just revising the setback requirement? Sounds like a pretty green thing to do, keeping bees. Why punish this lady? Just rewrite the law and accomodate her for Pete's sake! With all the bees disappearing, we need more bee keepers in this country. Point well taken gregg45: our domestic crops will thank people like her!

  • clearwaterman Feb 14, 2012

    As a farmer myself, maybe she should just keep them in her house like a dog or cat. When the bees are gone, so will the food for the cats, dogs, and the foolish ones that make such rules with little thought!!

  • vraptor Feb 14, 2012

    another dict a tor HOA.

  • TooMuchGovt Feb 14, 2012

    Would hoisting the hives 75 feet in the air make everyone happy? I always wondered how high my property rights extended.

  • meeper Feb 14, 2012

    Just a small example of our eroding freedoms here and around the country. It's very scary and ridiculous.

  • dwr1964 Feb 14, 2012

    More lawmakers being stupid. These bees did not threaten anyone. The government is contantly taking more and more of our free lives away from us. They tell us what we can and cannot do. Before long, the government will have us acting like robots. This kind of stupidity needs to stop now.

  • gregg45 Feb 14, 2012

    hope those whining about bees , will not whine we we all start fighting over food that these most important pollenators{sp}provide....0ver 20 billion bees have dissapeared,,hope franklin county . where ever that is,, lose strawberries, pears. tomatoes. etc,,

  • SmokeWagon Feb 14, 2012

    ..."beehives have to be at least 75 feet from a neighbor's property line..."

    LOL...well alrighty then...I guess her bees don't fly...???

  • heelsrule Feb 14, 2012

    With the amount of honey bees dieing off we should be encouraging folks to raise bees. Cross-pollination is essential for plants/flowers to survive. One of our neighbors kept bees when I was a child and the bees never bothered anyone.

  • robbincasino Feb 14, 2012

    Is it just me, but does it seem like everyone from our President on down is talking about going green. Yet when people try to, those same people are the ones screaming "Go green, but not in my neighborhood"?

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