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  • mypack Feb 7, 2012

    Obama-Portman 2012!!

  • vraptor Feb 3, 2012

    we need more carnivors to take care of the feral's. works in the animal world...

    meet my pet hawk...

    did u see the rabbit that herds sheep??? look it up. :)

  • laurenfedorov Feb 3, 2012

    It sounds like they should be embarrassed and very much ashamed of themselves.
    TNR is the way to go with ferals, especially since it sounds like they have some people who are willing to do this.

  • ccsmith1902 Feb 3, 2012

    The Wake County Animal shelter is an embarrassment to this community. They move 'em in and out the back door to the dumpster. I doubt that they have accurately accounted for all the animals that have been quickly put down by an incompetent staff person. There had to be an incompetent staff person involved to have killed Sassy. Sassy could not have gotten that sick in 4 hours warranting euthanasia!

  • Sherlock Feb 3, 2012

    Goes to the management of the operation

  • terriersrfun Feb 3, 2012

    It would immensely cut down on the number of unwanted dogs and cats if the city/county/state would enact some rules to regulate breeders and require all pets to be spayed or neutered.

  • lmwcat18 Feb 3, 2012

    We should be embarrassed. We need to take a lesson from "First Coast No More Homeless Pets". What a wonderful program they have and the achievements they have made.

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