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  • tierneemalinadeveaux Jan 9, 2012

    What difference does it make how they identified him? All that matters is that he took his vehicle in to have some body work done. Now, even if he was not driving, he was an accessory because he was trying to get the damage fixed without reporting that someone may have been hit with his vehicle. Deeper than that, I get so tired of people defending the criminals. That's why the news is so full of stuff like this. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. If a person tries to cover up a crime, they are probably a criminal. If he had nothing to hide, then he should have come forward or better yet, he should have never left the scene in the first place. Unless he lives out in the woods, I am sure he heard on the news that the police were investigating. I hope they can him. He should be in Texas, where they don't mind putting criminals on death row...

  • John Sawtooth Jan 9, 2012

    I am glad this guy was caught. I have stood in this family's shoes myself. They are being very measured in what they say, and I have high respect for that.

    They have already realized that there is no real "justice" to be done here, there will be no real closure, this never really gets fixed. I wish them only peace and comfort, it will come slowly, but eventually.

    I hope the trial (and likely prison term) will be the jolt needed to correct this driver's behavior (our family was not so lucky, the perp continued to offend until his death some years later). But more than just prison is often required.

  • Lamborghini Mercy Jan 9, 2012

    paulej - Question: if he had stopped, would they have still arrested him? Would he have been charged with "manslaughter"?

    Honestly it depends on several factors; the person that was killed, how forgiving the family feels about the situation, and how the driver responds, after hitting that person. Some people walk free and never serve a day behind bars, others may goto prison, but hit-n-runs always result to time in prison.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Jan 6, 2012

    I don't know how this man could live with himself. I'm glad they got him.

    I hope he'll get some serious time. Jumping a curb and then not stopping? She never had a chance. I'm so sorry for her family......It's senseless.


  • Alexia.1 Jan 6, 2012

    Question: if he had stopped, would they have still arrested him? Would he have been charged with "manslaughter"? I really don't like that word at all and I've seen several instances where a person's life is turned upside-down and financially ruined over such accidents. Perhaps if we were more forgiving of genuine accidents, these hit-and-runs would not happen?

  • slayerhil Jan 6, 2012

    A guy I work with has a friend who saw the whole thing happen. She was standing on the median waiting to cross and the guy jumped the curb and ran her over. He gave more details than that but I will refrain from posting it here out of respect for her family. I'm glad they caught him.

  • jcrew1979 Jan 6, 2012

    So sad and very glad they caught this dude!

  • krystalhocutt Jan 6, 2012

    thank you jesus they caught who did this...

  • jag53 Jan 6, 2012

    here's a link to a 2007 mugshot:

  • mfarmer1 Jan 6, 2012

    he was booked 06-23-2007 - In Jurisdiction Mi, DRIVE WHILE LIC REVOKED 20-28

  • trianglerelic Jan 6, 2012

    That's a super busy road. I can see how this could have happened to anyone driving in the dark. Anyone know if she was in a cross walk? Had the guy stopped, he probably wouldn't even be charged, unless he was drunk, or without a license. Very sad that this even happened.. Seems like people always lose loved ones near the holidays.

  • rescuefan Jan 6, 2012

    I'm glad they caught the person who they think did this. Interesting that he's not hispanic like several people assumed or hinted at when the first story about this ran.

    I hope her family gets some sort of closure now.

  • GulfWarVet Jan 6, 2012

    I would imagine that it was a sympathetic stress reaction (fight or flight response) that the driver endured, triggered by a high emotional response to the emergency. Folks who fall prey to this sort of thing don't MEAN to run, they just run and don't know why. OR... the guy knew what he was doing, he mowed her down and drove on. Its amazing the, callous nature of people.

  • dirkdiggler Jan 6, 2012

    Homeboy looks like he's still loaded from the night he killed this poor woman. Oh wait, I mean, innocent until proven guilty, folks!

  • JohnnyMcRonny Jan 6, 2012

    "Wow, nice journalism. Where is the detail as to how the police identified him, do they believe he was intoxicated...give something here people." - tiredofthenet

    Maybe - just maybe - the police haven't released further details. What should WRAL do - make it up?

  • boneymaroney13 Jan 6, 2012

    WOW! Quick to judge. "Life in prison for him", "good old boy", "not the first DUI, and you get all this from this weak story. You guys are better than that. You should be hammering WRAL for this seak story and even posting the guy's photo. I'm sure there is more to it than this.

  • PanthersFan45 Jan 6, 2012

    Just awful what this man did. Whether it was an accident, or if he had alcohol in his system, or she made error in crossing the road ...... he should have stopped and it was plain heartless. He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I am sure they have material from his vehicle and forensics from the crime scene too. The vehicle match can be proven easily, but proving he was behind the wheel might prove to be a challenge. Hopefully prosecuters will get their evidence together and make sure this man spends plenty of time behind bars.

  • flyfishNC Jan 6, 2012

    Hit and kill and run. conscience

  • boneymaroney13 Jan 6, 2012

    Wait a minute guy's. You're basing your opinions on a very shallow story. Let WRAL at least get some facts out here. Whomever it was should be turned over to the family of the victim and let them decide the punishment.

  • Uhavenoclu Jan 6, 2012

    He looks like a high techie well to do guy.
    Hmmm what will the neighbors think?,he probably ran for he didn't want to be discovered and ruin his reputation?.

  • Deacons Jan 6, 2012

    looks like a fine upstanding man. life in jail for him!

  • fairyswearboots2 Jan 6, 2012

    I hope she gets the justice she deserves from this creep who chose to leave her in the street dying after running her over without a conscience.. he deserves lesser than she got. I hope he never gets the chance to drive again.

  • Eaglekeeper Jan 6, 2012


  • Mr. Middle of the Road Jan 6, 2012

    A 'good ole boy.' Why am I not surprised?

  • tiredofthenet Jan 6, 2012

    Wow, nice journalism. Where is the detail as to how the police identified him, do they believe he was intoxicated...give something here people.

  • SmokeWagon Jan 6, 2012

    I just bet you this is NOT the first DUI this guy is involved in..!!

  • boneymaroney13 Jan 6, 2012

    A very shallow story. Arrested based upon what?

  • westernwake1 Jan 6, 2012

    It is great to hear they caught this guy. Good job, Raleigh PD.

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