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  • ProudBlackSingleMother Dec 23, 2011

    Never trust a jewelrey store appraisal, especially if it comes from the mall... those things can be inflated to at least double what it is really worth.

    I am willing to bet that some scorned woman tossed that in there to spite her ex.

    I personally will not support these bell ringers, they are annoying, especially the one at the CV Harris Teeter... that fella makes snide comments to those who choose to ignore him.

  • dbop90 Dec 21, 2011

    I just want to say that I very happily donated today to the salvation Army outside of Harris Teeter in Cameron Village....and Monca I went ahead and put $20 in the kettle on your behalf. Merry Christmas to all!

  • catsbay Dec 20, 2011

    Monica - The Salvation Army DOES treat "ALL people as worthy". "What is your sexual orientation?" is not a question asked when anyone walks through their doors needing assistance.

    Just because they are a church that disagrees with homosexuality does not mean they discriminate against someone who is. Accepting people's right to choose DOES NOT mean approving of that choice.

    So, you don't agree with their stance on homosexuality, WHO CARES?! They still do a great deal of good for their communities. If you still personally can't get past it then donate elsewhere. Your childish behavior and comments only prove your own hypocrisy.

    I agree with jedichick you sound like you only believe in "tolerance" when others agree with you.

  • superman Dec 20, 2011

    Dropping valuable items into a kettle is at best foolish. You would be surprised if you saw the bell ringer wearing the rings you had dropped in the kettle earlier. You have no way of knowing how much of the money donated actually gets to the salvation army office. Be safe-- if you want to contribute-- write them a check. The bell ringers dont look like they live in Cary.

  • ConcernedNCC Dec 20, 2011

    They're probaably going to find out they're worth about $50 or less.

  • NC Reader Dec 20, 2011

    I think that these rings may have been stolen and the thief was trying to get rid of them with $10 thrown in for some kind of penance. That, or they were donated by mistake.

    It just doesn't make sense for a person intentionally to leave something with such sentimental and monetary value in a kettle. Even if someone wanted to donate them, it would be far better to donate in person (and do it without leaving a name if they so desired), so as not to risk the rings getting misplaced or stolen from the kettle. Sadly, there is theft from a few of these kettles every year.

    monca -- I respect your decision not to donate to an organization with whose policies you disagree. Please, however, don't take it out on the bell ringers. Many are just community volunteers, and some of them look pretty down on their luck. They don't make policy. Confronting them is like blaming the server in a restaurant for how your food tastes or how the management accepts payment.

  • jedichick Dec 20, 2011

    Monca, just what exactly are you looking to accomplish by doing that? Do you think the bell ringers are going to report back to the "higher-ups" in the Salvation Army that someone like you didn't donate simply because of personal opinion? I'm sure you are one of those people who preach "tolerance" but only when others agree with you. The Salvation Army does good for a lot of people and I'm going to make sure I drop even more money into every kettle I see.

  • busyb97 Dec 19, 2011

    Salvation Army is definitely one we will put money in the bucket, for the very reasons some do NOT. They are willing to stand up for their belief and stick to it, versus bowing to "political correctness". Good for them, and we'll continue to drop a few in the bucket. If you don't like it, that's fine- you can donate to the others you prefer. It's a free country.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Burger Dec 19, 2011

    Wow! There is a Fresh Market in Hendersonville?! Amazing!

  • Coretta Scott Thing Dec 19, 2011

    a story of a person trying to do some good with a item they no longer need turns into sounding board for anti-salvation army people. Grinch awards to Monca . thisisfdup

    I would say that the Grinch Award goes to the Salvation Army for their less than welcoming stance towards others. So much for the reason-for-the-season. I personally show every bell ringer at the kettle a 20 dollar bill and tell them " this is what you could be getting if you treated ALL people as worthy of your funding". Then I walk off. Happy Holidays

  • this is fdup Dec 19, 2011

    a story of a person trying to do some good with a item they no longer need turns into sounding board for anti-salvation army people. Grinch awards to Monca and Uhavenoclu. Thank You Wral for a feel good story

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 19, 2011

    If it was a jilted wife remember that the best time for a divorce is BEFORE you get married.That way you don't spend many years feeling lonely and living a lie to yourself and others.And sorry your children are not a good excuse to stay together if one or both are unhappy in a marriage then save everyone especially your children the hurt and pain before it;s too late.

  • jblake1932 Dec 19, 2011

    monca: You listed the very reasons I DO GIVE to this charity! It's one of the few that I will give to!

  • jblake1932 Dec 19, 2011

    Donated? I highly doubt it! Someone unloaded that thing and I will wager that it is "hot"!

  • Coretta Scott Thing Dec 19, 2011

    When you see the Salvation Army kettle this Christmas season, please pause and think before throwing in your money. The Salvation Army does a lot of good work but donors should remember that it’s also an organization that doesn’t believe in equality for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. It’s an evangelical church that helps to pay the salaries of lobbyists fighting gay rights legislation. Last year they also refused to distribute Harry Potter and Twilight toys collected for needy children because they’re incompatible with the charity’s Christian beliefs. Surely there are better places to give.

  • St Ives Dec 19, 2011

    The Six Forks Kmart had a person come in and pay off $800 worth of layaway.

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 19, 2011

    Charities are just band aids,help get the cure .The salvation army only comes out this time of year and according to the story and a bulk of their stories them like many others are discriminating for they only help women and children and not men.
    The ones that do help men only help the rehabs and not the ones who are just down on their luck for if they go to a shelter they are housed with the dirty,rehabs and alcoholics and in some cases end up worse then when they came in.
    Do something for the men who just need a place to sleep and shower for a night or a few weeks that is clean and livable for there will be some sleeping in their cars over Christmas for they don't want to go to the shelters.
    Open your doors to some who are sleeping in their cars in the cold and not to a smelly shelter for even though some are down they still have class and pride.

  • heremeaj Dec 19, 2011

    The Salvation Army has such a low administrative cost compared to other charities - most of what you give goes to the people they serve. has an interesting list of how charities spend their money. There are many I will never support after seeing how poorly they manage their money.

  • itsmyownopinion Dec 19, 2011

    "Hocked my wifes diamond ring last June, bought me an outboard Evinrude"

    No doubt women are lined up out the door for your wife's leftovers. Be still my beating heart.

    I think the giver would feel better donating the rings rather than selling for cash a "piece" of their life's past. It may serve well and encourage others to open up and do likewise, and the Salvation Army, or other charities who receive similar donations, may be able to sell for a greater price than the

  • OpenM1nd Dec 19, 2011

    I wonder if it was the generous gift of a widower trying to honor his late wife's memory for the holidays. If I think about it, the holidays are lonely times for those who suffer the loss of a loved one. Charitable giving is a great way to find joy amid sorrow.

  • DAR-Patriot Dec 19, 2011

    The Salvation Army is the only large charity to which I will contribute. I found out after Katrina which charities really work to help people and which use each disaster as a way to enhance their contributions. Wouldn't give two cents to the Red Cross.

  • caryboy88 Dec 19, 2011

    "The story says they were wrapped in a $10 bill. Doubt they fell off."

    Cool! i missed that

  • Ambygirl Dec 19, 2011

    The story says they were wrapped in a $10 bill. Doubt they fell off.

  • warbirdlover Dec 19, 2011

    Hocked my wifes diamond ring last June, bought me an outboard Evinrude

  • caryboy88 Dec 19, 2011

    i really hope they meant to drop them in and they didn't just fall off!

  • Zoo007 Dec 19, 2011

    or it could have fallen off?

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Dec 19, 2011

    That's really nice. Good of them to do that. They could have easily sold the rings and made a little money, but instead, they gave them away, but to a fine charity. No matter the circumstances, the bottom line is: They gave to a charity.


  • sillywabbitthepatriot Dec 19, 2011

    It was a genuine gesture that the person donated the rings with no strings attatched since most people who make donations of $1500 would want a receipt so they can deduct the contribution from their income taxes.

  • Blue Devil 2 Dec 19, 2011

    The rings could have been from a deceased spouse . They look like they could be old rings from years back.

  • NC Reader Dec 19, 2011

    The money from them would be helpful, but this is so sad. It could be that the person had put them in a pocket for some reason (washing hands, maybe?) and they fell into a crumpled bill that the person later put into a kettle. I do hope that it was intentional, but it might not have been.

  • rkbllc Dec 19, 2011

    They left a broken heart.

  • watchhillgirl Dec 19, 2011

    some exhusband is going to be a little ticked

  • Screw WrAl Dec 19, 2011

    "You really shouldn't have put the picture of the rings out, shame on you!"

    But they do it with dead bodies and where people live, so why not. Thanks to them I found my rings!

  • computer trainer Dec 19, 2011

    We were out last week, and saw some angels on a tree, but when we looked at what we needed to buy for them, we could not afford it. Name brand this, name brand that, gaming systems. One was even for a newborn; Crib, dresser, high chair, swing, ride on toys, bottles, etc. I was stunned and just do not have the funds to do an entire layette for a baby. Sometimes I just do not get it.

  • UreapwhatUsow Dec 19, 2011

    Wonder if it ever occured to them that the person wanted it to be ANONYMOUS? You really shouldn't have put the picture of the rings out, shame on you!

  • Screw WrAl Dec 19, 2011

    I've been looking for those! Oh thank heavens you found them. Where do I go to get them back?

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