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  • awood2 Dec 7, 2011

    cavelady2...AMEN!! You know that little girl couldn't have gotten a better Christmas present than that. It made me want to cry just reading this story. There are so many children that will not be so lucky this year b/c their parents are still serving over there or are not alive to see their children. (whatever the case is)

  • m123 Dec 7, 2011

    Tar River Elementary is in GRANVILLE county. It is in the rural area known as Wilton. We have a Franklinton address but are several miles outside of the Franklinton city limits. In fact, we have a Franklinton address and a Creedmoor phone number. This is common in rural areas.

  • vrichardson90 Dec 7, 2011

    I truly love stories like this. It reminds us of the how precious fathers are to our families and the power of love. I thank the father for this man's sacrifice for us and his expression of love for his daughter.I also thank the school for their cooperation in his daughter's surprise, that was great!

  • Wassup10 Dec 7, 2011

    YES...Tar River Elementary is located in the city of Franklinton, NC. They got it right.

  • americaneel Dec 7, 2011

    braddavis...I actually think it is Franklin Elementary school located in Tar River County.

  • CAVELADY2 Dec 7, 2011

    Can i just say for the record that I have read just about all of the comments made here and i am tired of people correcting everyone about where this school is. Can we just focus on the fact that this little girls father was able to come home for Christmas? Why does it matter where the school is anyway?

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Dec 7, 2011

    That's just not enough time at home, but it is rough when there aren't enough jobs here. I hope they cherish every minute they are together.

  • lakeyk1 Dec 7, 2011

    A great story!!!!!! and I am so happy for the reuniting of this young girl and her father. Nothing like being home with family, especially for the holidays. Merry Christmas to this family, all of our military troops abroad and their families here. God Bless all. lakeyk1

  • u stand corrected Dec 7, 2011

    Made me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Responsibleforactions Dec 7, 2011

    I love feel good stories like this - tears coming down my cheeks with pleasure. I was a Navy brat and my father was not always home at Christmas, he would be in Vietnam and I remember how sad it was when all the other kids had their fathers.

  • Fireflies Rock Dec 7, 2011

    This is so sweet; it brought tears to my eyes. So happy for this family

  • foster208 Dec 7, 2011

    For those of you making irrelevant comments and using the board as a place to gripe, give it a rest. Can't you be happy for one family, even if this man is a contractor? They sacrifice their family life to help the military. Nothing takes away from this story, not even you Grinches!

  • foster208 Dec 7, 2011

    This gave me goose bumps. It is so refreshing to have a happy story! Thank you, WRAL!!

  • BubbaDuke Dec 7, 2011

    Awesome story. This little girl has her heart in the right place.

  • country4ever Dec 7, 2011

    unc95kelly: WHO CARES what county its in! What a an amazing STORY?!

    I agree!!!

  • brittany694 Dec 7, 2011

    This is the sweetest story. I am at work in tears reading it.

  • collegestudent Dec 7, 2011

    golorealist...actually Tar River Elementary is located in Granville County in a little community (crossroads)called Wilton on Hwy 96. That part of the county just has a Franklinton address...

  • starglow2005 Dec 7, 2011

    It's hard on a child when a parent is away from them for so long. Bethany seems like a sweet girl...bless her heart and I'm glad she got her simple Christmas wish of being with her father that other kids may take for granted. I could read stories like this all day long. 8-)

  • tarheel1968 Dec 7, 2011

    nothing better than having Daddy home for Christmas!!!

  • RomneyRyan2012 Dec 7, 2011

    What a sweet's hoping he keeps in contact by Skype. 22 days in a child's life is just not enough. Unfortunately in today's economy if he gave up this job what will he find here at home? It's a hard sacrifice and a tough call. This is why the next election will be so very important. God Bless this family!!!

  • Justsaying47 Dec 7, 2011

    Thank you to Stacy Davis and WRAL for coming to our school to cover this touching event! WRAL is wonderful! And just to let you know, Stacy called to apologize for mentioning the wrong county, which was not a problem to us, and she also changed it on the website. How awesome is that!!! We appreciate you Stacy!

  • spirithorse05 Dec 7, 2011

    all these stories are very touching , and some are offensive , think about it folks we are fighting a war that has never been settled for thousands of years our men and woman are getting killed over someone else s problems. our hundred of thousands of children are crying every day because they are hungry and sad right here in our fat country but we dont help them , we worry about helping others when our own country needs our help right now and has needed for quite some time. our veterans that lost limbs and hungry and homeless right now still stay limbless and forgotten. they did sacrifice for us and got nothing. god bless America . our nation has become very self centered and when we cant wish a little girl Merry Christmas without hurting feelings then the world is not worth saving .i am happy for all children that get a glimpse of happiness for what ever reason. and we need to be a little more happy for ourselves. just be nice!

  • beaconoflight32 Dec 7, 2011

    I absolutely love this story! This is what we need more of. I get so tired of reading all the depressing stories all the time. This one brought tears to my eyes but in a good way. :)

  • sbkbcb Dec 7, 2011

    This is a great story! What is WRONG with you people...all you care about is pointing the negative, meanwhile this little girl is happy as can be.

  • leecountymama Dec 7, 2011

    tear jerker! love stories like this! who cares where it is!?

  • braddavis Dec 7, 2011

    WRAL get your facts straight. Tar River Elementary School is in Granville County and part of Granville County Schools.


  • golorealist Dec 7, 2011

    "WRAL get your facts straight. Tar River Elementary School is in Granville County and part of Granville County Schools." - unc95kelly

    tar river elementary is in franklinton, which is in franklin county.

  • same ole story Dec 7, 2011

    It was a great story on the little girl but, lets put this into prespective. He is not a member of the armed forces. A contractor that gets paid quite well!!! While our military people, who get paid very little to put their lives in harms way, He made about $300,000 for the 2 years there. Try making that in Franklin county. As the military members say "He was in the rear with the gear" Meaning sitting in an office somewhere SAFE!

  • AWakeMom Dec 7, 2011

    Hey Life-goes-on,

    Your message started out're right, children need their fathers. Then you went off on a tanget. I, for one, have alienated my own family from five states away to keep my daughter close to her father and his family, while he on the other hand has moved all around the country. His family that is in the area ignores my daughter, even when I call them to find out if there are any family events for her to attend. She is ignored by her father and his family.

  • housemanagercary Dec 7, 2011

    All but 22 days of the last two years? I'm sorry but no job is worth that. I'd work anywhere else first. I grew up an Army daughter and I understand the sacrifice everyone makes, but the civilian contractors have to balance the money with the sacrifice. 22 days? Makes me sad.

  • jcrew1979 Dec 7, 2011

    Super sweet story! It brought tears to my eyes too! Merry Christmas Bethany and family!

  • Chairman of the Bored Dec 7, 2011

    Tar River Elementary may be in Granville County but it has a Franklinton address...

    But so what? This story is so wonderful I don't care if it happened in Timbuktu!

  • Life-goes-on. Dec 7, 2011

    Just shows how much little boys and girls love and need their fathers. I'll be praying for those children of divorce who have been separated from their fathers by mothers that deliberately alienate the kids from their father. It happens more than we know and you won't see it covered on tv, it's not politically correct. They'll jump all over a deadbeat dad but never show a mother who refuses visitation, moves the kids away and tells them their dad doesn't want to see them. Estimates are as high as 50% of the divorced dads experience some form of alienation from their children by the mother. To friends and family these appear to be normal and even loving mothers so its hard to tell who these monsters are. Children love and need both parents.

  • smiley27525 Dec 6, 2011

    just to clarify the county issue, the zipcode 27525(franklinton) spans 2 counties granville and franklin... i have to clarify all the time with online purchases. This is a great story though.

  • millipoo45 Dec 6, 2011

    I agree with you heatherh2131!!! I mean really, who cares if it was the wrong county or not. Best story i have heard lately. Brought tears to my eyes.

  • gagal Dec 6, 2011

    What a great story. I agree. Doesn't matter where it was. Just that it happen.......

  • 2gurlz2boyzMom Dec 6, 2011

    awww, that is so sweet. that will be a day she will ALWAYS remember.
    and unc95kelly...they also stated it was in Franklinton, NC -twice. when you look up the school, this is the city and zip, then you look up the county and guess what you get....FRANKLIN!!
    ZIP code, 27525 ... Franklinton is a town in Franklin County, North Carolina, United States.
    wow, unc fan get ur facts straight!

  • mmtlash Dec 6, 2011


  • heatherh2131 Dec 6, 2011

    unc95kelly: WHO CARES what county its in! What a an amazing STORY?!

  • naqmom Dec 6, 2011

    Please add this video to your website! This is a great one to share!

  • unc95kelly Dec 6, 2011

    WRAL get your facts straight. Tar River Elementary School is in Granville County and part of Granville County Schools.

  • stormchaser2 Dec 6, 2011

    This should have been the top story on tonights news cast, this is wonderful

  • SaltlifeLady Dec 6, 2011

    what a great story!!! Brought tears to my eyes. I hope all the soldiers will get to come home soon!

  • wayneboyd Dec 6, 2011

    Now thats news....Print more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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