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  • americaneel Oct 28, 2011

    bcde...Just split it down the middle and call it 23rd. Now you can sleep tonight, dont have to fret over it the rest of your life.

  • josman27510 Oct 28, 2011

    No Wal-mart?? Haha

  • confederateyankee Oct 28, 2011

    NetApp, which finished 3rd multi-nationally (and #5 in the US) has about a thousand employees in RTP, in a complex right across the street from Cisco.

    Might want to update your article, WRAL.

  • smegma Oct 28, 2011

    care to name it Dark_Horse? we won't tell anyone.

    my vote would be AT&T most terrible

  • Dark_Horse Oct 28, 2011

    I'd love to see the bottom 25.
    I saw another list where a local company is listed as one of the worse places to work by the employees.

  • LovemyPirates Oct 28, 2011

    When you do things right, you get recognized. Good job!

  • JustAName Oct 28, 2011

    Maybe instead of giving new tax incentives to other companies, the people promoting the state could just point out this list and how many of the top 25 have offices or are HQ'd here.

  • seankelly15 Oct 28, 2011

    YouMakeItSoEasy - "ahhhh just more sas stroking."

    ahhhhh just more envy.

  • batcave Oct 28, 2011

    The reason SAS gets stroked is because they deserve it, don't hate em cuz they are beautiful.

  • Screw WrAl Oct 28, 2011

    ahhhh just more sas stroking.

  • bcde Oct 28, 2011

    Nova Nordisk is 22nd in the rankings you list, but in the article it stated that it was 24th. Which is it?

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