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  • Caroline Marie Sep 28, 2011

    Most 23 year old students are out of college unless they started late or are continuing on to get a Master's degree. Personally, I think the law should include the military insurance. And, the extension to age 26 on the insurance is about the only thing that Obama has done that has benefited me or my family.

  • gpdaniti Sep 26, 2011

    Just a Name - Military has cutbacks and is not taking in as they used to. They are getting rid of good soldiers due to the budget decrease for military. The yearly cost of living for our military is the lowest in 40 years. We will go back to having our military get food stamps and cheese blocks for their families. This sounds like what you want.

  • gpdaniti Sep 26, 2011

    I have written the White House twice, called the VA numerous times to no avail. The White House never answered me. My daughter was dropped from Champ VA at the stroke of midnight when she turned 23. No one cares. This is a disgrace when the rest of the country has coverage for their kids until the age of 26. My daughter is in College so could not afford a policy and in turn cannot afford to see a doc if she does not feel well. My husband is a disabled Vet dealing with major issues and this is his payback. Obama does not give a sh*t. If she had a child and was unmarried she would get medical, monthly stipend and free college tuition. What is wrong with this Country????? Now she has medical bills and student loans.

  • JustAName Sep 23, 2011

    As students, they can get health insurance at ECU and NC State. When they get out, if they can't get a job, then join the military. 24 year old healthy college educated adults should be responsible for supporting themselves.

  • avidreader Sep 23, 2011

    Who considers a 26 year old a child? Oh yea, we are all children in the sight of Washington = we all need looking after and protecting.

  • whatusay Sep 23, 2011

    So, Obama threw military families under the bus, to get his bill passed. That's what this article says...

  • Nancy Sep 23, 2011

    Of course it was rushed through, and the claims made did not address the public sector health issues, only controlling private sector health coverage.

    Anyone surprised? I'm not.

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