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Last day! Share your Harris Teeter Triples deals

Posted August 16, 2016

Let's hear it! How did you do on your Harris Teeter Triples shopping trips this week?

Feel free to share any interesting triples shopping experiences as well.

Click the Harris Teeter Triples deals link for the list of great buys.

Below are my totals from Wednesday morning. By the time I got to the store on Ten Ten Rd (Garner area), they were out of many of the items I was hoping to find. When I arrived at 7 am, there was a long line of shoppers waiting to check out. One shopper said she had been in the store since 5:30 am and it was 7:30 when we had the conversation!

I was still able to find some great savings though!

Subtotal before sales and coupons: $54.50

Total saved: $49.10

Total paid: $5.40

% saved: 90%

As you can see, this was not my healthiest food shop. I was happy to find good deals on the yogurt, deodorant and sparkling water though. I am sure the kids will be happy when they see all the snacks.

The customer service manager informed me that all Harris Teeters have stopped taking CVS Extrabucks rewards as competitor's coupons. She said they only take grocery store competitor's coupons. Your mileage may vary with this one, but the location at Ten Ten Rd is not taking them anymore.


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  • vlynn Aug 15, 2016

    Reminder to people to check receipt when you have a coupon that is off multiple items: like the 0.75 coupon off 4 single Oikos yogurts. The register does not triple this properly. It looks at the value of 1 yogurt which is a $1 and only gives you 0.25 on the triple part instead of $1.50 which is what it should give you because the coupon is off 4 yogurts not 1. This can be a problem with coupons that are $1 off 2 during super doubles, too. I put these types of coupons together so I can double check them as they are rung up. Sometimes the register processes them correctly, but a lot of the time it doesn't.

  • dianelucasrat Aug 15, 2016

    HT in Wilson pretty much wiped out. I used 5 coupons. The dr peppers 6 pack bottles were on sale 4/$10 there was a peel -ee on them $1 off $1.50 a six pack not bad!
    The dannon coupon 75cents off 4 did not triple only .25 cents came off and the cashier would not get override, so I took the 4 yogurts out.
    5 yoplaits yogurt, 4 wheat thins , 4 chex mix 4 dr peppers and gallon of milk ( no coupon) $53.64 OOP $16.50

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Aug 14, 2016

    sammygirllisa - Great job! you saved over $121.00! Good luck shopping today!

    beachteach1 - I LOVE it when the store is fully stocked! And that is so nice of you to stock up for your friend.

    remer54 - that store is always wiped out during these events. At least you scored some good Johnsonville deals.

  • sammygirllisa Aug 13, 2016

    I'm so exhausted! Just got home from HT. Total before coupons was $159. Total after coupons was $37.72. I was so excited!!! That was with buys 4 packages of chicken breast . May go back tomorrow for more!!!!

  • beachteach1 Aug 13, 2016

    Found everything I wanted in stock at Long Leaf Mall in Wilmington! My goal was to get baby stuff for my friend due in Oct, and stock up on snacks for back to school.

    Transaction 1: 3 Huggies diapers (size 1, not on sale, but sizes 3-4 are), 1 wipes, OOP: $25.16+ $10 catalina wyb $30 Huggies

    Transaction 2: 1 Annies bunnies, 4 chex, 4 nature valley granola bars, 2 lucky charms, 1 fruit loops, 6 BC fruit snacks, 2 Dawn, 2 Mr. Clean, 10 Dannon yogurt singles, 1 ID Simply Pure coffee creamer. Plus non-coupon items we needed: 5 soft-soap hand soap, 4 blackberries, 2 frozen green beans =
    OOP: $30.86 (-$10 cat) = $20.86 + a surprise $2 Nature Valley Catalina!

  • remer54 Aug 12, 2016

    HT Clayton was out of alot of the freebies and good deals $109.71 oop $46.74 lots of fruit and produce bought quite a few Johnsonville products red tags $4.00 off of $5.71 stocked up the freezer.
    some of my buddies told me stuff had sold out Wed. and ordered and not shown up.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Aug 12, 2016

    I shopped at the North Hills HT this morning before a doctor's appointment. They were out of a lot. I only bought non-perishables and was able to use 11 coupons. They had the elusive NV backpacker granola bites so I was finally able to get 3 of those for only .25 each after .75 coupon and sale. Plus, got a $1 off my next shopping trip Catalina for buy the NV bites and there is a .50/1 Savingstar for them.

    Paid $4.28 for $35.44 worth of product. :-)

    Dr D - glad to hear they refunded the money for the unscanned coupons.

  • lucyhany Aug 11, 2016

    TLDAVIDS regarding your comment I don't want the store to lose money
    if they were losing money they would not have more & more &more stores open
    these corporates make enough money to cover these expenses
    if double/ triple the coupon events are not worth it for them they would have not done it
    because simply they are not doing it to help us out nor to out of the goodness of their heart
    business is business

  • vlynn Aug 11, 2016

    TLDAVIDS re DND coupons. My order was finished and all the coupons had been scanned except one that did not scan. The coupons are bar coded so that the ones that are truly DND do not scan, but other DND ones do scan. Most stores in this area allow these to scan. If the store does not want to allow this, they tell you and take them out before you are rung up. In this case, my order was done except for the last coupon. For the manager to go back over the completed order and refuse to honor the scan was odd to me. The stores offer these promotions to draw customers, the double/triple part comes from the store and the face value part comes from the Q Mgfrs, The stores can program their computers to allow or not allow the double/triple process. The customer service comes into play in how the manager chooses to handle a situation like this. I would have expected to leave off the last item and take the coupon back, then pay for the completed order. This was not how it was handled.

  • tldavids Aug 11, 2016


    I don't understand the thinking that the Cameron Village store was not being coupon friendly. They were doing the right thing. Remember that down the road all the stores are audited and if the audit turns up that they allowed a DND coupon to triple/double, they are fined and the Q Mgfrs group notifies the vendors who then further change/tighten their rules on Qs. I don't want the store to lose money or be fined because I tried to 'get away' with using a DND Q in a double or triple sale. Just my two cents.