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Share your deals & questions 8/24

Posted August 24, 2016

Mini savings account

Found a deal today? Here's the place to share it.

Have a question that doesn't fit into any of the other threads? Here's the place to ask it.

I hope you have a fabulously frugal day! As I always say, it's your money, spend it wisely!


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  • straitlover1965 Aug 25, 2016

    Vlynn, thanks for the response. No, we scanned the screen up and down several times, and there was only one $5.00 discount on htere. The bottom showed the Stock Up and Save discounts for the veggies (which somehow disappeared) and that was it (I had no other coupons). The person taht came over for the override specifically said I ahd to buy 4 packs to use both the paper coupon and the e-vic.

    Oh, well, it's not like I had to have them. I will eventually get a good deal on some store brand razors. I also follow Clark Howard's tips on razors to make them last a lot longer, so I'm set for awhile.

  • CountryGirl10 Aug 24, 2016

    VLYNN, thanks for your answer.

  • vlynn Aug 24, 2016

    COUNTRYGIRL10 re rainchecks and sale items. It depends on the store. Some of them will just use the current price, so they would ring up 1 finish at $3.49 and then one at $0. I've also had them ring them up using the non-sale price, so it would be 1 finish at $4.99 and one at $0. In either case, they usually have to call the manager to get the coupons to ring up since the $0 item will usually beep and not allow a 2nd coupon to be used. The last time I got a rain check at Cameron Village (I think), the CS said that they had to write the non-sale price on the bogo as well as bogo to make sure it was rung up that way instead of with a sale. That's the first time that has ever happened to me, but I've heard others say that the stores are now supposed to ring bogos up using the non-sale price.

  • vlynn Aug 24, 2016

    STRAITLOVER1965 re Tryon Rd HT. I feel your pain! It's so aggravating when you are trying to work a deal and the store personnel seem determined to put a kink in the works! I've been having a lot of trouble lately at Cameron VIllage and Tryon Rd. Both of these stores seem to be trying to crack down on fraudulent coupon use, but they end up hurting regular coupon users. Unfortunately, with e-vic coupons, you can only use them once, even if they refund the item, they usually don't show back up. I wonder if you might have misread your receipt. HT has changed the way the e-vics come off and it can be hard to tell sometimes. You should have seen a $5 off at the bottom with the coupons and another $5 off up top where the two razors were rung up. The e-vic was $5 off 2 razors and if the paper coupon was $5 off 2, then you could have used 1 paper and 1 e-vic, if the paper was $5 off 1, you could have used 2 paper and 1 e-vic off 2 razors.

  • straitlover1965 Aug 24, 2016

    Kinda mad at HT right now. last night I went to the Tryon Rd one to get the two packs of Quattro razors w/ the $5.00 paper coupon and my $5.00 E-vic. Only one of the $5.00 came off. CS lady told me if I wanted to use the paper coupon and the E-vic I had to buy 4 packs. I knew that wasn't right, so I told them to take them two packs off my order and give me back the paper coupon. Now my e-vic is gone from my account even though it was valid until 8/30, so I can't get anyone to do the deal correctly.

    Also, I think my Green Giant box veggies did not ring up at the 10 for $10 stock up price. I need to verify that w/ the calculator. If they didn't, I will have to make a special trip over to get it fixed since I don;t pass a store usually (I have to plan to go because it's in the opposite direction. Grrr!

  • CountryGirl10 Aug 24, 2016

    Harris teeter has the finish dishwasher gelpacs on sale and I have a rain check for Bogo. Will I be charged the full price or sale price?

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Aug 24, 2016

    beths - thanks for the heads up!

  • beths Aug 24, 2016

    Harris Teeter is up earl this morning. Check their Facebook page for a Taste and Tell.