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Share your deals & questions 5/14

Posted May 14, 2015

Mini savings account

Found a deal today? Here's the place to share it.

Have a question that doesn't fit into any of the other threads? Here's the place to ask it.

I hope you have a fabulously frugal day! As I always say, it's your money, spend it wisely!


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  • hollyh515 May 14, 2015

    Faye I did the same as others. I took my VW to Carmax and they offered a reasonable price. The other place I would check is Auction Direct. They offered me less money but my understanding is that both places offer you money based on popularity, need, etc. good luck!! One good thing is you have either 3 or 5 days I think to bring the car back and still sell for the same offer, so you don't have to decide right away.

  • Luci19lu May 14, 2015

    There was a $10 off $50 for Lowes foods I guess in yesterday's newspaper flyer- but it's also pulling up online on their website. I'm wondering if they'll take it printed from home.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper May 14, 2015

    jdouglas13 - yep made sense. And it is driveable. Already have the KBB numbers and I think we are taking it to Carmax in the next few days for a quote. There were a couple good reviews on the smart shopper Facebook page as well. Thanks to all for your feedback!! I'll let you know how it goes.

  • jdouglas13 May 14, 2015

    P.S. Meant to add go onto Kelley Blue Book:
    and put down that it is in poor condition, and you might get an idea of what CarMax might offer you as a dealer (dealer price vs individual person price).

    Did that make any sense at all? I'm operating on about 3 brain cells right now.

  • jdouglas13 May 14, 2015

    Don't mess with Craigslist. So dangerous. Maybe We sold our car a few years ago online -- I think through Auto Trader? We got a great price, but we had to drive to Virginia to meet the buyer (we were very careful to do all this safely in a public place and telling people where we'd be just in case). CarMax sounds like a good idea IMHO. Easy, done, and done. Can the car make it over there?

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper May 14, 2015

    cbbunn - We are. :-) If we find we cannot get a reasonable price for the vehicle, we are planning to donate it to either Make a Wish or the Veteran's group that picks up cars.

  • cbbunn May 14, 2015

    Faye, if you find that you cannot sell the car, please consider donating it to a worthy cause and take the tax deduction. I donated a car several years ago to UNC-TV. It did not run and needed a new motor. I was very pleased with the process and the tax deduction.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper May 14, 2015

    Heads up! There is a Swag Code available today until 2 pm for 3 Swag Bucks!

    Code: BloggerLove

    Thanks for the info, RFB! Very helpful!

  • RaleighFoodBlogger May 14, 2015

    Faye- I'm with Twinredheads. We had a Hummer (H2) a few years back (I know... crazy on gas, but the most fun I've ever had driving a vehicle!) that was also having problems. We also sold it to a CarMax in town. We got almost 10k for it (no trade in). That being said, we also just tried to sell another car to them and they were only willing to give us about 2k less than we could sell it for ourselves. I'm thinking it's all about what's popular at the time, or what their needs are. Worth a shot. And far less of a hassle than craigslist.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper May 14, 2015

    twinredheads - Thanks for the info. Was your sale with a trade-in? We are not buying another car right now so it won't be a trade in.