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Posted April 18, 2014

Tulips at Airlie Gardens, Wilmington


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Thanks to everyone for holding down the fort yesterday.  My daughters are on Spring Break this week and I took them to Wrightsville Beach for a one-day outing. We had a wonderful time walking the amazing Airlie Gardens, taking a brisk stroll on the chilly beach and enjoying a delicious lunch at the Dockside Restaurant.  If you are looking for a nice day trip, Airlie Gardens is amazing right now! You can bring your own picnic lunch and walk all the azalea and tulip lined paths. I included some photos of the outing above.




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  • privilegesrevoked Apr 19, 2014

    Oh my goodness, I can even dehydrate watermelon!!! And it tastes like watermelon candy! Bananas will be done in a couple hours :) Pineapples I bought at Aldi's today need to ripen before I can do those. Celery is next :)
    The BEST site for everything concerning how to dehydrate everything you can think of is this website - she's the guru of the whole topic and her video's are excellent too, I've learned so much in my crash course in a couple days:

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Apr 19, 2014

    Raesmom- I've been hesitating RSVPing because I have two sets of friends visiting in the month of May, and they haven't nailed down an exact date yet. Hopefully I'll know soon!!! And hopefully they'll choose any other weekend but that one!!! :-)

    Also, last night after reading this I flipped through an issue of Saveur, and saw they had a recipe for dehydrated grapefruit. It looked amazing! :-)

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 18, 2014

    Raesmom, May 3rd I'm not able to be there :( Missed last year too as it was in June and I was in NY for the month. Always something scheduled!!
    But if I can catch up with Faye, I'll send along some dried fruit and maybe even some fruit roll ups - lots of terrific recipes for those! Just think, REAL fruit, no additives, preservatives and ALL fruit blends - oh stop me now LOL

  • raesmom1612 Apr 18, 2014

    Oh thanks for the reminder PR!! I picked up of those pineapples and haven't even cut into them yet, yup pineapples, bananas and apples YAY!! Will you be at the picnic PR???

    Faye if the fruits last at our house (probably not lol) ill bring some for ya :)

    RFB will you be at the picnic?? Cant wait to taste WHATEVER you make lol

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 18, 2014

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    Raesmom - yea!!! I plan to hit Aldi's tomorrow morning uh huh! In fact, I'm going to scoop up a couple of pineapples too - just evenly slice those (thinner the better) and lay them on the trays - no acid wash needed and no seasonings - oh YUM! Will also pick up bananas and maybe even some oranges and lemons, anything I can slice semi-evenly without the mandolin yet.

    Faye - I'm telling you, this will be life changing for 'snacks' in our house! Hubby loves apricots (not me) and he even suggested those :) Instead of chips, I can get my crunch going with apple chips and not pay the super high cost of packaged ones which have a lot of additives too! I think I owe Observant something besides a simple thanks ;)

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 18, 2014

    Maybe we should have a dehydrated foods contest at the May 3 picnic! LOL I am happy to help judge since I will not be competing. :-)

  • raesmom1612 Apr 18, 2014

    OK PR you made me do it......I pulled the dehydrator out!!! I'm gonna try banana's and apples first. That lady is pretty funny. I will be looking for banana's, apple's and lemon tomorrow morning YAY!! Back to schoooooooooooool LOL!!!

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 18, 2014

    This woman is nuts AND funny, here's her directions on drying bananas and apples, I've seen better versions but her humor makes it worth reading alone!

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 18, 2014

    JDouglas, my mandolin slicer comes with a special glove as well as the food holder - Amazon sells them too, but it's for the sole purpose of not slicing your hands - won't allow the blade to cut through :) They ARE scary, it can happen so fast since food can be slippery and hands can slip. Reading all the reviews on various slicers, I must have read at least 5 different ones where people sliced off tips of a finger or serious cuts etc. So I got a good sense of the seriousness of it all. I do have a cheap and horrible mandolin slicer that is so 'flexible' when you bear down on it that I won't use it! I could take a finger off even with the food guard being used, horrible. Threw it out! You get what you pay for in such an appliance I've learned!

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 18, 2014

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    I am printing off recipes today already LOL Just ordered the fruit roll up trays and other things I wanted that Amazon didn't have but they have on the Nesco site. I'm in! By Monday I should have my first go at it possibly even tomorrow, can't wait and will probably buy some bananas to start LOL Don't need the slicer for those. But as soon as the slicer comes, Fuji apples everywhere should be shaking in their displays :)
    THEN I want to start looking into growing herbs inside (have the perfect spot) and start making my own herb mixes to add to recipes. Shoot, you can even make your own garlic powder, tomato powder even to use in place of puree for tomato based dishes! And of course dried orange and lemon and make zest and powders too! I'm trying to get my mind wrapped around it all :)