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Posted April 17, 2014

Mini savings account


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  • teecee Apr 17, 2014

    Thank You for the grape juice hint !
    I bet that is a beautiful color !

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 17, 2014

    Free Cheerios Dark Chocolate cereal from Betty Crocker e-mail today! I don't think anyone else posted this yet. Sorry if it's a repeat. Check your e-mails from Betty Crocker. Look for subject line, "Get Betty's Guide to Easter: Sides, Desserts and New Classics" and scroll down to the bottom of the e-mail (after drooling at ll the fabulous Easter recipes!). Look for the link to the free sample of Cheerios CHocolate cereal.

    I was just able to sign up so it it still available to members who got the e-mail. If you are not yet signed up with to get e-mails, recipes, etc, you should! It's free and once a month they send out a link to a free sample!

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 17, 2014

    Just saw on Welch's website you use their grape juice to dye easter eggs - how cute!

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 17, 2014

    View quoted thread

    So far, it sounds like a cake walk, I'll let you know as soon as I get the dehydrator (Sat!) and give it a whirl. Lots of places online that discuss all sorts of recipes and techniques. As to sundried tomatoes (and I agree, very pricey and I love them too!), this is what I read today.....

    "Food dehydrator: Arrange the pieces on each rack so that air can circulate, preferably with the pieces not touching each other, but there's no need to become obsessive about it. Some people prefer to sprinkle the tomatoes with sea salt, kosher salt and/or some spices (typically basil). Turn the dehydrator on and enjoy the aroma. If your food drier has a thermostat, set it for 140 degrees F. It will take 3 to 8 hours. See "how to tell when they are done" in step 6, below."
    So it seems pretty straight up! And I have a Food Saver vacuum which they show being used to keep them for a long time too!

  • jdouglas13 Apr 17, 2014

    Oh someone with a dehydrator, please try to make sundried tomatoes soon and tell me how they turn out! I am crazy for those things, but they are even more crazy expensive to buy which helps keep me in check.

    Now, if I could make them myself in a dehydrator for cheap, it wouldn't take much persuasion to get one. PR how hard did it look?

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 17, 2014

    DrD - "I own a dehydrator, but find cleaning those little racks too much trouble, so I dry jerky in the oven instead. "

    I was busy ALL day watching videos and reading blogs on dehydrating. Many of the racks will fit in the dishwasher and since I don't use the heat drying cycle on my dishwasher, ever, shouldn't be a problem doing it that way. BUT, having said that I did also read and see where people use a spray oil (like all the near free ones we've been getting at SD's lately!) to lightly spray their trays before drying things that would likely stick to them.

    I'll have to experiment. But for the benefits of doing something without having to babysit it, I'll hand wash if necessary :)

  • privilegesrevoked Apr 17, 2014

    There is no "disclaimer" you have to sign off on when you "like" a facebook page so I seriously doubt that clicking a "like" button on a facebook page to get a coupon would null any future litigation should life and limb be involved.
    I've never signed a disclaimer, have any of you?

  • watchhillgirl Apr 17, 2014

    Dr D, you have me intrigued. What temp do you use for drying? I might have to try this weekend.

  • ThomasG Apr 17, 2014

    Thank You for the SB & Kelloggs Rewards codes !

  • losltp Apr 17, 2014

    Wow a dehydrator ! My first thought was herbs and tomatoes - can you imagine tomatoes sprinkles with herbs to add to you recipes ( tomato herb bread with pasta dishes - yummy ) ??
    ThankYou Observant for mentioning this relatively inexpensive appliance that appears to have a ton of uses - thinking seriously about this !
    Some Food Savers have the tubing to vacuum jars and containers - this would be wonderful for dehydrated products ! ( accessory kit may be at amazon for certain models if needed )