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Posted March 20, 2013


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  • Nancy Mar 20, 2013

    "Companies pay higher premiums for people who are higher risks to the insurance company, hence the reason for underwriting."

    Absolutely, however, typical of insurance is to assume the worst and charge based on that vs actual outlay for coverage.

    What bothers me so is that preventative care or lower cost care is no longer acceptable, when the feds stripped the FSA accounts from being able to buy over the counter medicines like Zegerid, Motrin and such - the list is insane now. I can buy tons of bandaids and wrist, knee, digits support devices but can't buy neosporin? I can buy all the sunscreen I want with FSA money but can't buy much else. Pretty pathetic and that had nothing to do with the insurance companies, but the federal government stripping away what could be purchased.

    So, instead of buying over the counter, we ask our Drs to write scripts so insurance picks it up instead. Raising costs.

  • Nancy Mar 20, 2013

    I fully expect the government 'free' healthcare is also going to put stipulations out there in time, probably sooner rather than later. It's bad enough you're forced to pay for it or get a fine from the IRS - but government run anything is a recipe for expensive and escalating overall costs.

    We've seen the waste in government programs that have been around a long time, this behemoth is going to be unmanageable.

    Canada is a good example of what can go wrong - a 'free' system is never free and a very large part of their GDP is tied up in that free care. And periodically they send bills to every resident with a surcharge to build up the reserves. They have less 'unemployed' than we do, so the costs for us will be much higher.

  • ncveteranswife Mar 20, 2013

    If CVS is going to start doing this, then how many other companies are going to jump on the "obamacare bandwagon"? If companies are going to start doing this to employees, then maybe the "obamacare" folks need to start looking at people who receive medicaid, medicare, disability, food stamps, section 8 and I could go on and on. All of us out here working are practically working for "those who won't", the government just keeps giving handouts to folks who won't work, but won't leave us folks alone that will work!!

  • nakabi Mar 20, 2013

    nancy-I agree about companies getting desperate. I am by no means a fan of "obamacare" and I definitely did not vote for him :)
    Companies pay higher premiums for people who are higher risks to the insurance company, hence the reason for underwriting. Insurance is all about risks and minimizing them. The greater the risk, the more the insurance company charges.

  • Nancy Mar 20, 2013

    nakabi - the problem is the cost employers pay for health insurance, and if they have over 50 employees (any company) all the workers who average 30 hrs per week, the ACA is going to bill the employer $2K annually for the 'free' health care through the feds.

    Companies are getting desperate to try to balance costs and demands. The fact that they are going after people who are overweight is one legal way for them to cut costs or recover costs they are paying for the insurance they have to pay for, not because it's necessarily costing them more in medical bills, they don't pay at that end.

  • Nancy Mar 20, 2013

    Don't know if this has been posted, but there is a $15 rebate when you buy $50 of P&G products - this was in a CVS email so I don't know if it's restricted to CVS alone, although the form (link below) doesn't specify. Not all has to be purchased in one receipt but over a period of time.

  • nakabi Mar 20, 2013

    dkg-I read it and understand CVS' position. People seem to forget that companies are in business to make money. Obese employees cost those companies a lot of money. For employees who have a valid medical condition, I don't believe that CVS and any other companies will penalize them. I, for one, would have a very hard time going to a dr. who is obese and listening to them give me advice about nutrition.
    I would think that this may just be what some employees need to help them get healthy. Those complaining about it work there voluntarily. No one forces them to stay at that job. If my company had requirements that I didn't like, I would have a choice also. I'm sure I will get backlash from posters, but quite honestly, I don't mind. The rate of obesity is alarming and maybe CVS implementing this might help.

  • jron55 Mar 20, 2013

    New target in holly springs has organic lettuce spring mix for $1.25!! Bic disposable razors are free with $3 coupon from 3/17 inserts

  • kat08858 Mar 20, 2013

    Stopped @ Target today, Maybelline NY has a 1.50/1 coupon on plus a coupon - .50 for each eyeshadow total

  • ncveteranswife Mar 20, 2013

    Should have been Peter Pan peanut butter in previous post.