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Share the deals & questions 2/25

Posted February 25, 2013


Found a deal today? Here's the place to share it!

Have a question that doesn't fit into any of the other threads? Here's the place to ask it.

Happy Monday!



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  • jwstevens04 Feb 26, 2013

    Thanks for the info guys....I think I'll go to Family Dollar and try that .80 coupon along with my .50 off.....:)

  • carelesswhisper Feb 26, 2013

    Nakabi, I understand about the night time wetting also. My 2 year still wears a pull up at night.

  • Goodone2 Feb 26, 2013

    Thanks for sharing the deal for the N&O!

  • smolder13 Feb 25, 2013

    nakabi-Don't complain about the nighttime wetting! My almost 3 year old is still refusing almost all potty training efforts... Guess he'll decide to do it when he is good and ready.

  • ncveteranswife Feb 25, 2013

    jwstevens04: 2.8 oz Colgate is on sale at Family Dollar this week for .80 each. I still think you got a good deal however :)

  • nakabi Feb 25, 2013

    jdouglas-thanks for the info on the gevalia!
    re:your question on pomegranates-I saw them at the Aldi on Louisburg Rd. They were a decent size, but the colouring seemed a bit off. I'll check the Intl store tomorrow when I go get tamarind and let you know if I see any there.

    springtime-I am planning on going tonight, but not for much. Need to pick up a few more things of butter (it freezes so well), a couple packs of pullups (almost 2 year old refuses to learn to not wet her pullup at night aaaargh lol), and some cat litter. There should be plenty left when I leave :)

  • stephlw Feb 25, 2013

    you usually can only use 2 on a B2G3 -- for the ones you are paying for

  • nikkiktaylor Feb 25, 2013

    How many coupons can I use on a B2G3 deal @ Harris Teeter? (Sorry forgot that part the first time!) Thanks

  • nikkiktaylor Feb 25, 2013

    How many coupons can I use on a B2G3 deal? Thank You!!

  • jdouglas13 Feb 25, 2013

    Has anyone seen fresh pomegranates in the last week or so? It's getting late in the season, but I'm hoping I can get a few more before they're gone.