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Share the deals & questions 10/23

Posted October 23, 2013

Mini savings account


Found a deal today? Here's the place to share it!

Have a question that doesn't fit into any of the other threads? Here's the place to ask it!


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  • beths Oct 23, 2013

    Thanks for the swag code. Got it!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Oct 23, 2013

    Swag code until 6:30 PM for 3 SB's: imokru

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Oct 23, 2013

    thrift - I came across this issue today and was rather cranky about it. I went to get the Ritz stacks that someone has posted about earlier and all but one of the peelie coupons had been taken.

    The Ritz rep was there stocking shelves and I asked if he had anymore because I was going to buy them today. He said he didn't and that he had just come from the Harrison and Maynard store where he witnessed a woman take off EVERY one of the peelies and pocket them. I asked him if he said anything to her and he said he asked her if she needed help finding anything. She answered that she was just taking the coupons. Can you believe that?

    I really don't have an issue with taking 1 or 2, but to take 10 or 20 and leave none for anyone else really doesn't sit right with me either, thrift! So yes, I agree with you!

  • DianeNC Oct 23, 2013

    thrift - I apologize, my rant wasn't directed at you. (I just realized it probably came off that way.) I was just venting about the whole peelie thing.

  • DianeNC Oct 23, 2013

    Not sure if this has already been posted, but there's a $1.50/1 coupon off any Sambazon product over at These normally sell for $2.99 each at HT, so during their next Super Doubles, will make for a great freebie.

  • DianeNC Oct 23, 2013

    thrift - for whatever it's worth, I hate it when people take peelie coupons off products without purchasing the product. The manufacturer placed it there as a perk and/or added incentive for a customer to buy that product. It bothers me even more when I go to buy a product that I could tell had a peelie coupon on it that was meant for me/the person purchasing the product, but was peeled off by someone just wanting the coupon. (These peelies can sometimes be for a certain amount off that product then and there, but many times they're for other products that the manufacturer makes.)

  • thrift Oct 23, 2013

    my mistake....looks like the peelies were found at the store where the product was i feel better :)

  • thrift Oct 23, 2013

    Is it ok to take a coupon off a product at one store (not buying the product there) and use it at another store? I can understand taking 'blinkies' to another store, but not attached coupons that say something like, "x.xx off this box of cr*ckers". That just doesn't 'sit' right with me....and it makes me a little upset when I see where others have 'stolen' a coupon I could have used....

  • teecee Oct 23, 2013

    ThankYou very much Thomas for the info on the pet treats !

    It affects dogs & cats and has been happening since 2007 !

    There is a thread(?) about it here on WRAL'S website:

  • trichardson0621 Oct 23, 2013

    More a question than a deal, well maybe a deal. Does anyone know if the turkey breast have started going on sale at the Knightdale Target yet? A year or so again I was able to get them for .99 cent a lb. TIA!!