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Share the deals & questions 1/21

Posted January 21, 2014

Mini savings account


Found a deal today? Here's the place to share it!

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  • thrift Jan 21, 2014

    I also like the new web design. I find it easy to use and think it looks 'cleaner'. I did give myself some time to get used to it before deciding. I, too, like all the comments on one makes it easier to search (using control 'f' )to find something I remember reading somewhere. Just my humble opinion....

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 21, 2014

    I am so sorry you are going through such a rough time. Jdouglas offered some very helpful information about disability. Hopefully that will be an option for Fred. Hang in there. You are in my thoughts. Were your sons able to move back to Raleigh as planned?

  • DianeNC Jan 21, 2014

    nstutt - we now have to go to a totally separate "Comments" page to view those comments though, and since we now only get the title of the original post (not the post in its entirety), we have to keep going back and forth to view that information. (To make matters worse, there's now no way to easily do that - no "Home" button/link.) We now have to go through their "mega-menu" at the top of the page each and every time we just want to either return back to the post we're viewing/commenting on, or back to the Smart Shopper home page.

    (I realize that for those viewing the comments in that tiny column on the right side of each page, you do have the option of clicking the Smart Shopper logo to get back to the home page, etc., but I don't choose to view the comments in that ridiculous format.)

  • jdouglas13 Jan 21, 2014

    DianeNC, so glad you can get your flu shot! :)

  • jdouglas13 Jan 21, 2014

    Kathy, I'm so sorry about your husband's termination. That sure isn't going to make things easier. Are you applying for Social Security Disability which is permanent disability? Just asking, because they take a long time to approve/deny (like a year sometimes) and almost ALWAYS deny the first time you apply. You may want to get a disability attorney to help you out with that and move the process along faster. They get a piece of your award, but do not charge anything beyond that. I just wanted you to know so you can get a Plan B lined up.

    Can we help you in any way? Groceries? Brainstorming? Research?

  • nstutt Jan 21, 2014

    I am ok with the new website. One thing that is good is having all the comments on one page. In the old system, they could be spread over 3 or 4 pages. Now with just one page, if people have been posting like crazy and you were out all day, it is not a big deal to catch up on all the posts...just scroll down the screen to see all the posts.

  • chesirekat1964 Jan 21, 2014

    I just needed to vent today. My husband Fred worked at the Walmart neighborhood market on Rt 55 in Cary. He's been employed by the company for 2 and 1/2 years. In July he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had surgery in September and has been undergoing chemo treatments. We've been trying to have him placed on a medical leave for the past few months. Yesterday we found out he was finally approved for the time in September but not for the time since then. So he was terminated. I don't blame the store, they've been great to us. The company uses an outside firm for their disability and medical claims. Right now Fred has neuropathy as one of his side effects. He has pain in his hands and feet, he loses his balance and tires very easily. We weren't collecting any income from them; we just we using his discount. Once he is done he can reapply but as a new hire without the pay increases he received. I'm praying his application for disabilty comes through soon. Thanks for listening.


  • DianeNC Jan 21, 2014

    Thanks bjluckeey and jdouglas13! There's a Sam's Club in Morrisville that is much closer to me, so will definitely take advantage of that great price. (I would have never thought they would offer that to non-members, so thanks, again.)

  • jdouglas13 Jan 21, 2014

    DianeNC, I just called Sam's Club Pharmacy on S. Saunders, and confirmed that if you don't have insurance you can get a flu shot for $15 -- no membership required.

  • jdouglas13 Jan 21, 2014

    DianeNC, you don't have to be a member of the warehouse clubs to use their pharmacy or optical depts., and I believe, get the same prices as members. Call Sam's club and double check, but you should be able to get the shot for the same price.