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Posted January 15, 2015

Mini savings account


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  • barbiedoll1967 Jan 16, 2015

    Thanks to everyone regarding comments about our new fur baby. He still has the diarrhea and I'm not sure how to help him. He's been on antibiotics since Sat (we took him to the vet) and special food for the diarrhea. I gave him an Imodium tablet last night per a friend's suggestion and I'm waiting to see if that helps. If not, I'll try the pumpkin per Losltp's suggestion. Raleighfoodblogger - what type of food do you give your fur baby? I would appreciate any comments. I'm sure it will get better but it's frustrating have to "clean" up the mess.

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Jan 15, 2015

    Here's info on how to get a free burrito at Chipotle on Jan. 26!

  • jdouglas13 Jan 15, 2015

    Ascherer, I loved your comment about Momma not being a pin cushion! :)

    The Naughty Twins both suffer from a variety of allergies, including food allergies. They seem to do pretty well on Blue Buffalo fish and sweet potato. My budget, not so much, but a slightly pricier food is WAY cheaper than constant vet bills.

    Barbiedoll, I hope your little guy is feeling better really soon. You might want to check with the vet if his stomach problems continue, as it doesn't take much for a dog to get seriously dehydrated.

  • ascherer Jan 15, 2015

    barbiedoll1967 - Good luck with your new furbaby. Have you gotten him some good chew toys? That way you can teach him correct and non correct chew toys? I am forever telling one of my cats that Momma is not a pin cushion.

  • raesmom1612 Jan 15, 2015

    nanee lion~im not a soda drinker at all but from what ive seen here on the blog people are getting the free q's from their My Coke Rewards accounts. I guess its kinda like the kelloggs family rewards where you enter codes (found on the product under the cap I think), get points and cash out for different coupons, deals, or prizes. Hope someone can elaborate a little better but im almost 100% sure thats where they the free q's from. Hope that helps :)

  • KIDDZA Jan 15, 2015

    TenTen/Kildaire Farm Road Harris Teeter had fourteen, YES, 14 markdown buggies over by freezer section. Awesome opportunities. Check it out.

  • Nanee Lion Jan 15, 2015

    Someone please tell me about the coke deals you are getting and how to get the coupons. I think I am missing out on something. Also, is it for just coke or all coke products, love some dr. pepper. Thanks.

  • losltp Jan 15, 2015

    Wonderful about the new fur baby !
    My vet recommends pumpkin for digestive issues - sweet potatoes are good too (many dog treats now have sweet potatoes ) . I agree with RFB - it maybe his diet upsetting him or the antibiotics are just too strong . Also there are fiber pills for pets - they are GREAT !
    My dog was allergic to Fabreeze - it made him very sick very fast .

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Jan 15, 2015

    Barbiedoll- so glad things are going a bit better with your dog. And so glad you're working through it all! When we got Ocean he was a MESS. No, a serious mess. It wasn't until he was a year old we realized his food was all wrong (and I think he was feeling horrible, despite what our vet said) With the food change he became the most loveable, sweet dog. He was just feeling bad (who would have known!) Reminded me how important patience is :-) Good luck, and keep us updated!

  • barbiedoll1967 Jan 15, 2015

    needserenitytowin - thanks for asking about my dog. He stayed at home all week without chewing anything or using the bathroom in the house. He still has diahhrea though. He finishes his antibiotics tomorrow and I may try Immodium if it's still going on. Other than that, he still likes to gnaw at your arm and the other unmentionable. But in time I believe he'll grow out of it. We've enrolled him in a dog obedience 6 week school which starts next Saturday. Say a prayer for us! Thank you also about the advice for Food Lion. I'm going to get it and see what happens when I get to the register.