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Sex offender charged with molesting 3 children

Posted June 12, 2008

— A registered sex offender faces more sex-crimes charges for allegedly abusing three children over the course of a year.

Cumberland County deputies arrested John Thomas Nackab, 45, of 204 Gillespie St., early Thursday. He was charged with one count each of first-degree rape and aggravated assault and 21 counts of taking indecent liberties with a child.

Investigators said Nackab began victimizing the children, aged 7, 8 and 10, more than than a year ago. He lived in the same house with the children and their mother during that time, detectives said.

Nackab was being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $620,000 secured bond on Thursday afternoon. His first court appearance was set for Friday.

Nackab was charged in with raping a child in November 1997 in Cumberland. Detectives said he pled that charge down to taking indecent liberties with a child and was ordered to sign up with the National Sex Offenders Registry.

State Department of Corrections records show that Nackab received probation for that conviction. He served a little more than a year in jail for violating that probation with a conviction on a charge of driving-while-impaired in June 2001.


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  • lilbit278 Jun 12, 2008

    NC needs to do away with plea barging, let them serve the time

  • murph Jun 12, 2008

    Some of you people are blaming the mother and you have no idea of the circumstances involved. Maybe she is one of those mothers that cares more about herself than her children. If so, she too should be punished. Maybe he somehow managed to keep his past from her. But some of you are assuming way too much here. I think the mother deserves the benefit of doubt, until proven otherwise.

    I think there is a special place in hell for people that abuse children and I think we ought to send him there right now so he can start his eternal punishment. But instead we'll spend tons of money on a trial, more money feeding and clothing him in prison and he'll get out in a few years and do it again.

  • anne53ozzy Jun 12, 2008

    I am so done w this....Blame everyone except the parent....Go ahead w that and this will continue as it has for a much longer time.

    There was a time when this may have occurred because women were not listened to or were afraid to speak up and had no support in the community, as it were.
    Not so now....I believe that in many of these cases women are letting open the door to this abuse of their kids because they have blinders on.
    Want to believe that this man really wants to take on the reponsibility of 3 kids? With a record of sexual abuse...
    Get a grip, "mom"

  • datacIerk Jun 12, 2008

    barely a slap on the wrist (probation) for the first child rape sex offense in 1997, then only a little less than a year in jail for violating probation with a DWI in 2001, and NOW WHAT?!?!? is the judge gonna finally give him a little jail time or is he just gonna ground him, put him in the corner, and make him sit on his hands and think about what he did? haw many children have to suffer at the hands of one sick baztard before he actually gets locked up for GOOD?!

  • anne53ozzy Jun 12, 2008

    You cannot blame the judge or jury for allcases of repeated offenses.
    This woman let this man into her home and left her kids to his deviant behavior....Yes, the criminal behavior was acted out by this man but the "mommy" left it to him to do so.
    My sis is a Mama Bear when it comes to her kids.
    This woman clearly had other priorities.

  • carolinagirl23 Jun 12, 2008

    Concerning the past conviction and light sentence, I wonder if they didn't have much evidence to convict or didn't want the child to have to testify so they took a plea deal. He definitely deserved a lot of time for the past conviction but at least it got him registered as a sex offender, which should have prevented these children from being harmed.

  • anne53ozzy Jun 12, 2008

    n2justice....they guy has done this before.
    I think it is time to start charging these women w endangerment.

    Maybe then they will put their kids first and above their next baby-daddy

  • 5lb_Possum Jun 12, 2008

    This is what happens when you continually release violent and sadistic criminals to make room for more and more drug offenders.

  • djofraleigh Jun 12, 2008


    There's his address, and didn't see that he was registered to be living there. That should put one in jail.

  • anne53ozzy Jun 12, 2008

    Please....and then again....women...use your the brain if you have one...If you have small children you have to be extra cautious about the people you let into your home and your bed...
    Case closed.....