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Sex offender charged tampering with GPS tracker

Posted January 20, 2011

— A registered sex offender was charged Wednesday with tampering with his GPS tracking unit, Goldsboro police said.

Jeremy Allen Bryant, 28, of 1904 Lt. 13 N. William St., was put on the GPS unit and listed in the state Sex Offender Registry after finishing a 10-month sentence for 2008 convictions for misdemeanor sexual battery and felonious restraint, according to state Department of Correction records.

The state Division of Probation and Parole informed Goldsboro police on Tuesday that Bryant "interfered with the GPS unit's tracking function" seven times from last May to January. Police said that probation officers couldn't locate him on those occasions.

Police officers arresting him on Wednesday found that the device had been tampered with, authorities said.

Bryant was charged with seven counts of tampering with a device and placed in the Wayne County jail under a $100,000 secured bond.


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  • oleguy Jan 20, 2011

    Maybee they should hook up two devices, One on their privates like a small IED, Then when they tamper with the GPS it goes off.

  • jellybeanz Jan 20, 2011

    FYI, he was not on Probation. He is a sex offender who is on lifetime GPS and is therefore monitored differently than someone who is on active probation. His probation could not be revoked as he was not on probation.

  • tar97heel Jan 20, 2011

    I would ask everybody here, did your boyfriend in college pee in public? Under the law, he could be a sex offender. Did your HS football coach slap you on the rear after a good play? he could be a sex offender. Did you ever see a glimpse of your dad's Playboy when you were a kid? Under the law, he could be arrested and forced to register as a sex offender. The comments here are an embarrassment to our state

  • tar97heel Jan 20, 2011

    The elected lawmakers have succeed in their mission to scare people, based on the responses here. If the populace feels safer because they think lawmakers are taking care of them, they will be re-elected. Power corrupts, and the vast majority of the public is too simple-minded to see what's going on. Look up recidivism rates - they're nil. Look up who offends, and you see that research shows the vast majority of underage victims were taken advantage of by a family member. If you are relying on the registry to make you safe, then you're blind, and you are exactly what the lawmakers love - a fearful subject who supports them because they make you feel safe

  • seankelly15 Jan 20, 2011

    liberalismisadisease - Wow... I guess someone who has such a ridiculous screen handle as yours could not be expected to react to comments in a RATIONAL way. And you say that liberalism is a disease... it is your mind that is diseased.

  • starofhealing Jan 20, 2011

    I also would like to know why it took so long to arrest him. In our state, if you tamper with the tracking device (the device is supposed to alert the probation officer if it is being tampered with), or the probation officer cannot find you with the GPS device, you are immediately arrested!

    As to liberalismisadisease: How dare you make those statements? You are ridiculous! The people you refer to in your post are jut plain stupid, not liberals or conservatives. Stupid is on both sides of the aisle, pal! Remember the Republican congressman from Florida (going after young male teens)?

    I am a member of a nonprofit org who helps victims of child rape and molestation, as well as working hard to change state laws for harsher prison penalties and tougher probation restrictions. And we achieve our goals! Now, if a child was under the age of 12, it is treated like murder - no statute of limitations! By the way, we are all Democrats. What the heck are you doing to help?

  • djcnty8 Jan 20, 2011

    Here is my question. Why are we waiting until January to arrest him when he has been tampering with it since last May?

  • davidbh61255 Jan 20, 2011

    WOW!! Looks like after you are convicted, its 7 strikes and you are out!! Waaay too lenient!!

  • GOOD RIDDANCE TO SCUM Jan 20, 2011


  • NoObamaCare Jan 20, 2011

    Sex Offenders cannot be rehabilitated! Keep them away from our children!! If not, you will have part 2 of the movie " A Time to Kill! "