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Seventy rings worth $20K stolen from Kmart

Posted December 3, 2009

— Rocky Mount police say that a 55-year-old man is suspected in connection with the theft of 70 rings worth $20,000 from a K-Mart store Wednesday morning.

Police said that Thomas Allen Moore Jr. approached a jewelry case at the 720 Sutters Creek store while the salesperson was away. He jimmied the locks on the case and stole the rings, police said.

Charges are pending in the ongoing investigation, police said.


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  • me2you Dec 3, 2009

    It's probably MSRP...that's always inflated by about 75%. :-)

  • beagleboss64 Dec 3, 2009

    Another srory about the city of crime on the rise. Every family member will get some bling-bling for x-mas.

  • R_U_breakdance fighting Dec 3, 2009

    He can get a whopping $5 for all 70 rings if he sends them to Cash-for-Gold!

  • The Fox Dec 3, 2009

    Nevermind. I thought the title said 70 rings worth $20.

  • hedgy_one Dec 3, 2009

    Didn't know that K-Mart sold anything that pricy.... hmmm... learn something new every day!

  • thefensk Dec 3, 2009

    Wait until he tries to fence that stuff! tThe police just have to monitor pawn shops for howls of laughter.

  • euimport Dec 3, 2009

    if one subtracts electronics, the combined value of remaining mdse. is roughly about 20k. this seems to be completely blown out of proportion

  • hdsoftail Dec 3, 2009

    K-mart robbed the stockholders several years ago, I hope he gets away with it like they did

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Dec 3, 2009

    Mr. Moore is going to have some darn disappointed relatives thsi Christmas.

  • Qwerty27807 Dec 3, 2009

    K-mart sells jewelry worth an average $285 per ring? That $20,000 doesn't sound right at all.